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What to Wear to a Casino

If you’ve watched any Hollywood movie, you may have the impression that casinos are closed-off clubs where people of particular affluence stroll down sheathed in dapper tuxedos and beautiful evening dresses. Well, you are not too far off the mark, but the truth is that casino attire these days has changed, and dress codes are in fact way more liberal.

For those of you who are still trying to figure out what to wear to a casino, we have put together a guide that will make it easy to choose on the spot. You need not spend additional money to buy the right casino attire either, as we are sure your wardrobe will do just fine.

We will talk about casino attire for ladies, casual and more elegant looks, your best casino dresses, and even the dress codes at some of the most prominent casinos out there. Get ready to cut a dashing look at the gaming floor with our complete guide to casino attire!

What Casino Attire Options Are There?

The first question you need to ask yourself is – what casino attire styles are there and which look best suits you. You don’t have to actually know what a particular style looks like to know that it’s something you imagined. So, with this in mind, there are actually six distinct choices of apparel when looking to hit the gaming floor at Winstar or MGM Casino.

1. Casual Casino Apparel

Casinos in the United States are liberal when it comes to the way you are dressed. In fact, a casual look is the most popular one, and as long as you cut a clean look, you will be fine. Here are some pointers as to what you should wear:

  • Men: Shorts and slippers are accepted during daytime; T-shirts and jeans are okay; All colors of clothing are accepted as part of a casual casino outfit.
  • Women: Shorts and slippers are only accepted during daytime; T-shirts and sweaters are okay; Sundresses, jeans, khakis, and skirts are all part of the casual casino outfit for women.

2. Semi-formal Casino Attire

If you want to take it up a notch and have a little nicer look, you can opt for semi-formal casino attire. This is a universal dress code that is actually accepted in nearly all cases at casinos regardless of what time of day or night it is. We usually settle for a semi-formal casino outfit ourselves as we believe it fits the casino floor best.

  • Men: Trousers must be worn for men who wish to cut a semi-formal look; A suit is acceptable, although it does not need to be a tuxedo; There is no need to wear a tie as part of this outfit.
  • Women: Dresses and skirts are all acceptable; In terms of length both short and long pieces of attire work; Heels, flats, and sandals are all accepted in terms of shoes; Darker shaders are preferred during the evening hours in semi-casual casino attire for ladies; A black casino dress is actually a great idea.

3. Business Casual Casino Outfit

A business casual outfit for the casino is actually quite cool. It will allow you to assume some of the stylishness of a white-collar professional but also mix it up with a negligée sport look that is only allowed as part of this style. What this means is that you have a few more items in your arsenal here:

  • Men: Blazers and sports coats are acceptable; Collared and button-down shirts are both acceptable; Polo shirts are okay, but they must be matched with the top the man is wearing; Business ties are not really a necessity but strongly recommended; Loafer shoes are okay; No sneakers for men in this style.
  • Women: Women can pick from a number of items here including collared shirts, blouses, and sweaters; Jackets and sweaters that cover shoulders are accepted; Skirts, pants, and khakis are okay, but no hoses or stockings here.

4. Black-tie Casino Attire

The Black-tie casino attire is the stuff that comes out of a James Bond movie. In it, the women wear delicate long dresses and the men wear black tuxedos with white shirts. Watches and other ornamental items are also allowed. Admittedly, this look is very eye-pleasing, but not obligatory. Don’t worry though, as there are alternatives to an expensive tuxedo for this style that is acceptable:

  • Men: White button-down collar shirt (preferably white), Black dinner jacket; Waistcoat acceptable; Tie or bow required; Black formal shoes and black socks; Black trousers that go well with the rest of the attire.
  • Women: Silhouette and classic design dresses preferred; Both floor-long and cocktail dresses are considered acceptable; Evening shoes with heels are a must.

5. White-tie Casino Attire

The white-tie casino style is perhaps the most formal one you can adopt at a casino. It’s delicate, communicates gravitas, and is generally one of the most demanding styles. You need to make sure you get it to a T, albeit nobody would turn you at the door for missing out on a few details because of inexperience. You yourself will feel much more confident in yourself and your look. Here is what to know about this style:

  • Men: White tuxedo shirt with a bib (one of the required finishing touches); Tailored-fit black tail jacket; You need trousers that have a matching design and satin stripe; Cuff links and wing collar are some of the requirements finishing touches here; Black leather shoes.
  • Women: Ballgowns and floor-length gowns are preferable; Small purses and clutch bags are a desired addition to the dress. White gloves and fur wraps are optional but very much preferred.  

6. Business Formal Casino Outfit

Nobody would say no to business formal, one of the most distinct and elegant ways to dress for your casino. This is a bit of an upper-class way of dressing, and picking good (and often a bit pricier) pieces of clothing is preferable. This dashing look comes with many interesting items that you can add to your casino attire, too:

  • Men: Semi-business attire, such as dark suits and light-colored button-down collar shirts are accepted; formal shoes are a must; ties are the preferred neck attire for this particular style.
  • Women: Evening blazers, jackets, and blouses are perfectly normal; Casual shoes and fewer jewelry items; Pencil skirts are preferred with conservative-length skirts and not too tight stockings.

