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Online casinos are not legal in Maine just yet, but this doesn’t mean that attitudes haven’t changed. Since the state already has sports betting, there have been efforts to see tribal gaming expanded to also include online casinos. There is an understanding between lawmakers that the gambling industry goes well beyond sports betting or lottery tickets.

Regardless, while lawmakers thrash out the details Maine online casinos for real money are still off-limits. State residents may only turn to offshore casino gaming options instead, but these come with many challenges, and often pitfalls.

Some brands manage to stand out and offer Maine players great real money online casino games, bonuses, and even payment options. Yet, finding them can be hard, and you never know how the law may change to impact these websites. Let’s have a look at what we know so far about real money casinos in Maine.

Best Maine Online Casinos

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As noted, the Pine Tree State does not yet support online casinos. Sports gambling has been legal since August 2022, and Maine has benefitted from the fresh tax revenue. Yet, online casinos have been on the legal backburner, making room for offshore brands which come with a few question marks about them.

Can you trust these brands to play real money casino games of chance? In general, you cannot. However, some websites have repeatedly done well by their customers so much that players consider them to be trustworthy names despite their lack of a Maine-specific license.

Players ought to know that offshore casinos in general can be hard to navigate. There are inherent problems with payment options, although the casinos usually compensate for this by offering alternative methods, such as crypto. Yet not everyone may be happy to transact money in crypto, even if there are certain benefits to this.

The other and bigger issue with offshore gaming sites is that if you run into a bad one, you may lose your financial or personal data, and any money that you may have deposited with the site. Some sites tend to be cagey about their AML and KYC checks until you attempt to withdraw.

These concerns are legitimate, and this is why we have made sure to carefully examine every brand we pick on our table. As a result, the offshore casinos for real money you can play in Maine that we recommend are trustworthy and reliable operators under the circumstances.

No, as explained, online casinos for real money are not yet legal in Maine. This may be changing very soon, as legislative attempts have been underway. Some political will may be lacking, but this is unlikely to be the case for a very long time. Tribal casinos, which stand to benefit from an expanded iGaming framework, are equally keen to see the matter sorted quickly.

At the beginning of 2024, Maine did try to see online casinos introduced as a permanent fixture in the state’s casinos, but efforts have so far fallen flat. This is not to say that online casinos are not coming – only that they may be delayed a little. In the meantime, the legal status of offshore casinos remains unchanged.

They are technically illegal if you ask the Attorney General in the state, but not necessarily so if you look at them up closely. For one, these offshore Maine real money casinos do have licenses and are considered reputable among players.

The issue though is that they hold no license in the state and the state itself does not authorize online casino games of chance. The only such titles you can play are found at social and sweepstakes casinos. Even though you will find many games that are also available at real money casinos, the social casino model is different because you do not get paid real money.

If you want to play “legally,” these casinos may be your only option. If you want to play offshore, there is nothing to really worry about as a player. You may play offshore if you choose to but be wary of the other dangers that such behavior invites as explained earlier.

How to Pick an Online Casino in Maine

To choose an online casino in Maine, you will generally want to look into several things. First, you need to realize that there are no real money casinos that are licensed right now. This makes the actual choice of a casino much harder. Yet, there are some tell-tale signs to help you pick the better casinos available.

Customer Support

Customer support is a quick way to get an idea of the casino you are joining. This way, you can explore whether a brand is capable of offering you anything worthwhile by testing the support line and seeing if they are polite, helpful, and on time with their responses. It’s a small thing that we know players value in those rare cases when they need customer support.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are an equally important part of the entire experience. You want a casino that offers great promotions, but also an operator that has made sure that the terms and conditions are actually fair and offer you a real chance to benefit from the bonus. Our team looks into the fine print to only bring you those most capable brands that are spot on.

Games and Software

Offshore casinos in Maine for real money have another advantage as they often feature more games. The software is also spot-on, allowing you to play on the go and from any device, whether this is a smartphone or a table. Overall, we pay serious attention to the mobile compatibility each casino has to offer.

Banking and Payments

Banking and payments will be an important part of the conversation about what online casinos for real money to pick in Maine. In general, the state does not offer licensed gambling for Internet casinos, and this makes it harder for offshore brands to move money. We only pick those sites that bring value by providing you with robust payment options instead and guarantee that your money is transacted responsibly and transparently.

Trust and Licenses

Because we are talking about offshore casinos, you cannot expect these websites to hold a license. However, trust and reputation are easy to verify, as you can consult with fellow players who already have opinions of a certain brand. Player feedback is quite important, and we take it seriously, although we tend to verify claims and statements independently.

Mobile Maine Casinos

Online casinos for real money in Maine are available on mobile platforms, and they are no trouble to run and play from smartphones and tablets. Mobile play is crucial for smooth gameplay, and we make sure to thoroughly review each casino brand we recommend for how compatible it is when it comes to mobile solutions. Overall, Maine players have the benefit of playing on the go. The drawback is that they have to do so at offshore casinos.

Maine Casino Apps

Maine online casinos do not have dedicated apps. The only exceptions are the sports betting platforms that offer betting apps, but unfortunately, there are no real money casino apps. This should not worry you too much as the offshore casinos you can play for real money from Pine Tree State do not run dedicated apps in the first place.

Land-Based Casinos in Maine 

Maine only has two land-based tribal casinos, which serve the state’s entire population of 1.4 million people. The two properties are namely the Oxford Casino Hotel and Hollywood Casino Hotel & Racetrack. They are a fair way off from each other, so it will come to where you are based to determine which one you want to visit. Failing that, you may always look up a real money online casino in Maine and play remotely on the go.

Responsible Gambling in Maine

Much like any other state, Maine has been actively looking to ensure that the public is aware of problem gambling and has the means to address the issue when it comes up. The biggest supporter and promoter of responsible gambling awareness is the National Council on Problem Gambling which has collected a trove of resources for consumers to turn to if they need help.

The Maine Council on Problem Gambling may be found at 4 Water Street Searsport, ME 04974, or contacted at 207-520-0293.  Other resources available to locals include Gam-Anon, Gam Talk, and Gamblers Anonymous. There is also the National Problem Gambling Helpline which players may reach as follows:

  • Call: 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Text: 800GAM
  • Chat:

Maine Online Casinos FAQ

Are online casinos for real money available in Maine?

Yes, there are online casinos for real money in Maine, but they are all based offshore. This means that they are not regulated under any state authority and are therefore not immediately recommended gaming options.

What gambling is legal in Maine?

There are many activities that are regulated gambling under Maine law, including land-based casinos, sports betting, horse race wagering, and charitable gambling. Social casinos are also available in the state.

Can I play online casinos in Maine?

Yes, you can play at online casinos in Maine. Although real money online casinos are not legal in the state, there are many offshore brands available that are generally considered trustworthy options by players.