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Gambling Terms – The Complete Guide

From casinos to sportsbooks, you would never feel quite at home before you have mastered the language, and this may take some time. Yet, with our gambling terms and glossary guide, you will be able to speak with the fluency of a veteran gambler yourself before long. Sports betting, casino, and poker gambling terms have all been covered by our guide.

We have put together this article to help you quickly reference the most common gambling terms there are. There are a few in-depth mentions, too, and if you pick those up, you will soon win the respect of other, more experienced players, or “sharks” as some call them.

To make sure you are always in the know, we keep our list updated and add new terms as they become available or go mainstream. Here you will find examples of gambling terminology use, as well as an up-to-date list of the terms that may have changed their meaning over the years. If you think we have missed something that needs to be on the list, please do let us know.

ABC Poker(Poker Term) A poker playstyle that is easy to predict.
Accumulator(Sports Betting Term) This is a type of sports bet that consists of multiple selections. To win an accumulator, all selections must win.
Aces(Craps Term) A Craps term used to indicate that you are betting on your next roll being a 2.
Across the Board(Sports Betting Term) A horse racing bet that covers “win, place, and show” conditions for a horse.
Action(Casino & Sports Betting Term) The term is used both in casinos and sportsbooks. In sportsbooks it simply means how much has been bet on a single event. In baseball specifically, it refers to a wager placed on the pitcher, without knowing who the pitcher is. When using it in casinos, the term refers to the total amount of money you have bet during the session. A dealer may also refer to player with “action” if it’s time for the player to make a decision.
Active Player(Poker Term) A term used in poker. It refers to the player who is still in play.
Ada from Decatur(Craps Term) A term used in Craps to denote a hard 8 outcome.
Add-on(Poker Term) The add-on is the additional chips you can purchase during a game of poker. Add-ons are allowed up to a certain level. Tournament organizers determine this level.
Admission Packet(Bingo Term) In bingo, the admission packet is the minimum number of cards you have to buy to participate in a game.
Against the Spread(Sports Betting Term) To bet against the spread means that you bet on the underdog and hope for the team or player you support to “cover the spread,” i.e. lose within a pre-determined number of points.
Aggregate Limit(Casino Term) The maximum amount a casino is allowed to pay out per single round. The aggregate limit is determined individually. It’s best not to exceed the odds and bets that would produce an amount greater than the aggregate limit or you would need to accept reduced winnings.
Announced Bets(Sports Betting Term) An “announced bet”, and sometimes referred to as a “called bet,” is a type of bet in craps and roulette when a player calls a bet and immediately places an amount to back it up. This bet usually takes places while the dice are still rolling or the wheel is still spinning.
Apple(Poker Term) A term used to describe the biggest poker game in the casino.
Alligator Blood(Poker Term) A term referring to the strongest poker player in a poker game. Used to describe someone who demonstrates composure even in the most stressful situations.
Aggregate Winnings(Casino Term) The total amount of winnings won throughout a single casino session.
Aggressive(Poker Term) A term used to describe a poker player whose play is characterized by frequent raises.
All or Nothing(Bingo Term) A term in bingo explaining that winnings are paid out only in the case when all selected numbers are drawn.
All-in(General Term) All-in is a universal gambling term meaning that a player decides to wager all of their remaining chips. Players in poker may sometimes need to go all-in when they are facing a higher bet but do not have enough money to respond and folding would mean a worse outcome.
American Roulette(Roulette Term) A popular variation of roulette that uses two zeroes instead of one. The game comes with a unique five-number bet.
Anchor(Blackjack Term) The anchor is the last person who has been dealt and before the dealer deals their own cards. The term is usually specific to blackjack, but might apply to baccarat, too.
Annuity(Lottery Term) This is a term used to explain jackpot winnings from the lottery that are paid over a long period of time – usually done to avoid paying higher taxes.
Ante(Poker Term) The ante is the first bet that is required form poker players to be dealt cards. If a player cannot produce the bet, they are no longer considered an active player and are eliminated.
Ante Post(Sports Betting Term) The “ante-post betting” is a type of betting used in horse and greyhound racing and it is placed before the horse and greyhound racing course’s betting markets have opened. In other words, this is a future bet, but specific to racing.
Any Craps(Craps Term) The Any Craps term is used to denote that the next outcome of the dice would be 2, 3 or 12.
Any Double(Craps Term) “Any double” is a popular term used in Craps to denote that two of the dice will have an identical number, without having to specify what that number would be.
Any Seven (Craps Term) A bet in the game of craps that postulates that the next roll will produce a seven.
Any Triple(Craps Term) Another craps bet that backs the outcome where three dice roll three identical numbers, without specifying what these numbers would be.
Arbitrage(Sports Betting Term) During an “arbitrage”, the odds favor the gambler to the extent where they can back both sides and win money regardless of the outcome.
Arm(Craps Term) Arm is a bit of a Craps urban legend term. The term describes a player who can roll the dice in a way that can produce the desired outcomes. However, there is no evidence to support the claim that you can use skill to alter the roll of the dice.
Automat Club (General Term) An Automat Club is a casual gaming parlor that is equipped with slot and video machines, various Derby horse racing electronic games and more. Access to such venues is usually free and there I no dress code.
Away(Sports Betting Term) The term “away” is used to describe the team that is not currently hosting the game.
Baccarat(Baccarat Term) Baccarat is a popular casino game that is played in a player-versus-casino format. The objective is to bet on either the “Player” or “Banker” bet. The bets do not stand for the dealer or player’s hands. Rather they are posted independently and participants choose which one to support. Players win if the bet they have backed comes closest to nine and beats the opposing bet.
Back Door(Poker Term) А hand that a player forms using the last two cards added that have been dealt.
Backline(Craps Term) The term is used in Craps and it’s equal to Don’t Pass Line.
Backed(Sports Betting Term) The backed term in sports betting means that a certain team enjoys strong support.
Bad Beat(Sports Betting Term) The backed term in sports betting means that a certain team enjoys strong support.
Bad Beat(Poker Term) A bad beat in poker means that you have been losing in the majority of your last sessions.
Banco(Baccarat Term) The term is used in Baccarat, which is also known as Punto Banco. Banco is the term that denotes the Banker’s bad as well as the house.
Banker(Casino Term) The banker is the designated entity by the casino that all players play against. It’s a universal casino and gambling term.
Bankroll(General Term) The total amount of money a player has at their disposal to gamble and bet with.
Barrel(Poker Term) A Barrel bet usually denotes an action in poker that refers to repetitive aggressive wager.
BB(Poker Term) The term will vary and it can stand for both Bad Beat as well as Big Blind. Both are poker terms.
Beard(Poker Term) A Beard is a person who chooses to represent a person by sitting down and playing at a table without revealing the identity of their sponsor. Stacked players are common in today’s poker.
Beginner’s Luck(General Term) A universal gambling term used to explain how people who are less familiar with a gambling activity get lucky by making statistically improbable decisions that turn out to be successful in the end.
Behind(Poker Term) This is a poker term that basically means that a player’s hand is statically weaker than their opponents and therefore unlikely to turn into a win.
Bet(General Term) A universal gambling term that denotes the amount you have staked on a single instance to back a gambling or betting outcome. Poker, casino games, racing and sports competitions all use the term “bet.”
Betting Limit(General Term) The betting limit denotes what the minimum and maximum amounts you can commit on a single instance are.
Betting Table(Casino Term) The betting table is another universal casino term denoting all tables where games such as roulette, craps, baccarat, and blackjack take place.
Big 6(Craps Term) Postulating that a 6 will be rolled in game of Craps before a 7 is rolled.
Big 8(Craps Term) Postulating that an 8 will be rolled in a game of Craps before a 7 is rolled.
Big Bet(Sic Bo Term) This term is used in Sic Bo and it basically means that you are betting on an outcome that produces results between 11 and 17 across all three dices. The payout here is 1:1.
Big Blind(Poker Term) The Big Blind is the first player next to the player who starts the round in a game of poker. The player who starts is known as a Small Blind and the person who sits on the left of him or her is known as Big Blind. Every game of poker stars with a Small and Big Blind before the other players can play. The Blinds change every round.
Big Blind Special(Poker Term) This is a special condition in poker in which the Big Blind wins the round because no other player has committed a bet themselves.
Big Red(Craps Term) This is a Craps term and it means that you are betting on the dice producing a 7 outcome.
Bingo(Bingo Term) Bingo is a popular parlor game that is played with special cards that have columns and on the top of each column you have the letters that form the word “bingo.” Once you have collected each pattern to unlock each column, you have a bingo. The game is popular both online and a social recreational activity.
