Best Betting Sites in Kenya for 2021

Betting sites in Kenya are popular and as such, they captivate hundreds of thousands of sports fans. The exact number of the gambling population in the country isn’t available, but Kenyans wager estimated millions every month. SportPesa, a leading betting site in the country, reported $200 million placed in sports betting handles in May 2019.

An exact read of the industry is still put together, but clearly, sports betting has found a strong foothold in the country, and today the best betting sites in Kenya offer a variety of markets featuring all top competitions from across the world. There are tons of opportunities you can benefit from right now to making your first real money wager as a Kenyan sports fan.

Our Recommended Online Sportsbooks

Here is a list of the best online sports betting sites for players from Kenya:



50% up to KSh 5,000
4.8 / 5


100% up to KSh 15,000
4.5 / 5


100% up to KSh 10,000
4.5 / 5

Real money betting in Kenya is available to all players who are of the legal age and want to make a bet. Wagers can be placed on any team or player listed in one of the sportsbooks available to Kenyan punters.

The best sports betting sites in Kenya are those that offer a variety of promotional offers, competitive lines and odds, and a great mobile betting experience. Kenyans are arduous mobile users, and having the ability to place a mobile wager is highly appreciated among the sports betting community in the country.

How Do You Know What Sports Betting Sites in Kenya Are Best?

Identifying the best brands in Kenya is a matter of research as well as identifying consumer trends. Sports bettors in the country are experienced enough to be able to tell what betting sites to trust and what to avoid.

When it comes to real money sports betting in Kenya, sports fans have some of the highest expectations and standards from sportsbooks. They look for several main characteristics, including but not limited to:

#1 Licensed and Regulated

Kenya has one of the most developed sports betting markets in the world. While traffic is focused on several established sportsbooks, they are all licensed and regulated, and Kenyans keep coming back for more. Any new site must meet the established compliance standards.

#2 Trusted and Reputable

A license alone isn’t enough. Sports betting sites in Kenya have established a reputation for trust and local sports fans keep coming back for seconds. Sportsbooks whose reputation is intact have the fairest payout conditions and meet high ethical and regulatory standards.

#3 Fast Payouts and Withdrawals

Bettors in Kenya tend to favor sportsbooks that payout fast. Consumers trust licensed operators because they offer quick withdrawals. Those established and licensed sportsbooks in the country offer withdrawals within 24 hours and more importantly, a transparent timetable for processing each cashout.

#4 Helpful Customer Support

With so many wagers placed daily, Kenyan bookmakers need great customer support features. Therefore, the best betting sites in Kenya make sure to have a 24/7 support that offers a quick and efficient solution to any potential issue.

What Sports Betting Sites Should Offer

To enjoy the best sports betting in Kenya, sports fans usually look for some specific features that are considered important qualities to any bookmaker’s offer. A licensed and regulated betting site is one thing, but having some additional qualities is what seals the deal for many sports bettors.

Variety of Sports Betting Markets

Variety is the spice of all betting markets, and Kenya is no exception. A sports betting site that is worth your time and effort in the country will likely feature a vast array of domestic and international soccer, basketball, baseball, fighting, motorsports, and traditional sports events to wager on.

Competitive Odds and Fixtures

The best active betting sites in Kenya all make sure to provide you with competitive odds. This means that all brands targeting Kenyan punters will offer odds that are priced adequately and offer added value to sports fans.

In-Play or Live Betting Platform

Many punters find themselves wishing to be able to place a sports bet in the heat of the moment. Thanks to the in-play and live sports options, Kenyans can place a bet while the game is in progress. Wagers of this nature are more exciting and definitely more rewarding, but they do require a fair share of experience.

High Betting Limits

Some sports fans may feel restricted if they are only allowed to bet a little on events. Most sports betting sites in Kenya should offer high and worthwhile betting limits, making it easy for punters to place big wagers on their favorite sports betting contests.

User-Friendly User Interface

To make an impression on bettors, a sports betting website will always have to offer a pleasant user interface with smooth navigation and accessible menus. Having a fast way to navigate the entire offer is always exciting and rewarding, not to mention convenient.

Responsive Sports Betting Platform

You will always be tempted to pick a sportsbook based on how good the underpinning software is. Having access to a quick and responsive platform is particularly handy to a punter when they are placing live wagers, for example, meaning every little glitch could lead to a lost opportunity.

New Betting Sites in Kenya

The best sports betting sites in Kenya have an established track record, but there are still some great new entries that promise to live up to the industry’s standards.

Kenya, like every other market where sports betting is popular, has high standards to help weed out rogue operators from the rest. However, there are specific features that make new betting sites in Kenya to be worth your while. Here are some of the reasons why sports fans look favorably on new operators:

  • New betting sites offer better promotions and bonuses
  • You can benefit from a still green and unsaturated market
  • Sports fans can use more intuitive payment solutions
  • There are higher limits per individual bet
  • Exotic markets are popular at new and upcoming sportsbooks

The main reason for concern with new betting sites is their reputation. Without a proper reputation, track record, and punters’ opinions, it’s hard to tell if a brand is trustworthy.

