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Best Craps Strategies That Work In 2024

Craps is a game that is making a return to casinos both online and offline. Once touted as a bit of an eccentric title that wasn’t really worth your while, craps is one of the busiest games at casino floors these days, with many operators choosing to bring even more tables to meet demand. This is why people have started looking for the best craps strategy and this is precisely what we will offer here.

We have put together a list of 8 craps strategy tips that you can use to improve your odds and chances of success. Although craps is still a game of chance and luck, you will find a lot of value in picking a craps betting strategy and sticking to the best practices established by the community as a whole. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

#1 Pass Line Craps Strategy

Starting at the top, the pass line is perhaps the simplest craps betting strategy that you can ever try. Players use this one both online and in land-based casinos and it works with determined efficiency. 

The house edge here is quite low, too, at approximately 1.41% making it very easy to actually get a value out of your play, and even money pays 1:1. In comparison, other games, including roulette, have a house edge of 2.70% for its best version. Basically, you will win if the dice hit a 7 or 11, with the pass-the-line bet winning. The odds are really good here.

#2 Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Craps Strategy 

This one is also quite a useful betting strategy to use. Essentially, the Don’t Pass, or Don’t Come Craps Strategy as it’s sometimes called, is about you betting against the shooter – the person rolling the dice in any given turn. You want them to fail to hit 7 or 11 and instead land the dice at 2 or 3. 

You can imagine a situation where you are cheering for another person’s loss, which will definitely turn the mood sour around the table, but this is just as well. You can always use this strategy in online casinos. 

The house edge here is a bit higher, however, at 1.46% but it’s nice to change it up from time to time. Another interesting feature about this strategy is that if the dice land on 12, the round is a push with all players receiving back their money. 

#3 Learn to Manage Your Money

This is hands down one of the simplest and yet – most neglected strategies that exist. Players often tend to be too obsessed with actually winning money that they forget to watch their bankroll. When the money finally runs out, it’s quite unpleasant to find out that you have been keen to play more but now are short on funds. 

This is why good money management is important for the success of any craps strategy. You need to bet at a pace that is comfortable and won’t force you to break your bankroll too quickly or too soon. Remember to pick tables with a low betting limit so that you can determine the pace of play yourself and not have to worry about a thing. 

#4 Craps Odds Strategy 

Now, this is a little more advanced craps betting strategy to try. The idea here is that you want to break away from the monotony of Pass/Don’t Pass and spice things up. A good way for intermediate players to do that is by laying the odds. In this strategy, you will be betting against the shooter and the players. 

If you lay the odds, you tell the game that the shooter will land a 7 before they land the numbers 4-10. Now, the good thing about this strategy is that there is no house edge here. The odds are actually good, but the payouts are what makes this stratagem a deal breaker for some players.

Even a successful outcome will see the winners pay 1:2 or 2:3, or even 2:3. So, with this in mind, laying the odds is not a bad strategy per se, but it has its risks. 

#5 Press Betting Strategy 

Why the press craps betting strategy? The idea here is to make sure that you turn a successful bet and the profits thereof into bigger money. If you end up losing, you will lose just your initial commitment. Of course, for a press bet to work, you actually need to get lucky with stakes and see the dice land on it. If you successfully win several times – four times to be precise – you will pull out a much bigger sum than the one you invested. 

The odds of a press bet happening are not that bad at all. While we recommend pressing your bets no longer than four times, there are many players who say that you can go up to seven times before cashing out your winnings. Some high rollers make $30 as their base bet on a press 6 and pull only after seven successes, fetching them $600.

This definitely sounds tempting, but we advise you to take it with a caveat and if anything, start with a $1 bet at the most until you get a very good feel of the strategy, and how the press actually works. 

#6 Craps 6/8

This is a very cut-and-dry strategy and it’s about a progression. Every time you lose, you will increase the amounts of your bets – sometimes by a specific amount, but sometimes by double what your losing bet was. There are merits to this stratagem, as there are risks.

When you are doubling after each loss, this means that if you end up losing too many times in a roll you have just lost a lot of money and broke the table limit – in other words, you cannot double your nth losing bet to recuperate your previous losses. 