Bingo Board(Bingo Term) The board that is used during a game of bingo to show each number that has been called already.
Bingo Book(Bingo Term) The term “Bingo Book” refers to the cards that are played during a bingo game.
Bingo Card(Bingo Term) The bingo card is a card that contains a 5×5 game grid with 25 numbers and a single blank.
Blackjack(Blackjack Term) One of the most popular card games in any online and brick-and-mortar casino. The game was originally known as 21, after the winning condition in the game, which is to collect 21 points without crossing the line, and beating the dealer’s hand.
Blackout(Bingo Term) A Blackout or a Coverall is a term that is used in bingo and means that you must cover the entire bingo card to win.
Blank(Poker Term) One of the community cards that has no bearing on the outcome of the game as it doesn’t favor any of the players’ hands.
Blind(Poker Term) A mandatory bet that is required for the game of poker to commence before cards are dealt. There are two types of blinds – big and small.
Blind Bet(Poker Term) The blind bet denotes a type of wager you make during a poker game without knowing what card will be produced next in the community pool.
Blocker(Poker Term) A poker term referring to a card that a player needs but cannot get because another player is currently holding it.
Bluff(Poker Term) Bluffing is another popular poker term that refers to a player trying to signal strength that is not justified by the hands he or she is holding.
Bluff Catcher(Poker Term) Any hand that beats an actual bluff in a game of poker.
Board(Poker Term) The board refers to the community cards that are dealt during a game of poker, also known as Flop, Turn, and River.
Boat(Poker Term) The “boat” refers to a Full House hand in a game of poker, which consists of three cards of the same rank and two cards of another, identical rank. The term is also known as Full Boat or even Full Hand back in the day.
Bones(General Term) The “bones” are the dice in any game that uses dice to play. Originally, Native Americans used small bones instead of dice.
Bonus(General Term) This is a universal gambling term used in casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms to incentivize players and bettors to participate in any type of available gambling contest. Players can choose from many variations of the bonus offer, but it ultimately all boils down to paying some amount to the gambling establishment for a chance to win a bit more. There is variety of bonuses out there, from welcome bonus to reload, to refer a friend, to no deposit bonus, and more.
Bonus Ball(Lottery Term) This is a term that denotes an additional number during a prize draw that complements the existing numbers and results in a win in lotteries.
Bonus Hunting(General Term) The practice of only signing up for websites that offer bonuses that you can put to good use. The term is sometimes colloquially referred to as “bonus whoring” and suggests that players would sign up for any gambling website that can offer them an adequate bonus.
Bonus Round(General Term) The “bonus round” can be used in numerous gambling contexts. In casinos, for example, the bonus round refers to a “free spin” that is triggered while playing at slot machines, for example. There are different conditions that trigger a bonus round.
Book(Sports Betting Term) A “book” is a term that is used to denote any facility or establishment that is offering profit on the outcome of sports event. The book is usually interchangeable term with bookmaker.
Bookmaker(Sports Betting Term) The term “bookmaker” or “bookie” used to be used about the person who accepts wagers, but today it refers to the establishment itself.
Bottom Pair(Poker Term) The “Bottom Pair” refers to the lowest possible pair you can make during the opening stage of a game of poker, or “the Flop.”
Boxcars(Craps Term) A boxcars is a term that refers a double six roll in a game of craps.
Break(Blackjack Term) The “break” is the instance when a player has exceeded 21 in a game of blackjack. The term is also usually used interchangeably with “bust.”
Brick(Poker Term) A brick is a card in poker that has no bearing on anyone’s hand.
Bring In(Poker Term) To “bring in” in poker means to be the first to make a bet in the first round of a game.
Broadway(Poker Term) The term in poker is used to describe an ace-high straight.
Buffalo(Craps Term) A “buffalo bet” is a bet in craps that means the player backs each hard way or Any Seven.
Bug(Poker Term) The “bug” is a poker term that denotes the “joker” card, which in turn is available only in specific versions of the game, but not the main competitive variations, such as Omaha and Texas Hold’em.
Bump(Poker Term) To bump in a game of poker means to up raise an opponent.
Buried Pair(Poker Term) The buried pair is a term used in Stud Poker and it denotes a situation in which a player has built a pair with the first two community cards.
Burn Card(Poker Term) The “burn card” is the one that the dealer usually discards before or after dealing to reduce any bias.
Bust(Blackjack Term) Similar to break, “bust” simply means that a player has crossed the 21-point threshold.
Button(Blackjack Term) In a blackjack game, the “button” is the last player who has been dealt a card and he or she is the last to make a move.
Buy-in(Poker Term) The buy-in is the amount that you need to pay to participate in a game of poker or a tournament.
Cage(Craps Term) The “cage” is a metallic hourglass that is used to contain the dice before they are rolled out in a game of craps.
Call(Poker Term) In a game of poker, you “call” when you want to match the bet of your opponents.
Calling Station(Poker Term) If you are referred to as a “calling station” during a game of poker, you are a player who will continually call.
Calling Station(Poker Term) If you are referred to as a “calling station” during a game of poker, you are a player who will continually call.
Canadian Line(Sports Betting Term) This is an accumulator bet that features a point spread and moneyline selection in a game of hockey.
Cap(General Term) A general gambling term that denotes what the maximum allowed betting number is in a single round.
Capping a Bet(Blackjack Term) A fraudulent and forbidden practice of adding to your wager without others noticing after the cards have been dealt in a game of blackjack.
Card Shark(Poker Term) If you are a “card shark,” you are an experienced poker player.
Caribbean Stud(Poker Term) In “Caribbean Stud”, players play against the house, in a fashion similar to video poker.
Carte(Blackjack Term) An old term that dates back to the French origins of blackjack, also known as vingt-et-un or 21. “Carte” simply means “a card” and it’s a request for an additional card to be dealt, i.e. “hit.”
Cash Bonus(Casino Term) The “cash bonus” is an amount extended to you by a casino. These bonuses are more common at online casinos and are usually matched amounts – 100%, 200% or more. The bonus is credited to your bankroll and then you have to complete specific terms and conditions to release any winnings you have generated while using the bonus money.
Cashback(General Term) A “cashback” is an amount paid back to players based on their losses. The amount can be paid in cash, but it’s usually credited as a bonus that you can now bet once again for a chance to win.
Casino(Casino Term) The casino is a gambling establishment that offers specific types of gambling products, such as slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Craps, Sic Bo, poker, and more.
Casino Advantage(Casino Term) The casino advantage is the statistical percentage that the establishment has as a small advantage for each game you play. Slots have around 5% casino advantage, but in blackjack, this advantage is reduced to around 0.20% on average. Every game will have a different casino advantage, but as they say the house always wins, and it’s precisely because of this advantage.
Catch(Keno Term) You have a “catch” when the number drawn in a game of Keno matches a number on your card.
Chalk(Sports Betting Term) In sports betting, the chalk is usually the favored entity that is most likely to win, or at least that is what the general public and sportsbooks think the most likely outcome is.
Chalk Player(Sports Betting Term) The “chalk player” is a type of sports bettor who will always stick with the favored teams and players and try to turn a profit off that. The trade-off here is that chalk players have much smaller profit margin so a loss hurts worse than in the case of a regular bettor.
Chase(General Term) The “chase” is a bad habit and refers to a case where a player, who has lost money, keeps playing in an attempt to make up for that loss.
Check(Poker Term) In poker, you “check” when you are happy with your bet and don’t want to call or raise an opponent.
Check in the Dark(Poker Term) If a player checks before checking out their hole cards, they are “checking in the dark”
Check Raise(Poker Term) Check raise is a situation where you first check but then decide to raise an opponent’s bet.
Checked Around(Poker Term) This is a situation in poker where all players at the table have chosen to check.
Chemin De Fer(Baccarat Term) Chemin De Fer is a variation of baccarat and the game is played in France, although gaining popularity in all casinos. In this version of the game, players will alter turns being the bank.
Chinese Poker(Poker Term) A game of Chinese Poker is played with a single deck and with between two and four players. During the game, each player gets 13 cards and tries to form three hands, two of which contain 5 cards and one with 3 cards. Once this is done, points are compared to decide who the winner is.
Chip and a Chair(Poker Term) A term used in poker to express a belief that even a player who has been reduced to a single chip can still make a comeback. The term has been reinforced in poker during the 1982 World Series of Poker when Jack “Treetop” Straus lost all his chips during the first day of play. As he was preparing to get up and leave, he discovered that he had a single chip left. Jack Strauss used that chip to win the tournament and $520,000.
Chips(Casino Term) The “chips” are the currency at the casino floor. They are all differently colored and have an assigned value. Chips are only cashable at the casino they have been purchased from.
