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Online casinos in Texas for real money are not legal. Yet, there have been significant efforts to expand the existing gambling framework, which boils down to social and offshore casinos. Although residents may bet on horse racing and greyhound dog racing, most of the betting and gambling options in the Lone Star State remain limited.

An attempt to expand land-based casino gambling with the introduction of Las Vegas-style casino resorts is also underway, but Texas online casinos for real money will have to wait. This means that players who wish to play at an online casino will have to check out the available real money sites that are based offshore, as many have done. But are those a good bet?

Best Texas Online Casinos

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Finding the best real money online casinos in Texas can be a bit of a challenge, precisely because there is no regulated website in the Lone Star State. This means that players who come across real money casinos have to be wary of these websites potentially stealing their information, or offering a service that is not only sub-par but also dangerous to the players.

The challenge arises from the fact that most of these casinos are not licensed, they operate outside of the country, and although they provide players with a fairly good selection of games and payment methods, they are further hindered by slow banking transactions that impact the player experience.

Online casinos’ lack of regulation in the Lone Star State means that it is very difficult for players to pick a casino they can trust, and also get help if they are having an issue with problem gambling, for example. To help you navigate this, we have put a list of those brands that overcome some of these challenges and are considered generally reliable for players who are based in Texas.

The online casinos for real money in Texas on our list are all vetted and play-tested so you may always find a site that will offer a good standard of play. Even then, though, you need to remember that these are not Texas-regulated online gambling sites.

No, online gambling sites are not legal in Texas, nor are they expected to become legal any time soon. Players who are looking to play legally at online casinos would be limited to social and sweepstakes casinos, which unfortunately won’t pay out real money.

Historically, Texas is a hardliner state when it comes to matters of gambling and hardly makes any attempt to change that. There has been powerful advocacy from private investors who are equally keen to see the Lone Star state host various gambling activities. Sports betting and casinos are among those, as attested by statements by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, local lobbyists, and investors such as Mark Cuban.

Yet, online casinos are possibly not an immediate priority for lawmakers who would tread very lightly on any attempt to legalize online gambling in any capacity, when even casino resorts a proving such a contentious point.

In the meantime, participating in illegal gambling remains an offense under state laws. This means that you could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor in Texas if you were to register and play an offshore casino site. Although the possibility exists, the truth is that nobody has been accused of this.

How to Pick an Online Casino in Texas

Choosing an online casino in Texas is a great opportunity for players who are looking to play at the best real money websites there are. Yet, there are inherent challenges to the selection process. For starters, there are several good criteria you can use to pick a trustworthy online casino in the Lone Star, despite the odds.

Customer Support

Customer support is a quick way to assess almost any casino. You will get a good idea of what a website has to offer you by taking a look at the customer support options and what they are. Players can further get a hold of customer support before registering and see how well it responds, which will give you a sure-fire way of testing what to expect.

Games and Software

Games and software are another important factor to help you pick a good Texas real money casino. We extensively review everything there is to know about an online casino for real money in the Lone Star, and this includes the games available, but also the software that is powering them. HTML5 compatibility, fair RNG, and a good overall selection of games are a must.

Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are another great way to read into what a casino has to offer. Players can get a good sense of a casino by simply referring to the terms and conditions, which will easily tell you whether the casino is offering fair terms and conditions to its players and what they can do to benefit from them. We are particularly demanding when it comes to T&Cs.

Banking and Payments

Banking and payments are perhaps the most important criteria for any real money online casino in Texas. Transactions, and especially withdrawals, are often hindered because websites are based offshore. This means that you need to be sure of the casinos you are registering at to avoid unpleasantries in the future. For our part, we play-test the banking system to help you always find a casino that will be transparent about the banking process or how long it may take.

Trust and Reputation

Trust and reputation are other super-important factors when looking for online casinos in Texas. You cannot find a licensed website in the state, granted, but many online casinos for real money are trusted by residents of the Lone Star and this shows by the traffic that these casinos generate.

Mobile Texas Casinos

Mobile casinos in Texas are quite popular and for a good reason. They are accessible, easy to play anywhere in the Lone Star State, and not legal when you play them for real money. Yet, mobile casino sites are readily available to players who don’t mind the fact that they are registering at an offshore site.

Texas Casino Apps

There are no Texas casino apps you can play for real money. The only alternative is social and sweepstakes casinos that offer excellent apps for their brands, but they do not offer real money gambling. Until Texas legally legalizes online casinos, it’s unlikely to expect the arrival of online casino apps either.

Land-Based Casinos in Texas 

Presently, Texas does not have any land-based casinos that operate commercially. They are prohibited under state laws. The only exception is the Naskila Casino and Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel, which are classified as tribal properties, and host several casino games.

Responsible Gambling in Texas

Responsible gambling is certainly an important part of what Texas has to offer. The state may lack many forms of gambling, but it has prudently put in place a network of responsible gambling campaigns and initiatives, all designed to bolster player safety and ensure that vulnerable consumers are getting help when and if needed.

One of the biggest promoters of responsible gambling in the Lone Star State is the Texas Lottery, which has been advertising the core principles of safe play. The state also has a local offshoot of the National Council on Problem Gambling, which provides local players with an extensive list of resources they may use to make the best of any situation.

Texas Online Casinos FAQ

Can you gamble online in Texas?

Yes, you can gamble online in Texas.  There are only certain activities that are allowed presently, and which mostly boil down to non-real money gambling options.

Are online casinos legal in Texas?

No, online casinos are not legal in Texas, and they are not likely to become legal any time soon.

Is gambling legal in Texas?

Technically yes. There are gambling activities in the state of Texas, including lottery and greyhound racing betting.

Are there social and sweepstakes casinos in Texas?

Yes, there are social and sweepstakes casinos in Texas, and they are available to interested players.

What happens if I play at an offshore online casino in Texas?

It depends. Overall, there has not been a person in Texas prosecuted for simply registering and playing at an offshore casino site for real money, but the law can technically charge you with a misdemeanor.