Casino Attire Red Flags – Do Not Wear This to Casino

Now that we have outlined the styles of acceptable casino apparel, it’s time to quickly highlight a few red flags that you probably should want to watch out for. Casinos will expect you to maintain a certain standard, even though American casinos tend to be more laidback than their European counterparts.

So, you would never want to wear flip-flops or crocks on the gaming entry. You will need to be well-kept and seemly, meaning no dirty or torn outfit should be worn, even if you have purchased it from Louis Vuitton for example.

Casinos insist on a decent look, and a dirty piece of clothing is a dirty piece of clothing no matter who the manufacturer is.

Try not to wear trainers or sneakers if you are visiting the casino in the evening hours, especially after 6 pm. While casinos cannot expect you to always check in with them, it’s good to have a quick look through the available dress code options.

As a rule of thumb, you may need to be a little flexible with your casino attire and dress according to the day of the week, the events planned for the gaming floor, and a few other factors that will always be communicated to you by the casino.

What Are the Dress Codes at Some Casinos?

Naturally, casinos will also make sure that their patrons are familiar with what acceptable casino attire is and what they can wear to a casino. This is why many prominent brands, such as Winstar Casino and MGM Casino have an actual list of suggestions.

We will use these two properties as our examples. Other casinos may have slightly different rules, so it’s important to always read up in advance before attending the casino.

Winstar Casino

Winstar Casino’s dress code is definitely a good point of reference. The casino prohibits the use of some specific items, such as sportswear or athletic wear. The casino also doesn’t allow patrons to have baggy or loose clothing.

This applies to head apparel, too, so you won’t be allowed to wear baseball caps, caps, bandanas, or hoodies. Flip flop, tennis shoes, or work boots will be admitted on the casino floor. Clean and fashionable shoes are the go-to option here instead.

All dress code decisions are final at Winstar and the property cautions that there may be changes to the dress code made for specific events. Winstar’s a good dress code for casino attire, definitely.

MGM Casino

So, the MGM Casino dress code is another great example of what to expect to find in terms of attire requirements. The dress code is actually a bit more extensive, pitching a variety of suggestions and raising no red flags, so it’s a bit less practical if you only want to skim and find the information you need.

Generally speaking, MGM prohibits baggy and loose clothing, dirty pieces of clothing, or torn pieces of clothes. You may not use athletic wear on the premise of the casino as well. MGM also changes requirements whenever an event is in progress, so slight modifications, such as official suits for men and red and black dresses for women may be required.

What Does Reddit Say About Casino Attire?

If you are in doubt and want to put your chosen attire to a universal test, then Redditors are your crowd. There are many sub-forums where you can ask people for advice. For example, Reddit runs forums dedicated to female and male fashion where people can share their looks and ask for input.

Many of the people who offer fashion advice for free have actually been to a casino and they know how to cut a dashing look. So, if you are in doubt, you can always jump to Reddit and see what the crowd there thinks about your choice of casino attire.

Tips on How to Dress for Casino

Before we wrap this up, we thought that we would give you a quick list of tips to follow when looking to dress for the gaming floor. There is no need to be particularly well-versed in fashion to employ these tips with success and really improve the way you dress next time you hit the gaming floors, no matter what the time of day.

#1 Dress Comfortably and Don’t Mind Style

You will want to dress comfortably. There is no need to pick a black or red dress that doesn’t feel nice to you. There is no need to keep piling on pieces of clothing on you just because the code requires a waistcoat on top of a shirt and perhaps a blazer. Casinos are fairly liberal these days and as long as you are presentable, it’s all good. That is why we advise you to always dress in a comfortable casino outfit. You are not there to just look good, but also to enjoy yourself.

#2 Coordinate Your Attire with Your Company

It’s okay to dress a little more casually, but looking good is important. That’s why you want to make sure that you dress in a way that matches your company. Otherwise, some of you may stand out and feel less confident about yourself.

#3 Use Accessories to Make Yourself Look Good

Both men and women have a great variety of items they can add to their look. From ties to watches to earrings, discreet jewelry and so much more, accessories really add a nice touch and underscore your personality. You can even shop for particular items that would make you look even better on the casino floor, but once again, this is not mandatory.

#4 Check in with the Dress Code

There are hardly any pieces of clothing that you can’t make work. And yet, when you are looking for what to wear to a casino, we strongly recommend that you check in with the dress code for each property. They take a quick minute to glance through and just skim for any glaring items that you can’t take with you or clothes that you cannot wear.

#5 Find Inspiration in Social Media

Not sure how to cut a great look? Perhaps you want to scan through the casino’s social media accounts and see what other people are wearing. Most of the time people are just regular everyday folk like you who have come to the casino to have fun – they don’t want to turn the dressing-up part into an agony! So, find quick inspiration online and head to the casino floor!

Final Thoughts on What to Wear to Casinos

Picking a good set of clothes to wear to the casino and enjoying yourself need not be that hard. Even though we have used this article to show you the do’s and don’ts of casino attire, we think you will have no trouble finding a style and dress code that resonate with you. Sure, you may need to make a few adjustments that you wouldn’t normally go for, but this is a great way to explore new dressing options, too. Whether you are a man or a woman, looking good on the casino floor feels good.


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