Chop(Poker Term) The “chop” is a situation in which the remaining poker players agree to just share the prize pool.
Chop the Blinds(Poker Term) This is a situation when everyone else but the small and big blind has folded. In this case, the players may agree to withdraw their blinds in the pre-flop and start a new round.
Choppy Game(Casino Term) A “choppy game” is a game in which players and the house are repeatedly losing in alternating turns.
Chuck-a-Luck(Sic Bo Term) Another version of Sic Bo, commonly played in England, but now pretty much on every casino floor in Las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City and beyond.
Circled Game(Sports Betting Term) In a “circled game” you won’t be able to place the maximum bet for the website, because the event has been influenced by bad weather, injuries or another unexpected event.
Clear(Casino Term) In the event of a “clear,” all current bets are cancelled and wagered chips are returned to their owners.
Closed(Keno Term) The “closed” is a term that denotes the time just before the keno balls are drawn, allowing you to place additional bets. Something similar occurs with “call bets” and roulette.
Closing Line(Sports Betting Term) The “closing line” is the last available point spread selection before all betting is off and the contest starts.
Cold(Slots Term) A “cold” is a slot machine that has a high house edge and doesn’t pay enough to attract player interest.
Cold Call(Poker Term) A “cold call” comes after a bet and a series of raises.
Cold Table(Poker Term) When the players who are making smart decisions keep losing, the table is considered “cold.”
Color Up(Poker Term) To “color up” means to exchange your low-value chips for high-value ones.
Column Bet(Roulette Term) The “column bet” is a wager you place on the column at the roulette table that covers 12 numbers from the wheel.
Combination Bet(Sports Betting Term) The “combination bet” refers to a horse or horses finishing either first or second.
Combination Ticket (Sic Bo Term) An advanced Sic Bo bet in which a player picks at least two groups that have any number of spots. The player will also choose how the groups shall be combined and hope for a suitable outcome to fulfill the winning condition.
Combo Draw(Poker Term) In poker terminology, a “combo draw” means that you have both a flush and straight draws at the same time.
Come Bet(Craps Term) The “come bet” means that you are betting on the person shooting the dice to win.
Come-out(Craps Term) The “come-out” bet is the first roll of the dice in a game of craps.
Commission(Casino Term) The “commission” is a fixed rate that the casino charges on every bet you place.
Community Cards(Poker Term) The community cards are the cards that are revealed to you during a game of poker or another game that uses similar mechanisms that allows players to use cards from the common pool to reinforce their own hand.
Comp Points(Casino Term) In casino vernacular, the “comp points” refer to the reward points that a casino assigns to players for their participation in various activities on the casino floor. Comp points can translate into a VIP status or help you boost your loyalty with the operator and then be traded in for various perks.
Connectors(Poker Term) The “connectors” in poker are consecutive cards.
Continuation Bet(Poker Term) A “continuation bet” where you raise pre-flop to signal that you believe your hand has a very strong chance of success. In most cases, the C-Bet, as it’s also referred to, is a bluff.
Coordinated(Poker Term) Once again a poker term, “coordinated” means that you have a table with suited or connected cards.
Copy(Poker Term) If you play a version of poker that pits player versus a banker, the “copy” is a situation in which you have the same hands. In those situations, the banker always wins.
Corner Bet(Roulette Term) The “corner bet” is a popular type in roulette, which essentially means that you cover the corner of four adjacent number. The term in French is “carré,” which means “square”.
Counterfeit(Poker Term) The “counterfeit” reflect a situation in which your hand has just lost its value because of the newly-introduced community cards.
Coup(General Term) Another word of French origin, the “coup” means the round of play.
Crack(Poker Term) In poker, you make a “crack” when you overcome long odds and beat an opponent whose hand is much stronger than yours.
Craps(Craps Term) The term denotes one of the most popular dice games available to casino players. “Craps” is also used when you roll 2, 3 or 12 in the game itself.
Credit(Casino Term) In casinos, “credit” is the funds that an establishment grants you without the necessity for you to carry money around. You will receive a Marker that will then be cross-referenced with a checking account and the funds you have played through will be subtracted from that.
Croupier(Roulette Term) The “croupier” is a term associated with roulette. The term comes from French and another possible variation is “dealer,” although croupier is specific to roulette.
Cut(Blackjack Term) In a game of blackjack, when a dealer shuffles the cards, he divides the shoe in two piles and puts the bottom one on top.
Cut Off(Poker Term) The position to the right of the button is usually referred to as “cut off” in poker.
Cycle(Poker Term) The “cycle” in a game of royal flush reflects the current hands that have been played in a game of video poker which should supposedly give you an idea when the next royal flush should drop.
D’Alembert(Casino Term) A popular strategy named after its inventor and French mathematician Jean de Rond d’Alembert. The strategy is used in roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other popular casino games.
Dead Heat(Sports Betting Term) The term “dead heat” is used when two horses cross the finish line at the same time down to a split second.
Deal(Casino Term) The action of handing cards out to players in any card game in casinos.
Dealer(Casino Term) The person who deals the cards in card games in casinos.
Deposit(General Term) The “deposit” is money you place with a casino or sportsbook, usually online, to then access as you bet on games or events.
Deposit Bonus(General Term) A deposit bonus is a popular term that is used to indicate the additional amount a casino or sportsbook awards you for simply depositing.
Deuce(Poker Term) The deuce is another word for “two.” The term is generally used in poker, but you may encounter it in other gambling games as well.
Dime(Sports Betting Term) The “dime” is a bet worth $1,000.
Dime Line(Sports Betting Term) The “dime line” is a betting line where you have to pay a 10% fee known as juice.
Dog(Sports Betting Term) The “dog” is also known as the “underdog” and it identifies the athlete, player or team that is less likely to win an event or a game.
Dog Player(Sports Betting Term) A type of player who sticks with underdogs for the higher value of the outcome.
Dollar(Sports Betting Term) The “dollar” is a $500 bet.
Dolly(Roulette Term) The “dolly” is a helping item used in roulette to help highlight all winning bets and expedite the payouts. In an online casino, this term is not used, as payouts are automated.
Dominate(Poker Term) The “dominate” is the hand that beats another one.
Don’t Come(Craps Term) If you bet on “don’t come,” you are hoping the shooter to fail in a game of craps.
Don’t Pass Line(Craps Term) In “don’t pass line” you are hoping that whoever is shooting won’t make the line in a game of craps.
Door Card(Poker Term) The “door” or “widow card” is the first game that is revealed in a game of Stud Poker during the flop or the first card visible in a hand.
Double(Craps Term) A “double” is a bet on any number between 1 and 6 in a game of craps.
Double Down(General Term) A popular gambling term and also specific to blackjack, to “double down” means to increase the amount of your active bet twice.
Double for Less(General Term) If you “double for less” you are still doubling down, but the amount is not twice the current bet.
Double or Nothing(General Term) If you “double or nothing”, you are most likely trying to recuperate a loss by offering the other party to stake twice what you have just lost for a chance to win it all back.
Down Card(Blackjack Term) In a game of blackjack, the “down card” is just the dealer card that is not visible.
Down for the Felt(Casino Term) If a player is “down for the felt,” they have run out of funds to play with.
Dozen Bet(Roulette Term) The “dozen bet” is a bet on 12 numbers in a game of roulette.
Dragon Hand(Casino Term) The “dragon hand” is dealt to an empty seat. Some games require all cards to be dealt.
Draw(Blackjack Term) The term “draw” is usually popular in blackjack and it means to get an extra card. A similar terminology is known as “hit.” The term is popular in other games with a slightly altered meaning, depending on the game.
Draw Poker(Poker Term) In “draw poker,” players may discard some of their cards and replace them with new ones from the deck.
Drawing Dead(Poker Term) If you are in a “drawing dead” situation, it means that you cannot possibly draw a card that would help you win. It’s used in poker, but applies to other card games as well.
Drawing Thin(Poker Term) In poker, if you are “drawing thin,” you have very few cards left in the deck that can help you win.
Drop(Blackjack Term) If you “drop” during a game of blackjack, you are folding.
Drop Percentage(Casino Term) The “drop percentage” is the amount the casino will win because of the inherent house edge.
Dry(Poker Term) If the board is “dry”, it means that there are no connected or suited cards during a game of poker so far.
Duo(Craps Term) The “duo” in a game of craps means that you are hoping for two identical numbers to show on two of the dice.
Easy(Craps Term) An “easy” is when you roll two separate dice in craps to get the number you want or expect.
Easy Way(Craps Term) The “easy way” is when you get 4, 6, 8 or 10 in a game of craps.
eCOGRA(General Term) The e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is an independent auditor that verifies the authenticity and fairness of online casinos.
