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Montana has been another slow mover when it comes to online gambling. Although the state legalized sports gambling in 2019, all gambling is tethered to physical venues. In the meantime, Montana online casinos remain off-limits so your only real money options are offshore casinos. Social and Sweepstakes casinos are available locally, however, they do not seem to cut it for many players.

With this said, making sense of the way Montana’s gambling landscape works could take a while. To help you approach the topic clearly, we have put together all the vital details that you need to know about Montana online casinos for real money, starting with the best brands.

Best Montana Online Casinos

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So, are there real money online casinos in Montana? The answer is yes – absolutely. Players will be happy to know that they can explore some real money websites, especially those featured in our table. However, there is one major drawback.

These real money casino sites are not legal. They are not licensed by the Montana Gaming Commissions and efforts to change that have been fairly slow. The state is not making any particular effort to change the status quo.

Although offshore casinos are not legal, they can still offer great real money gaming options. There are slots, live casino, and jackpot games to try your hand at. Players are very much welcome to explore the entire variety of options at their leisure.

Even then, the drawbacks remain unchanged. You will be registering at an offshore site that does not have all the safety checks and mechanisms that are usually used by regulated casinos.

Some players worry that sharing financial and personal data with offshore casinos will be to their detriment and they have a point. The casinos we have featured in our table, for example, have years of experience running in the state and they may be considered trustworthy options.

Still, you need to follow the popular adage “caveat emptor” or buyer beware and make sure that you approach each brand with understanding. Next, we will discuss the legality of Montana online casinos and gambling in general.

Online casinos are not legal in the state of Montana and they are not likely to be in a hurry. This means that players cannot expect to find legal and real money casino sites anywhere in the state. Does this mean the offshore brands that cater to local players are illegal? In theory yes. In practice, it’s a little more difficult than that. For example, for a casino to be deemed illegal, it would need to be targeted by the State of Montana. This is usually a slow process and frankly, most states are not too interested in this in the first place.

What does this mean for you as a player? If the state of Montana is to act, it would be either against illegal physical casinos and gambling locations within its boundaries or against online websites. As long as you keep clear of the first, and are not running the second, you will not run afoul of the law in theory.

Even though illegal gambling is a misdemeanor, there has been no case of players prosecuted in Montana for simply registering and playing at online casinos.

How to Pick an Online Casino in Montana

Picking an online casino in Montana can admittedly be a little harder than expected when you are specifically looking for a real money online casino. To help you choose, we have put together a table of trusted options. We explain below how our process works and why we consider the sites we have listed to be decent real money casinos in the first place.

Reputation and Player Feedback

Reputation and feedback are quite important for online casinos in Montana. Since there are no regulated casinos, it’s going to be down to what other players say about a casino to make your choice of your next gaming destination. We have carefully looked into individual casinos that presently cater in Montana.

Customer Support Availability

Customer support can be a really quick way of figuring out how prepared a casino is. If a website is committed to doing fairly by its customers, it will provide a great support line that will be available during the advertised hours and always be able to furnish helpful responses.

Fairness of Bonus Terms and Conditions

Fair bonus terms and conditions are equally important for players and we make sure that this is indeed the case. If you are looking to get the most out of your gameplay, you will most certainly want to find a casino with good terms that make it easy for you to both benefit from the bonus amount and also play through the wagering requirements afterward.

Payments Testing and Winnings Paid

Offshore casinos often struggle with payments, and this is why we make sure that every online casino for real money in Montana which we list has a robust banking system that we’ve tested extensively to ensure speed, reliability, and transparency.

Game Variety and Available Software

Game variety will add to the enjoyment for any player, and this is why having an ample choice of slot, jackpot, and live casino games, along with robust software that makes the gameplay smooth, is quite important for players. Our team will duly investigate and look into the matter to help bring you excellent casinos that feature outstanding games in Montana.

Mobile Montana  Casinos

Mobile casinos in Montana are popular and the fact is that every online casino brand that operates in the state will be available to you from a smartphone or tablet device. Players are free to play on the go anywhere in the state and also benefit from crossing state lines and still playing on the same websites.

Montana  Casino Apps

There are no casino apps for real money in Montana. The state only allows social and sweepstakes casino apps, but any real money casino is only available as a web browser version.

Land-Based Casinos in Montana   

Although local online casinos are not available in the state, there are plenty of land-based venues to explore instead. We have taken a closer look at what casinos are available in the state, where you can find them, and how to contact them. None of those are available online.

Apsaalooke Nights Casino

  • Address: 71 Heritage Rd, Crow Agency, MT 59022, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-638-4440

Charging Horse Casino

  • Address: 1/2 US-212, Lame Deer, MT 59043, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-477-6677

Fort Belknap Casino

  • Address: 104 Assiniboine Ave, Harlem, MT 59526, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-353-2235

Glacier Peaks Casino

  • Address: 46 Museum Lp, Browning, MT 59417, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-338-2274

Gray Wolf Peak Casino

  • Address: 20750 US-93, Missoula, MT 59808, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-726-3778

KwaTaqNuk Casino Resort

  • Address: 49708 US-93, Polson, MT 59860, USA
  • Contact: +1 406-883-3636

Northern Winz Hotel and Casino

  • Address: 11275 US-87, Box Elder, MT 59521, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-395-5420

Silver Wolf Casino

  • Address: 300 MT-25, Wolf Point, MT 59201, United States
  • Contact: +1 406-653-3475

Responsible Gambling in Montana  

Montana may have somewhat limited exposure to certain types of gambling, but the state is aware of the dangers that the activities invite.

The most prominent body in the state to work actively on providing players with resources about problem gambling is the National Council on Problem Gambling. The organization has a dedicated page that puts together a list of resources for players to explore. Here are several.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

  • Call: 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Text: 800GAM
  • Chat:

Montana Problem Gambling Helpline

  • Call: 888-900-9979

You may also want to reach out to the Montana Council on Problem Gambling if you prefer which takes matters a little more to heart when it comes to Montana as the organization is set up to particularly address the needs of the local gambling landscape and help people who may be impacted negatively by gambling in the state.

Montana  Online Casinos FAQ

What is the legal gambling age in Montana?

18. If you wish to play casino games, you need to be 18 years of age. This is pretty good as you can visit casinos and bet on sports at a fairly young age compared to other states in the United States. This is an interesting decision by lawmakers who generally mistrust gambling.

Are there online casinos for real money in Montana?

Yes, there are casino sites in Montana that offer you real money gambling. They operate from out of the state, and this means that they do not have licenses and may expose your financial and private information to bad actors. Still, some websites have operated on the market for a long while and are considered trustworthy by this token.

Are real money online casinos legal in Montana?

No, unfortunately not. This means that you cannot actually “legally” play casinos in the state for real money. Instead, you may try social and sweepstakes websites. If you prefer, you may still play for real money either by visiting physical venues or failing that, trying offshore casinos. These gambling sites through.