South Carolina Online Casinos

best south carolina online casinos

South Carolina is another state where online casinos are not likely to become legal any time soon. Yet, the state has been doing well insofar as other areas of gambling are concerned, featuring both land-based casinos as well as lottery. Without a legal online casino option for players, many offshore casinos have filled the vacuum.

Does this mean that they are the best South Carolina online casinos for real money? We set out to explore just that. These websites are not necessarily unlicensed, as they usually hold permits from other jurisdictions instead. We have put together a list to help guide you to the best real money casinos in South Carolina as of today.

Best South Carolina Online Casinos

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The list will quickly catch you up on what some of the best South Carolina online casinos are. These websites have been curated and hand-picked by our experts who are interested in providing you with some of the best options when it comes to casino games of chance. 

You will be able to pick casinos that are trusted by South Carolina players in general, offer robust payment options, and have dedicated customer support. However, none of them will be licensed in the state. This means that you still have some risks of compromising your personal information.

With care, though, you may only pick the best casino sites that will provide you with a sufficient variety of titles and a good bonus offer. Players are welcome to explore each of the brands listed on our website as they see fit, picking a casino that appeals to them.

The real money casinos in South Carolina we have listed will have different strengths. Some will be better when it comes to the payment options they offer, and others will have to do with the way they present their games.

Regardless, many great online casinos on the list will provide players in South Carolina with everything they want to try and experience when it comes to real money gambling.

No, online casinos are not legal in South Carolina, and they are not expected to be any time soon. Regulators in South Carolina have been loath to pass any measurable change to the existing gambling framework in the state, which has presented its unique challenges.

As a token of goodwill, the state has not taken overbearing regulation against social casinos or daily fantasy sports, but even this is not too much of a compromise, as you cannot gamble with real money. In the absence of most forms of regulated Internet gambling, players will have to continuously explore offshore casino sites.

Are these worth it? This depends. From a legal standpoint, illegal gambling is a misdemeanor, which means that you can face consequences for your decision to register and play at an unauthorized online casino. Then again, no individual has been prosecuted by the state in any capacity. In other words, playing at online casinos is permissible with the small caveat that the state may toughen the laws on such participation.

A far greater risk is for you to run into a rogue operator that fails to provide players with a basic level of protection and security. Picking a legal online casino such as a social casino may be a somewhat better choice overall.

How to Pick an Online Casino in South Carolina

Choosing a good online casino in South Carolina will take some effort and time, but it is a really good value in the end. We have put together a list of criteria that will help you choose and pick the casino you enjoy and like best.

Customer Support

Customer support is often the first thing you should check. It can give you a very good idea of what to expect when it comes to a particular casino. Has the brand invested enough in its support care? Are the agents helpful and knowledgeable? All of this will help you quickly decide if a South Carolina online casino for real money is worth it.

Games and Software

Having a quick look at the available games is a nice way to see if a casino can provide you with what you have come to expect. This includes a variety of games that include slots, jackpots, live dealer games, and several other RNG titles. It is similarly important to take a look at the software and how easy it is to navigate from mobile devices, for one. The best South Carolina online casinos should have been optimized for mobile play.

Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are a hook for many players. Yet, there are many important rules when you are looking to play. You ought to be looking for those bonuses that will make it so that you can benefit from the amount you get but also not have to deal with obstreperous terms and conditions as you do. This is why we make sure that the brands we list all come with clear-cut and transparent terms and conditions.

Banking and Payments

Banking and payments are another aspect of the way it all works when it comes to online casinos for real money in South Carolina. Players who are looking to register at a real money casino will always want to make sure that they can rely on quick deposits and withdrawals. This is why we play-test every casino and make deposits and cashouts to test the payment speeds and methods listed at each SC online casino for real money.

Trust and Reputation

Since no online casino in South Carolina for real money will also be regulated you need to tread carefully. There is no licensed website in the state, granted, but there are still brands that players will trust locally, the result of extensive experience and word of mouth. Our team will always check the reputation of each real money casino in South Carolina to only bring you the most trustworthy brands.

Mobile South Carolina Casinos

The good news is that players in South Carolina can find tons of different online casinos for real money to explore right from their smartphones and tablets. You will have no trouble finding a mobile casino to enjoy, as even offshore casino sites in South Carolina will make it very easy for you to play directly on any device that you may have handy.

South Carolina Casino Apps

There are no real money online casino apps that you can take advantage of in South Carolina. The only regulated apps you can access are those supported by social or sweepstakes casinos, which are a lot of fun all things considered. They offer many different games, some of which are available at real money casinos. When it comes to real money apps, though, the market is still unregulated and therefore there are none.

Land-Based Casinos in South Carolina 

Surprisingly, there are no land-based casinos in South Carolina, which may come as a shock to many. The reasons for this are many, from a general mistrust of gambling as a whole to a lack of political will to try and push the matter through the legislature. In the meantime, both Indiana and North Carolina offer a good variety of land-based gambling options. As an alternative, you can use The Big M Casino in Little River, which is a boat casino that allows you to play and also travel the river.

Responsible Gambling in South Carolina

Responsible gambling in South Carolina is a part of the burgeoning gambling industry. Although there may be many options that are still lacking in the state, problem gambling is a recognized problem on a state level.

The resources available to players in South Carolina will range from the South Carolina Gambling Addiction Services page to the National Council on Problem Gambling’s page dedicated to addressing the market’s problems when it comes to pathological gambling.

These resources are just part of the efforts put into helping consumers who may be experiencing gambling-related harm. However, the state would benefit more from regulating verticals such as sports betting and casinos to ensure that more funding is allocated to addressing the problem through campaigns, treatment, and resources.

South Carolina Online Casinos FAQ

Are online casinos in South Carolina legal?

No, online casinos for real money are not legal in South Carolina. If you want to find legitimate online casinos to play at, you will have to look offshore. In the meantime, you can try social and sweepstake casinos if you are willing to play for no real money.

Can I play real money online casino sites in South Carolina?

Yes, you technically can play real money online casinos in South Carolina. These casinos will be based offshore, and they won’t provide you with the common safeguards that regulated websites do.

How fast are withdrawals from South Carolina real money casinos?

24-48 hours. Withdrawals from South Carolina online casinos are usually between 24-48 hours, depending on the brand you have picked.