Edge(Casino Term) The edge is the perceived advantage the house, or even an opponent has.
Eighty-sixed(Casino Term) If you have been “eighty-sixed” you have been banned from a casino because of cheating or other untoward action(s).
En Prison(Roulette Term) The “en prison” rule is used in roulette and it means that if the wheel hits zero, your bet will be locked in prison for another re-roll.
Encryption(General Term) Technology used by online casinos and sportsbooks to keep the customer’s information safe.
Equity(Poker Term) Your “equity” is what you can expect to win based on the current developments in a round of poker.
European Roulette(Roulette Term) European Roulette is considered the classic, single-zero version of the game.
Even(Craps Term) The even bet is a fun type of craps bet where you postulate that the three dice combined will equal an even number.
Even-money Bet(Roulette Term) The “even-money bet” basically means that the payout ratio is 1:1. You bet $5 and should you win, you win $5.
Exotic(Sports Betting Term) Exotic bets are considered the more sophisticated bets that postulate very specific conditions.
Expectation(Poker Term) The “expectation” is a term that denotes what amount you can expect to win based on the current hand you are playing.
Exposure(Sports Betting Term) The “exposure” is the maximum amount a sportsbook will lose on a specific market outcome.
Eye-in-the-Sky(Casino Term) The “eye-in-the-sky” is the technology that casinos use to make sure that the casino floor remains safe. In many cases, this technology can spot card counters.
Face(Bingo Term) If you say that you have a “face” in bingo, you have a single card.
Face Card(Poker Term) The “face card” in poker any suit Jack, Queen or King.
Favorite(Sports Betting Term) The “favorite” in sports betting is the player or team you believe is or are the most likely to win.
Ficheur(Roulette Term) The “Ficheur” is a French word for a device used in American Roulette, allowing the casinos to group chips by colour and distribute them among players.
Fifth Street(Poker Term) If you are at the “fifth street” in a game of poker, you are in the third round of betting.
Fifty Cents(Sports Betting Term) If you are playing a “fifty cents” bet, you are betting $50.
Figure(Sports Betting Term) The “figure” is the outstanding amount a sportsbook has to pay you.
Fill Up(Poker Term) If you get a “fill up,” you get the card needed to complete a full house.
Final(Roulette Term) If you do a “final” bet, you are betting on roulette numbers that end the same. An example would be 3, 13, 23, and 33.
Final Four(Sports Betting Term) The “final four” in college basketball are the remaining four teams.
Final Schnapps(Roulette Term) If you bet on the “final schnapps”, you are betting on 11, 22, and 33.
Fire(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting “fire,” you are making a very big wager.
First Base(Blackjack Term) A “first base” in blackjack is the first to be dealt cards as it sits the farthest from the dealer.
First Half Bet(Sports Betting Term) A type of bet that is placed on the first part of the game.
Fish(Poker Term) The “fish” in poker are those players who are less experienced or just not very good players at all.
Five Cards Charlie(Blackjack Term) In “five cards Charlie” you are playing a five-card hand variation of blackjack while still trying not to bust in order to win.
Five Card Stud(Poker Term) “Five Card Stud” is another popular variation of poker that is played with a single deck and against players.
Fixed Odds(Sports Betting Term) If you have “fixed odds,” the odds won’t change.
Flash(Sports Betting Term) If you have a “flash” you witness the sports betting odds change rapidly.
Flashboard(Keno Term) The “flashboard” in keno is the board that is used to display the numbers that make up the winning combinations.
Flat Betting(Sports Betting Term) If you are “flat betting,” you are betting the same amount repeatedly without any changes to your bet size.
Flat Call(Poker Term) If you are “flat calling,” you are just responding to raises, but not raising yourself.
Flat Top(Slots Term) The “flat top” is a slot machine that has a fixed jackpot as opposed to progressive jackpot.
Flop(Poker Term) The “flop” in poker is the first three cards that are dealt in the middle of the table, AKA community cards.
Flush(Poker Term) If you are holding a “flush” in poker, you have a hand made up of all cards from the same suit.
Fold(Poker Term) If you “fold” in a game of poker, you are withdrawing from a round because you can’t take the heat any more or your hand is too weak.
Forecast(Sports Betting Term) If you are making a “forecast,” you are trying to pinpoint the first and second spot in a tournament or a race.
Foul(Poker Term) A “foul” hand in poker is a hand that may not be played for some reason.
Fouling a Hand(Poker Term) If you are “fouling a hand” you have made a mistake in constructing your hand and it’s invalidated.
Four Corners(Bingo Term) A winning bingo pattern where you are trying to match the corner numbers.
Fourth Street(Poker Term) In poker, the fourth street is the second round of betting when all players have four cards.
Free Card(Poker Term) If you have a “free card,” this is an event where all players check so no bets need to be placed.
Free Space(Bingo Term) The center of a bingo card that is empty is “free space” and it serves as a wild card that helps top off any combination.
Free Spin(Slots Term) The “free spin” is a free round in a slot game. You can get one, ten, 15 or more free spins.
Freeroll(Poker Term) The “freeroll” is a poker tournament without entry fee.
Freeze-Out(Poker Term) If you are joining a “freeze-out” tournament, you may not rebuy if you are eliminated.
Front Hand(Poker Term) A combination of three cards in Chinese poker.
Full House(Poker Term) A full house is a combination of three cards of the same rank and two other cards of a different, but the same rank again. It’s a term used in “poker.”
Full Ring(Poker Term) A “full ring” is a game of poker with the maximum number of players, i.e. nine or ten players.
Futures(Sports Betting Term) “Futures” are a type of bet where you are making a wager on the outcome of a tournament or a specific game very early.
Garbage Hand(Poker Term) If you have a “garbage hand” in poker, your hand isn’t worth much.
Getting Down(Sports Betting Term) If you are “getting down,” you are making a bet.
Goose(Keno Term) The “goose” in keno is the device that mixes and draws the balls.
Grand Salami(Sports Betting Term) If you bet on the “Grand Salami,” you are betting on all goals scored during a day of hockey play.
Grid(Sports Betting Term) The “grid” in sports betting is the field where all bets are displayed.
Grind(Poker Term) If you are “grinding” in poker, you are playing across multiple small-stake games hoping to find easier opponents and develop your bankroll.
Half Time Bet(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting on “half time,” you are betting on a specific event in the second part of a game.
Half-a-Dollar(Sports Betting Term) If you are placing a “half-a-dollar” bet, you are betting $50.
Hand(Poker Term) The “hand” is the combination of cards that the player holds.
Handicap(Sports Betting Term) The “handicap” is another term for point spread betting.
Handicapper(Sports Betting Term) The “handicapper” is the person who determines what the point spread should be like.
Handle(Sports Betting Term) Sportsbooks refer to the “handle” as the total amount that has been wagered.
Hard(Craps Term) If you hit a “hard” in a game of craps, this means that you have just rolled a combination of two dice with the same value.
Hard Hand(Poker Term) In poker, a “hard hand” is a hand that can only be interpreted as one numerical value. Soft hands usually contain aces, but hard hands do not.
Hardway(Bingo Term) The “hardway” in bingo is a straight pattern that doesn’t use any of the empty spaces.
Heads Up(Blackjack Term) If you are playing “heads up” in blackjack, you are the only player at the table.
Hedging(Sports Betting Term) If you “hedge” in sports betting, you are betting on the opposite outcome to minimize potential losses.
High Bet(Roulette Term) A “high bet” in roulette is a bet that is placed on numbers from 19 to 36.
High Card(Poker Term) A “high card” is the strongest card in a player’s hand when they have a hand strength that is lower than a pair.
High Poker(Poker Term) Any variation of poker where the high hand is the winner.
High Roller(Casino Term) A “high roller” is a player who traditionally spends a lot of money on a casino. These players enjoy a quicker pace of play that is often beyond the average player’s purchasing power.
Hijack(Poker Term) You are the “hijack” in poker if you sit on the right of the cut-off.
Hi-Lo(Poker Term) “Hi-lo” is just another variation of Omaha poker.
Hit(Blackjack Term) If you “hit” in blackjack, you are asking for additional cards.
Hole Cards(Blackjack Term) The “hole cards” are the face down cards that you receive during a game of blackjack.
Home Field Advantage(Sports Betting Term) The “home field advantage” is a perceived advantage that the team hosting a game has because they don’t have to travel or are playing in front of a home crowd.
Hook(Sports Betting Term) If you are talking about a “hook” in sports betting, you are referring to a half point in any context.