Thankfully, many international brands choose Kenya as one of their sports betting homes, making it easier for sports bettors to trust the website. On the flip side, you may tap into a specific set of benefits when choosing to trust new betting companies in Kenya.

You will often find bonuses that are better than most established sportsbooks, whether this is in the form of odds boosters, risk-free wagers, or some other promo. Higher betting limits are not necessarily always the case, but you will certainly get a friendlier mobile experience, for example, which appeals to Kenyan punters who choose to bet from their mobile phones for the most part.

Yes, sports betting sites in Kenya are legal. They are licensed and regulated Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board.

Sports betting companies are legal in Kenya, as the country has been regulating them to help bolster local sports. However, in 2018, the Kenyan government introduced a new law that wanted to levy a 20% excise tax on sportsbook stakes.

The move was a disaster as it led to the withdrawal of two of the largest operators from the country, with Betin and SportPesa severing ties with local teams and withdrawing operations from the country.

Access to the SportPesa website was restored, but no official confirmation has come from the website whether it will resume operations. The issue as of June 2020 remains unresolved with

While the law has been overturned, regulators are now planning on re-introducing it again, making for a very uncertain market in which Kenya’s top betting brands have to operate.

On the plus side, BetKing has stepped in offering sponsorship to financially challenged teams, including the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenya Women Premier League. BetKing joins Betsafe in offering sponsorship to local teams.

Promotions Typically Available to Sports Betting Sites in Kenya

Naturally, every good sports betting company in Kenya will seek to provide players with the best possible promotions and bonuses. Virtually every betting company has them, and you can shop around for the biggest prize chunk but also pick from the best terms.

We have broken down the pros and cons of each type of offer for you and have tried to explain why you would benefit from each. All bonuses are displayed in USD for the sake of uniformity with the rest of the website.

BonusWhy Choose It? What To Watch Out For
Welcome Offer– Everyone can claim it
– Sizeable boost to your betting bankroll
– You don’t have to compete for the bonus, just meet the wagering conditions
– There are wagering requirements to meet
– Most bonuses ask you to bet through your own money first
– There are specific deadlines to meet
Sports Contests– Winning betting contests could lead to big payouts
– There is an added level of excitement to compete against others
– Most contests are run weekly or monthly
– You will compete against very good sports bettors
– There could be an entry fee and no returns are guaranteed
– Most sports betting contests are focused on US sports, such as the Super Bowl and March Madness
VIP & Loyalty Programs– Require no effort to get in
– Bring great benefits to long-term punters
– Come with some tailored and exclusive bonuses and promotions
– VIP and Loyalty Programs are a great ancillary way to boost your betting funds, but there are no guarantees
– In terms of pure return, VIP and Loyalty bonuses are worth much less than the net value you pay to unlock them

Naturally, these aren’t all promotions you can claim visiting a sports betting company in Kenya. Many promotions are specifically tailored to the local market or sportsbook and will vary from one bookie to the next. Finding the one that appeals to you is important.

It’s recommended that you always check the wagering requirements and any deadline attached to it. In some cases, you can ignore a bonus offer entirely for the sake of focusing on the fixtures. That is usually what most experienced punters do.

Can You Bet from a Mobile Device in Kenya?

Yes, Kenyans have a very distinct proclivity for betting from mobile devices. The number of mobile users in the country is quite high, and when it comes to sports betting, the majority of punters agree that it’s the handiest way to bet.

You will be able to place a bet if you are in Kenya at any of the legal sportsbooks from both Android and iOS devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets. Mobile apps aren’t always available, but they are not really necessary as they don’t add much inherent value to the offer.

Before You Play at Sports Betting Companies in Kenya

Should you decide to open an account with any of the listed sportsbooks in Kenya, you should probably focus on the licensed and regulated betting companies. They are bound to provide you with the highest possible return when it comes to odds, fixtures, and handy payment options.

Bonuses are always great, but they are not necessary for having a good time or beating the bookies. Don’t forget to compare markets, read brand reviews, and try the top-rated sports betting sites in Kenya first.


Which betting sites are legal in Kenya?

Legal sports betting sites in Kenya hold a license from Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board. We have reviewed and listed all available sports betting websites that are currently some of the most preferred betting options.

Is SportPesa available in Kenya?

SportPesa’s website is still available in Kenya. As of August 2020, the government and private sportsbooks are still debating the fairness of a 20% excise tax that has forced SportPesa to temporarily suspend all partnerships in the country and withdraw from the Kenyan sports betting market.

Are Kenyan betting sites fair?

Yes, the sports betting sites in Kenya that punters recommend are safe and offer the necessary level of security and integrity sports fans deserve.