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What other players say

GamblingNews helped me look up some cool slot reviews and play a few games that I had long had on my radar, but never actually tried myself. The review just gave me the basics and narrated the theme well enough for me to want to play. Overall decent and helpful.

Erika, Canada

Good stuff. I have this website bookmarked because it’s just easier to look up regulated casinos in NJ. Not 100% sure how their ranking system works, but they definitely cover only licensed casinos and seem to be keeping their site update, which is good enough for me. Still, I’d recommend checking the actual casinos for full info rather than reviews.

Jessica, New Jersey

I love that there are sites that bother to list all regulated gambling brands in my state. It used to be a bit of nightmare, but affiliates are getting better. GamblingNews have a good scoop of news and pages to read, and I have found tons of helpful info to help me decide about my gambling.

Mike, New York

Defo a good site for news. They are a bit heavy on regulation and business news, but run a lot of responsible gambling and local stories – like the reach they have in local markets or at least they bother to cover some topics that are dear to me. I feel they definitely live up to their name as a news service.

Veronica, UK

Very nicely packed site in terms of info. They seldom skip any news on the day it happened, so I hardly have to look elsewhere. Would love to see more in-depth original reporting but definitely great place to get your info for the industry on the daily.

Leslie, Michigan
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What is gambling? Gambling is the practice of risking money on the outcome of a game such as roulette, slot game, blackjack, or a sport bet in the hopes of winning more money. Gambling carries a significant risk of losing money altogether.
Why do people gamble? People gamble for fun. Players enjoy spending money on gambling products both for the joy of playing and because they hope to win something back. For a small percentage of players, however, gambling can develop into a serious problem.
Is it legal to gamble at home? Yes. Gambling from home is legal in most countries, but there are laws and jurisdictions that prohibit such gambling. Gambling from home may refer to online gambling, but it may also refer to the act of hosting gambling games at home for others to attend. While generally legal, you must always check with your local laws.
What are the most popular forms of gambling? Casino, sports betting, lotteries, poker, and race betting are all popular forms of gambling. They are offered by the same and different brands and cater to different audiences.
How do you gamble? To gamble, you need to visit a licensed land-based or online venue. You can bet on sports, play casino games, or participate in lotteries if you wish to gamble.
Is gambling an investment? No, gambling is not an investment in any sense of the word. Most gambling games are designed in such a way that “the house” always have a statistical edge which will let it win in the long-term, no matter what players do. Investment allows you to use your knowledge to make better decision that can lead to profitability unlike gambling.
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