Hop Bet(Craps Term) If you are making a “hop bet,” you are betting on a specific combination of numbers during your next craps roll.
Horn Bet(Craps Term) If you make a “horn bet,” you believe your next craps roll will produce 2, 3, 11 or 12.
Hot(Slots Term) If a slot machine is “hot” it’s believed that it’s paying out more. The term may also apply to a player who is currently on a winning streak.
Hot Game(Sports Betting Term) If there is a “hot game” in sports betting, it is attracting a lot of attention from bettors.
Hot Table(Casino Term) A “hot table” is a term in casino which indicates that players playing smartly are winning.
House(Casino Term) The “house” is another term for the casino.
House Edge(Casino Term) The “house edge” is the perceived statistical advantage the casino has in each game.
House Way(Poker Term) In poker, this is the set of rules that all dealers have to follow when they deal and construct hands.
Idiot End(Poker Term) If someone’s referring to the “idiot end” in poker, they are talking about the low end of a straight.
Implied Odds(Sports Betting Term) The “implied odds” are not posted anywhere but they are the most likely odds for an event outcome based on current information.
In and Out Teasers(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting on “in and out teasers” you are betting on the favorite and underdog, as well as the totals.
Inside Bet(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting on the “inside bets” in roulette, you are betting on a specific number.
Inside Straight Draw(Poker Term) If you get an “inside straight draw” a card has been added to the community cards in a game of poker that fills the middle of a straight for you.
Instant Win(Casino Term) If you are playing “instant win” games, you will see if you win immediately.
Insurance(Blackjack Term) A special bet against the possibility of the dealer hitting a blackjack outright. Available only when the dealer has an Ace face up card.
Isolate(Poker Term) In poker, when you try to “isolate” someone, you are raising so that all but one player fold.
Jackpot(General Term) The “jackpot” is a big cash prize.
Jacks or Better(Poker Term) “Jacks or Better” is a popular variation of video poker where only pair of jacks or higher-valued hands are considered winners.
Joker(Casino & Poker Term) The “joker” is a wild card in some card games and it can substitute for others.
Juice(Sports Betting Term) The “juice” and sometimes vigorish is the commission that is paid on each bet to sportsbooks.
Junket(Casino Term) If you are a “junket” you are a player who loves to high roll at casinos and has been taken to a special location to play there. Junket operators are popular in Asia and they usually fly players from all over the world to play at Macau’s casinos.
Keno(Keno Term) “Keno” is a popular lottery game where you get to guess numbers from 1 to 80.
Kicker(Poker Term) A “kicker” is a card that can settle ties in poker when two or more players have hands that have the same strength.
King Ticket(Keno Term) The “king ticket” is a special number across all your selections. The number can then be used in combination with other groups or king numbers, or on its own.
Le Grande(Poker Term) “La Grande” is a nine-point poker hand that consists of two cards.
La Petite(Baccarat Term) If you have “La Petite,” you have a two-card hand that amounts to 8 points.
Lady(General Term) A “lady” is another term for a queen in most card games.
Lady Bet(Craps Term) If you are making a “Lady Bet,” you are betting that a 7 will appear on the dice before the point.
Lay Down(Poker Term) If you “lay down” your hand, you are folding in a game of poker.
Lay Odds(Sports Betting Term) If you “lay the odds,” you are making a bet that favors another participant, whether this is the sportsbook or someone you meet at a betting exchange.
Laying the Points(Sports Betting Term) If you are “laying the points” in sports betting, you are betting for your team to win by an amount greater than the one in the spread.
Laying the Price(Sports Betting Term) If you are “laying the price,” you are backing the favorite on the moneyline.
Layoff(Sports Betting Term) Sometimes one sportsbook may place a “layoff” at another sportsbook to reduce the risk of losing large amounts on a certain outcome.
Let It Ride(Sports Betting Term) If you “let a bet ride,” you are adding your previous bet winnings to your present bet.
Limit(Sports Betting Term) The “limit” in sports betting is the maximum bet amount you are allowed to place per single event. The amount will vary from one sport to the next.
Limp(Poker Term) If you “limp” in poker, you are matching the big blind bet outright.
Linemaker(Sports Betting Term) The “linemaker” is the person or establishment who calculates and posts up odds.
Lines(Sports Betting Term) The “lines” are the available odds on which players may bet in sports betting.
Little Joe(Craps Term) In craps, a “Little Joe” is a hard 4.
Live Dealer Games(Casino Term) The “live dealer games” in an online casino are those that are played in the company of a real person through a real-time broadcast. The live dealers are playing from a live studio and you use overlay interface to make your bets and give directions to the dealers.
Lo(Poker Term) The term “lo” is just another way to describe low poker.
Lock(General Term) If you are a “lock” in gambling, you win with ease.
Long Odds(Sports Betting Term) If you are facing “long odds” in sports betting, you probably won’t win.
Longshot(Sports Betting Term) If you are the “longshot” you are not very likely to win. A term used in sports betting.
Loose(Poker Term) If you are a “loose” player in poker, you tend to play many hands, even those that do not hold an inherent value.
Low Bet(Roulette Term) If you are making a “low bet” in roulette, you are betting on the numbers from 1 to 8.
Low Hand(Poker Term) A “low hand” in poker is a two-card hand.
Low Poker(Poker Term) If you are playing “low poker,” your goal is to form the lowest hand to win.
Low Triple(Keno Term) If you have a “low triple” in keno, this means that all three dice are showing 1, 2 or 3.
Lump Sum(Lottery Term) If your lottery winnings are paid in a “lump sum,” you have chosen to take your reward in a single payment.
Maniac(General Term) A “maniac” is a player who tends to play aggressively and against logic, and who often tends to lose large sums as a result.
Margin(Sports Betting Term) In sports betting, the “margin” is the difference between a winning and losing party.
Mark(Keno Term) The “mark” in a game of keno indicates which numbers have been in play already.
Martingale(General Term) “Martingale” is a popular progressive strategy where the player doubles their bet after each loss and return to a default bet size when they win.
Matchplay(Casino Term) “Matchplay” is a type of cash bonus offered to new casino members.
Middle(Sports Betting Term) If you win “middle” it means that you have wagered two point spreads of both teams participating in an event and have won both.
Middle Hand(Poker Term) In poker, the “middle hand” is the second hand that consists of five cards.
Middle Pair(Poker Term) If you have a “middle pair,” you have a hand that has a pair using the “middle” cards on the flop in terms of overall card value.
Miss(Poker Term) If you “miss” in poker, you fail to put together a hand.
Moneyline(Sports Betting Term) The “moneyline” is the most common type of bet in U.S. sports. You are basically betting $100 to win back a pre-determined amount based on the moneyline’s value.
Monkey(Poker Term) If people talk about a “monkey” during a game of poker, they are referring to a 10 or a face up card.
Monster(Poker Term) If you have a “monster” in poker, you have a very strong hand.
Move the Line(Sports Betting Term) If you “move the line” during a point spread bet, you can pay the sportsbook to give you a half-point additional advantage.
Muck(Poker Term) When you “muck” a hand in poker, you toss it in to the discard pile.
Multiplier(Casino & Poker Term) A “multiplier” is used both in casino and poker games. In specific variations of poker, the multiplier is a wild card that boosts your winnings two or threefold.
Multi-Race Ticket(Keno Term) If you have a multi-race ticket, you are using the same ticket to participate in more than one keno draws.
Multi-Table Tournament(Poker Term) If you are participating in a “multi-table tournament” it means that there are multiple tables with poker players at each.
Multi-Tabling(Poker Term) If you are “multi-tabling” in poker, you are playing across numerous tables.
Natural(Blackjack Term) The “natural” in blackjack is a situation where your starter’s hand forms 21 outright. In poker, this term refers to the first two hands that are worth either eight or nine points.
Nickel(Sports Betting Term) The “nickel” is a bet worth $500.
Nickel Line(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting at a sportsbook with a “nickel line,” it means the juice is five percent.
Nina from Pasadena (Craps Term) If you are going with “Nina from Pasadena,” you are postulating that your next roll in a game of craps will produce a nine.
No Action(Sports Betting Term) If your bet turns out a “no action” money is neither lost nor won.
No Limit(Casino Term) If you are participating in a “no limit” game, there is no limit on how much you can bet.
No Deposit Bonus(Casino Term) The “no deposit bonus” is a popular promotion that allows you to gain a small monetary incentive at a casino just for registering.
Nosebleed(Sports Betting Term) If you have a “nosebleed,” the bets are running very high.
Nut Low(Poker Term) If you are holding a “nut low” in poker, you have the strongest low hand possible.
Nut Nut(Poker Term) If you are playing a split pot game, you have the best possible high and low hand.