The strategy though is sound when you factor in this risk. With a 6/8 craps strategy what you do is to bet $6 on 6 and 8. Why? Because these two numbers have the second-best odds after 7. If you win, you collect your winnings and bet the same amount again.

If you lose – you just increase the bet sizes. Sometimes you go double, sometimes you just add increments. It’s down to you to decide, but bankroll management is essential here as things can get expensive very fast. 

#7 Iron Craps Strategy

Iron Craps Strategy is a sort of fast-and-loose stratagem that definitely has its merits. Basically, this approach to the game of craps requires you to achieve several things. One is to quickly move into a big bankroll. You need to have a hefty bit of money in order to try this one. 

Here you are betting on every possible outcome but a 7. So, you want to bet on the entire Field, Cross, Place 6, and Place 8. This way, you will be spending a hefty amount to guarantee yourself a near-certain win unless, you know, the 7 rolls out which will definitely set you back.

Some players choose to try this strategy from time to time and they are right to – it’s a great way to boost your winnings on occasion, but the treacherous 7 will undoubtedly appear if you are playing too long. After all, it has the best odds.

#8 Hedge Your Bets 

Another popular strategy that may be appealing to players that do not have much to lose and want to make sure that they do not take any unnecessary risks is the craps hedging strategy. Here, you will want to place single or multi-rolls bets. This way, you know that apart from betting on something more tangible, you are also backing up a possible bad outcome and hedging against the loss of your entire bet. 

You usually hedge after a point has been established as well. So, if the point is 6, you want to place 8. Then again, if the point is 8, you want to place 6. However, if the point is different than 6 and 8, you will then place it on both 6 and 8. It’s a good strategy that may seem like you are committing a little more perhaps, but that will nevertheless allow you to be more competitive in the long term, which is what matters here in the first place. 

Which Craps Betting Strategy Is Best?

This is a good question and one that deserves a straight answer – none and all of them are considered “best.” The reason behind this statement is that craps is a game of chance and a game of changing dynamics. At one point, your bankroll may be too low to support one type of strategy, or too big to bother with another type. 

There are reasons why there are so many different strategies to this game. Of course, if you are looking at the basics of the game, we would have to agree that Pass and Don’t Pass the Line are the two best strategies that you should stick to if you want to optimize your results.

Then again, shooting the same bet over and over again will quickly get tiring and deprive you of your joy in the game. Instead of placing your bets at random next, we recommend picking a craps strategy that is considered one of the best and trying your luck this way instead. 

Best Craps Strategies Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of available craps strategy options that you can leverage for your own personal gain. They will all serve you to reduce the house edge a little, and perhaps even tilt the odds slightly in your favor on occasion. This doesn’t mean the house won’t win in the long term. It simply means that you will give the casino a good run for its money, and who knows – perhaps through a lucky break – also walk away with a bit more under your belt. That’s what a great craps betting strategy should all be about. 


Does a craps betting strategy work all the time?

No, no craps strategy will be flawless. These strategies are designed to reduce the house edge a little and give you a better shot at winning in a particular round. Unfortunately, no strategy would guarantee you success 100% of the time. This doesn’t mean craps betting strategies cannot be useful – they very much are and you will definitely benefit from playing with a good stratagem in mind.

What is the best craps strategy to try? 

Most experienced players will agree that it’s best to start your rolls with either a pass or don’t pass bet and stick to the table minimum. This way you are betting on the best possible odds and also do not risk too much money at the same time. If you are ever in doubt, start with either one of these bets. 

What are the top craps strategies for beginners?

As you may have realized, pass, and don’t pass the line bets tend to be the best ones you can enjoy. These two bets offer some of the highest probability in the game to win, and you can think of them as sort of roulette odds/even bets. You get a fair chance of turning the tide in your favor if you use these two types as your basic craps strategy. 

Where can I try craps strategy simulators?

Many online casinos will offer free craps simulators, making it even easier to try different strategies, test bankroll management, and generally arrive at the best craps strategy that is available to players. Just check the free craps versions available at the best craps online casinos and try to see if the strategies you have chosen actually work! 


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