Nuts(Poker Term) If you have “nuts,” you have the strongest possible hand in the round during a game of poker.
Odds(Sports Betting Term) The “odds” indicate what the probability of something happening is.
Off the Board(Sports Betting Term) If an event is “off the board” in sports betting, this means that the sportsbook is not accepting wagers on it.
Off-Suit(Poker Term) If your hand is “off-suit” in poker that means that all the cards in that hand are of a different suit.
Omaha(Poker Term) “Omaha” is another variation of poker where you have four hole cards and share community cards to build the most powerful five-card hand.
On(Bingo Term) If you are “on” in a game of bingo, you are just one number short from forming bingo.
On Tilt(Poker Term) If you are “on tilt” you are acting out during a game of poker, because you let your emotions influence you.
Online Casino(Casino Term) An “online casino” is a new form of gaming venue that takes place on the Internet. It offers the full range of games found at land-based games, and some argue even better products. The first online casinos began to appear in the 1990s and they brought on a range of games with them from poker, to blackjack, to roulette and video slots.
Open(Poker Term) If you “open” in a game of poker, this means you make the first bet.
Open-Ended Straight Draw(Poker Term) If you have an “open-ended straight draw,” this basically means that your straight can be completed with a hand before or after the cards you have.
Out(Poker Term) The “out” is a card that is yet to be dealt and it can potentially result in a win.
Outdraw(Poker Term) If you “outdraw” an opponent in a game of poker, you have managed to draw better hands than they have.
Outlaw Line(Sports Betting Term) The “outlaw line” is the first available betting market that is exclusive and only a few bettors may participate in.
Outside Bet(Roulette Term) The “outside bet” in a game of roulette can refer to any groupings of bet types, including odds and even, high and low, and black and red.
Over Card(Poker Term) The “over card” is a card that is higher than any of the cards in the community board.
Over Pair(Poker Term) The over pair is a “pocket pair” that is higher than the cards in the community board.
Over/Under(Sports Betting Term) The over/under bet is a bet on the total number of points scored – or not scored – by a team or player. It’s also referred to as “totals.”
Overbet(General Term) If you “overbet” you are placing a bet that is much bigger than the size of the actual pot. It’s a poker term as well.
Overdrawn(Bingo Term) If you are playing bingo and a number becomes “overdrawn,” that simply means that this number has been drawn repeatedly.
Overdue(Bingo Term) In bingo, the “overdue” is drawn less frequently than some of the other numbers.
Overlay(Poker & Sports Betting Term) The term “overlay” has two different applications. On the one hand, it describes the additional amount that a poker tournament organizer contributes to the prize pool. On the other hand, it describes a situation in sports betting where the odds are way too big and they favor the player significantly. If you bet at such odds and win, you will get a much better payday.
Paint(Poker Term) The “paint” is simply a face card.
Pair(Poker Term) A “pair” is a combination of two cards that are of the same rank.
Parlay(Sports Betting Term) The “parlay” bet is placed on numerous selections and markets, and at least two. To win a parlay, all of your selections must turn out successful.
Pass(General Term) To just “pass” your turn without betting and wait to see what other opponents are up to. It’s usually used in poker, but applies to other games as well.
Pass Line(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting on “pass line,” you expect the shooter to win.
Passive(Poker Term) A “passive” player won’t bet or raise too often themselves, but he or she will call opponent’s bets.
Pat(Blackjack & Poker Term) If you “pat” in blackjack and poker, you don’t need any more cards to make the hand work, at least in theory.
Pay Table(Casino Term) The “pay table” in a casino game explains what outcome should be produced to generate a payout.
Payline(Slots Term) The “payline” is one of the winning combinations that will award you winnings.
Payoff(General Term) The “payoff” is the money that a player receives when they win in a game.
Payout Percentage(Casino Term) The “payout percentage” is the average payout rate that is expected from a game. A payout percentage set at 96% means that you should, in theory, get back $96 if you bet $100. This percentage will vary in the short and mid-term, but usually even out in the long-term.
Picks(Sports Betting Term) If you are talking “picks” in sports betting, you are talking about the bets.
Pineapple(Poker Term) The “pineapple” is just another version of Hold’em poker with numerous betting rounds.
Place(Poker Term) If you “place” during a poker event, it means you have finished first, second or third. Sometimes fourth and fifth finishers are also considered “placed”.
Place Bet(Sports Betting Term) If you are making a “place bet,” you are betting that a certain number outcome will arrive before the round ends.
Playthrough Requirement(General Term) The “playthrough requirement” is the number of times you must deposit your deposit, bonus or deposit and bonus before you can claim any winnings thereof.
Pocket Cards(Casino & Poker Term) The “pocket cards” are the face down cards a fellow player or a dealer gets in any card game that has similar conditions.
Point(Craps Term) The “point” is the number that is set during the come-out phase of the game in craps.
Point Spread(Sports Betting Term) The “point spread” is the advantage or handicap a team is allocated as per this specific type of bet.
Poker(Poker Term) The term “poker” is a blanket term that is used to describe all variations of the game, and most commonly 7 Card Stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and others.
Pokies(Slots Term) “Pokies” is a popular name Australians use to describe slot machines.
Position(Casino & Poker Term) The “position” refers to how soon a player can play in a game involving others.
Post(Poker Term) The action of placing chips in the pot.
Postage Stamp(Bingo Term) If you have a “postage stamp” in a game of bingo, a 2×2 pattern is formed on the grid.
Pot(Poker Term) The “pot” is the total amount that is accumulated during a betting round in poker and that is paid out to the winner(s).
Pot Limit(Poker Term) A “pot limit” game of poker is a game with a fixed pot size.
Pot Odds(Poker Term) The “pot odds” is advanced pokers term that professional use to determine if they should play. It refers to the remaining pot money compared to what you must commit – as part of your bankroll – to continue playing.
Powerball(Lottery Term) The “Powerball” is one of the most popular lottery games, where you guess five numbers and a bonus ball.
Press(Poker Term) If you choose to “press,” you have decided to bet a larger than usual number.
Press a Bet(Poker Term) If you “press a bet,” you add winnings from your previous round to the current one.
Price(Sports Betting Term) The “price” refers to the odds, or the point spread.
Progressive Jackpot(Casino Term) The “progressive jackpot” is a jackpot amount that is accumulated across numerous slot games that are usually available across the entire casino or across multiple online casinos.
Progressive Slot(Slots Term) The “progressive slot” is a slot game that contains a progressive jackpot option. Popular examples here include Divine Fortune, Mega Moolah, and others.
Prop Bet(Sports Betting Term) “Prop bet” is a type of wager where you bet on a specific unique condition that applies to a team or player.
Puckline(Sports Betting Term) The puckline is what spread bets are called in hockey.
Pull Tab(General Term) If you are participating in a game with a “pull tab,” you have to remove the tab to reveal the symbol and see if you have won.
Punto(Baccarat Term) The term refers to “the player” in a game of baccarat.
Punto Banco(Baccarat Term) The name “Punto Banco” is just another way to say baccarat.
Puppy(General Term) The “puppy” or pup is the underdog.
Push (Blackjack Term) If you have a “push” during a game of blackjack, both the dealer and your hand are matched and the wagers are returned. This “push” rule may vary from one casino to the next and one version of blackjack to the next, so keep this in mind.
Quads(Poker Term) A hand of poker that has four cards with the same rank.
Quarter Bet(Roulette Term) The quarter bet in roulette is a bet that covers four numbers. The wager is usually placed in the middle where four numbers intersect.
Quick Pick(Lottery Term) If you are going to rely on a “quick pick,” you let a computer randomly generate the numbers for you in a lottery ticket.
Rag(Poker Term) The “rag” is a card that has no actual value and does not improve your value.
Rail(Casino Term) If you are at the “rail” you are observing but do not actually participate in any of the games at a casino.
Rainbow(Poker Term) A “rainbow” is a case where three of your four cards are of a different suit.
Raise(Poker Term) You “raise” when you want to double the bet of your opponent.
Rake(Casino Term) The “rake” is the fee that the casino collects from every poker hand played to generate profit.
Random Number Generator(Casino Term) The “Random Number Generator” is a mathematical algorithm used in online casino to guarantee the fairness and lack of bias in every payout produced.
Rank(Poker Term) The “rank” of the card is its face numerical value.
Re-bet(Casino Term) If you “re-bet” you simply place the same bet amount as the previous round.
Re-buy(Poker Term) You “re-buy” into a game of poker when you have run out of chips. Sometimes you can only re-buy up to a certain deadline.
Re-draw(Poker Term) In a “re-draw” you have an extra out. One example is to end up with a straight with a flush re-draw.
Reels(Slots Term) The “reels” are the lines on which symbols and paylines appear in any slot game.
Reload Bonus(Casino Term) This is a bonus you receive when you deposit again in an online casino.
Represent(Poker Term) To behave in a way that tries to “represent” your hand in a manner that is different than its actual strength. This is a tactic used to bluff opponents.
Return(General Term) The “return” is how much money you make off a bet.
Reverse Tells(Poker Term) The “reverse tells” are used to bluff opponents by making them believe that they have spotted some giveaway mannerisms that you are actually only showing to throw them off.
Right Bettor(Craps Term) This is the person in a game of craps who bets on the shooter.
Ring Game(Poker Term) A “ring game” is just a regular game of poker, not a tournament one. The term is used commonly in online poker.
River(Poker Term) The “river” is another poker term and it refers to the final community card that is displayed.
Roll(Casino Term) The “roll” can clearly refer to the action of rolling a dice, but it can sometimes be used to substitute for “bankroll.”
Rolled Up(Poker Term) If you are “rolled up” in a Seven Card Stud, you have three of a kind for your starting hand.
Roulette Wheel(Roulette Term) The “roulette wheel” is the mechanism where the entire game of roulette takes place in. It’s marked down in sectors and numbers.
Rounder(Poker Term) If you are a “rounder” you are making a living off poker and enjoying a good lifestyle as a result.
Royal Flush(Poker Term) If you have a “royal flush,” you have the strongest hand in poker.
Royalties(Poker Term) “Royalties” in Chinese poker are additional units that are awarded to player if they have particularly strong hands.
Run down(Sports Betting Term) The term “run down” is used in sports betting to give you an overview of all the available markets, as well as sports, time, and date.
Runline(Sports Betting Term) The “runline” in baseball is a type of “spread bet.”
Runner(Sports Betting Term) If you are a “runner” you have been hired to make bets for someone else.
Scalper(Sports Betting Term) “Scalpers” are bettors who jump from one sportsbook to the next, trying to capitalize on the small differences in odds that are usually posted. Another term for this behavior is “shopping around.”
Scare Card(Poker Term) The “scared card” is a perceived advantage that an opponent gains off a single community card in poker.
Scared Money(Casino Term) If you are facing “scared money,” this means that the betting action is outside of your purchasing power.
Scatter Symbol(Slots Term) The “scatter symbol” in slot machines is a symbol that is associated with various bonus features, but most commonly with “free spins” and “multipliers.”
Scoop(Poker Term) If you “scoop” a pot in poker, you win it all.
Scouts(General Term) “Scout” is a gambling terms with multiple meanings. A “scout” is usually sent to horse racecourses to track horses’ performance. In blackjack, the term is used to denote people who study a table until it’s ready for a card counter to join it and make a big payday.
Scratch Cards(Lottery Term) The “scratch cards” are a popular lottery game whereby a win is realized by “scratching off” the fields and hoping for a winning combination. Check out our blog post on how to know if your lottery ticket is a winner.
Second Pair(Poker Term) A “second pair” is a term that is used interchangeable with middle pair. In other words, you are using the “middle value” cards on the flop to create a pair.
See(Poker Term) If you “see” a bet, you call it.
Semi-Bluff(Poker Term) The “semi-bluff” strategy requires you to have a hand that has a small chance of winning, but still statistically good success rate. You “semi-bluff” by giving it more importance despite the slim odds.
Set(Poker Term) A hand that has three cards that are of similar rank.
Seven Card Stud(Poker Term) A popular variation of poker where players do not tap into a community pool of cards, but rather bet on multiple rounds and are dealt cards face down and face up.
Seven Out(Craps Term) If a shooter rolls a seven before scoring a point, and ends up losing on pass the line, they have just “seven out”.
Seventh Street(Poker Term) The term “Seventh Street” is the final betting round in a game of Seven Card Stud.
Shark(Poker Term) If you are a “shark,” you are a very good card player.
Shill(Casino Term) The “shill” is a person who is paid by the casino to turn up and play at tables that are failing to attract attention on their own.
Shooter(Craps Term) Whoever rolls the dice in a game of craps is known as “shooter.”
Short Stack(Poker Term) The “short stack” is a player who enters a game of poker and has a much smaller stack than those of his or her opponents.
Short-Handed(Casino Term) If a game of cards is “short-handed,” there are fewer players than is recommended or usually the case.
Showdown(Poker Term) The “showdown” is the final stage in a round of poker when all players reveal their cards.
Shut Out(Sports Betting Term) If you are a “shut out,” you have tried to place a bet too late, as bets are off because the game has started.
Sic Bo(Sic Bo Term) Sic Bo is a popular dice game played with three dice where you have to try and guess what the outcome of the roll would be.
Side Pot(Poker Term) A “side pot” is usually formed when a player decides to go all-in, often creating a separate big pot to be won.
Sides(Sports Betting Term) The “sides” are used to describe the home and away team.
Simple Bet(Craps Term) In craps, the “simple bet” means betting on one number and the payout changing depending on how many times this number has been produced that roll.
Single(Sports Betting Term) A “single” bet is a straight up bet or a moneyline bet.
Single Table Tournament(Poker Term) The “single table tournament” is a poker tournament where only one table takes place.
Sixth Street(Poker Term) Another Seven Card Stud poker term that refers to the sixth betting round when players have six cards.
Slot Machine(Slots Term) A “slot machine” is a video game terminal designed to pay out money upon hitting specific combinations. There are over 15,000 unique slot games today and over 900,000 slot machines in the United States alone.
Slow Play(Poker Term) In poker, if you “slow play” you deliberately show hesitance to make your opponents believe you are holding a weak hand.
Small Bet(Craps Term) The “small bet” in craps is a type of bet that postulates that the player-expected outcome is between 4 and 10.
Small Blind(Poker Term) The “small blind” is the mandatory bet that the player on the left-hand side of the dealer places in a game of poker.
Smooth Call(Poker Term) If you are “smooth calling,” you are calling a bet, but not raising it. Another term for this is “flat call.”
Snake Eyes(Craps Term) If you get “snake eyes” you have got two ones on the dice.
Soft Hand(Blackjack Term) A “soft hand” in blackjack is a hand that contains an ace and allows bettors to be a little more flexible.
Speed Bingo(Bingo Term) The “speed bingo” is a variation of the game where numbers are called quickly and you can make a bingo with fewer numbers.
Split Hand(Blackjack Term) If you “split hand” in a game of blackjack, you take your two cards and split them now playing with two separate bets instead. Casinos have some rules on what hands can be split and when.
Split Pair(Poker Term) In a game of Seven Card Stud, the “split pair” is a situation in which a down and up card are a match, forming a pair.
Split Pot(Poker Term) If you “split pot” in poker, you are sharing the pot between two or more players.
Split Ticket(Keno Term) A “split ticket” is a keno ticket where two or more groups of numbers are being played.
Sports Lottery(Lottery Term) In this type of lottery, winners are selected based on what the outcome of a sport event is.
Sportsbook(Sports Betting Term) The sportsbook is the establishment that runs and offers markets on sports events, entertainment or politics.
Spot(Keno Term) The “spot” in a game of keno is a term that denotes all marked numbers on the ticket.
Spread(Sports Betting Term) A “spread” or a point spread is the points you think a certain team is going to win or lose by. If you cover the spread, you win, even if the team loses.
Square(Sports Betting Term) A “square” is someone who is completely new to the institution of sports betting.
Square Pair(Craps Term) This is another gambling term used in craps. It simply means a “hard 8” and is sometimes referred to as Ada from Decatur among more experienced players.
Staggered Payout(Slots Term) If a playing a slot game where there is a “staggered payout,” this simply means that the slot machine pays out more to people who have wagered more.
Stakes(Poker Term) The “stakes” is a popular gambling term that can refer to multiple things. It can tell you how much is into play during a game of poker. Then again, the “stakes” is generally considered the betting limits in most gambling games, i.e. if you are playing with low or high stakes.
Standoff(Poker Term) In poker, the “standoff” is a situation when both hands are of equal value.
Steaming(Poker Term) If you are “steaming” you are also “on tilt,” and this means that your play during a game of poker has worsen because you respond emotionally to developments.
Sticky Bonus(General Term) A “sticky bonus” in gambling is a type of bonus that can be bet but it can never be withdrawn. This type of bonus will also “stuck” your deposit and bonus money together, and you will have to fulfil the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your deposit or any winnings.
Store(Sports Betting Term) The “store” is simply another term for sportsbook.
Straight(Poker Term) The “straight” in poker is a hand of five cards of consecutive rank.
Straight Bet(Roulette & Sports Betting Term) The term “straight bet” appears in both roulette and sports betting. When playing roulette, a straight bet is betting on a single number, which has the highest payout. When betting on sports, betting on “straight” means that you are backing a team, player or horse to win a game.
Straight Flush(Poker Term) The “straight flush” is the second highest hand in a game of poker.
Straight Ticket(Keno Term) If you have a “straight ticket” in keno, you can select the spots without worrying about any groupings.
Street Bet(Roulette Term) The “street bet” in roulette is placed on three numbers at the same time. You usually place the chip at the beginning of the row.
Strong Bet(Craps Term) If you have placed a “strong bet” you have bet on all three dice on a game of craps.
Stud Poker(Poker Term) This is a poker variation where players play with cards up and down.
Suit(Casino Term) This is a popular gambling term which denotes the color of the cards, i.e. their suit.
Suited Connectors(Poker Term) If you have “suited connectors,” you have cards of consecutive rank and the same suit.
Super Stud(Poker Term) In “super stud” poker, you play much like Caribbean Stud, but only this time, you can benefit from a progressive jackpot.
Surrender (Blackjack Term) A term used in blackjack, “surrender” means that you are looking to withdraw your participation in the current round, but to do so, you will lose half of your current stake.
Symbols(Slots Term) The “symbols” are the letters, numbers and icons used inside a slot machine. Today, symbols are designed in unique and engaging ways and are part of the grid of every game out there. Moreover, 3D and cartoon graphics are used to make the symbols more appealing and thematic to each game.
Table(Poker Term) The term “table” is surprisingly used in poker to indicate all the cards that are face up during the last stage, known as the “showdown.”
Tai Sai(Sic Bo Term) Sic Bo is also known as “Tai Sai”.
Take Odds(Sports Betting Term) If you make a “take odds” bet, you are betting at odds that do not favor the other party. Used in betting exchanges.
Taking the Points(Sports Betting Term) You are “taking the points” when you back up the underdog on a point spread.
Taking the Price(Sports Betting Term) If you are “taking the price,” you are backing the underdog on the moneyline.
Tank(General Term) To “tank” in gambling means to take your time thinking how a scenario plays out before you act on it.
Tapped Out(General Term) If you are “tapped out,” this means you have run out of money.
Teaser(Sports Betting Term) The “teaser” is a type of accumulator bet where the fixtures favor the bettor slightly.
Texas Hold’em(Poker Term) “Texas Hold’em” is the most popular competitive variation of poker today.
Tells(Poker Term) If you have “tells,” other players can read what your cards are in a game of poker or in most gambling contests that require player interaction.
Third Base (Blackjack Term) The “third base” is the player who plays before the dealer’s hand is revealed in a game of blackjack.
Third Street(Poker Term) The “third street” in a game of Stud Poker refers to the first round of betting.
Three of a Kind(Poker Term) Usually a poker term, it refers to three of the same cards.
Ticket(Keno Term) The ticket in keno is the grid form that contains numbers from 1 to 80.
Tie (Sports Betting Term) The “tie” or draw as it’s also known is a betting outcome that means that the two teams have ended with the same score.
Tight(Poker Term) A “tight” play style means that you are not really willing to risk too much and play your hands conservatively.
Tilt(Poker Term) If you “tilt, you are on a bad beat or a losing streak in layman’s terms.
Toke(Casino Term) If you “toke,” you pay a small tip to the dealer.
Top Pair(Poker Term) The top pair means that you have a hand that contains a pair that consists of the highest card during the flop in a game of poker.
Totals Bet(Sports Betting Term) If you are betting on the “totals,” you are betting on whether the teams will reach a certain point score or conversely, miss it.
Tournament(General Term) A tournament is a common gambling term that denotes a competition with a prize pool and usually an entry fee.
Trey(General Term) The “trey” is a tree in gambling terms.
Triple(Craps Term) The triple bet is a bet in craps that basically stipulates that all three dice will show the same number.
Triple(Craps Term) The triple bet is a bet in craps that basically stipulates that all three dice will show the same number.
Trips(Poker Term) This is a hand that contains three of the same cards in a game of poker.
True Odds(Sports Betting Term) The “true odds” is a term used to describe the real probability of something happening, usually used with a “value bet.”
Turkey(Poker Term) The “turkey” in poker is a player who shows disrespect to the dealer without any provocation.
Turn(Poker Term) The “turn” is when the fourth card is revealed in a game of poker.
Under(Sports Betting Term) The “under” is a bet that you place that the total points scored will be under a pre-determined number.
Under the Gun(Poker Term) When you are “under the gun,” you are sitting to the left of the blinds and you get to go first when the flop arrives.
Underdog(Sports Betting Term) The “underdog” is the individual or team that are not favored.
Up Card(Poker Term) The “up card” is any card that is dealt face up so that everyone can see.
Up the Ante(Poker Term) To “up the ante” means to increase the basic bet required from a player to receive cards during a game of poker.
Value(Sports Betting Term) The “value” in sports betting means that you are betting at the best possible odds against the smallest possible house edge.
Value Bet(Sports Betting Term) A “value bet” is a bet on an event that has been mispriced by the sportsbook.
Variance(Poker Term) The variance is the margin between winning and losing hands in poker.
Video Poker(Poker Term) This is a version of poker that is played on a machine similar to a slot machine and only against the house. It’s characterized by a very low house edge and, in theory, it can be beaten to the benefit of the player.
Vigorish(Sports Betting Term) The “vigorish” or “vig,” is another term for juice and denotes the fee that bettors pay on a winning bet to the sportsbook.
Virgin(Bingo Term) A “virgin” in bingo is a combination that has not appeared before during your bingo session. Most combinations are.
Wad(Casino Term) The “wad” refers to your bankroll or the funds you have at your disposal to play with.
Wager(Sports Betting Term) “Wager” is just another word for a bet.
Wagering Requirement(General Term) The “wagering requirement” is the number of times you have to stake your deposit or bonus, or both, when an online casino or an online sportsbook gives you a bonus.
Weak Bet(Craps Term) If you are placing a “weak bet” in craps, you are hoping for a single number to appear on just one of the dices.
Wet(Poker Term) The “wet” is just another term for coordinated, i.e. a table with connected or suited cards.
Whales(General Term) The “whale” is any player who has a big bankroll but is performing poorly because they lack the skills necessary. Usually used in a game of poker.
Wheel(Poker Term) If you have a “wheel,” you have a five-card straight starting with an ace through five.
Winning Numbers(Lottery Term) The numbers that produce a winning outcome are simply referred to as “winning number.”
Whiff(Poker Term) If you “whiff,” you miss a draw.
Wild Card(Casino & Poker Term) The “wild card” is a popular term that stands for the card in the deck that can substitute for any other card, usually the joker.
Wild Number(Bingo Term) A special version of bingo where you pick a number and all numbers on the bingo card ending in that number are linked.
Wild Symbol(Slots Term) The “wild symbol” is a term that usually describes a special symbol used in slot games. It’s characterized that, just like a wild card, it can substitute for any of the symbols that appear on the slot grid. There are some symbols that are specifically excluded from such substitutions, usually the bonus and scatter.
Wired Cards(Poker Term) If the two hole cards are in a pair, they are considered “wired cards.”
Wiseguy(Sports Betting Term) If you are a “Wiseguy” in sports betting, this means that you know a lot about the activity or just tend to be very good at handicapping.
Writer(Keno Term) The “writer” in keno is the individual tasked with hosting the game.
Wrong Bettor(Craps Term) If you bet against the shooter in craps, you are a “wrong bettor.”
X Factor(Poker Term) An unknown trait of a player which can swing a game in their favor.
Yankee(Sports Betting Term) The “Yankee” is a four-selection bet that consists of 11 individual wagers split through doubles, 4 trebles and a single four-fold accumulator. The Yankee is extremely difficult to guess correctly.
Yield(General Term) The yield is the amount you have been able to win out of your gambling session. It’s calculated by considering both the amount you have spent playing and your net winnings.
YHS(Casino Term) The term “YHS” is all thanks to the age of the internet and it simply transfers to “your hand sucks” in a live chat in an online casino.
YO(Craps Term) “YO” or Yo-eleven is a bet in a game of craps that is placed on 11, with the expected dice outcome either 5-6 or 6-5.
YW(General Term) Another Internet age jargon, “YW” simply means “you are welcome.”
Zero-sum Game(General Term) When the amount won by one side is equal to the loss of the other. For example, in poker, the sum of the pot the winner takes is equal to the amount everyone has lost.

If you are a savvy gambler and have any terms you think should be added to this list, please contact us so our team can review them.

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