Best Online Betting Sites in India for 2021

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India is one of the most interesting sports betting markets in the world, something that can easily be proven by all of the attention that it has been drawing in recent times.

This guide will be diving into all of the aspects surrounding the sports betting landscape of the country in addition to giving anyone interested in sports betting some insight into what to expect. The main focus of the guide will be online sports betting which is one of the fastest-growing gambling sectors not just in India but in several other parts of the world as well.

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Online Sports Betting in India

In general, online betting in India has been growing rapidly over the years especially since the advent of mobile gambling which is now by far the most popular form of online gambling in the country. The industry is so vast and lucrative that it is estimated to generate revenues of up to a whopping $30 billion every year. Things are not slowing down and these figures are certainly going to reach even greater heights in the coming years.

When it comes to online sports betting, the situation is pretty much the same as with other forms of online gambling. There are lots of illegal and legal online betting sites and bookmakers offering their products services to Indian customers. More online sports betting sites cater to Indian sports betting enthusiasts than ever before. Lots of things come into play to make all that possible and we are going to break all of it down in this guide.

While no law explicitly states that online gambling in India is illegal, gambling is technically prohibited in most of India. This is thanks to the Public Gambling Act, 1867, which made casinos illegal in most parts of the country. However, given the time during which this law came into effect, it does have the same implications for online gambling.

That said, millions of gamers in India can take advantage of tons of great online sportsbooks from all around the world. The offshore online sports betting operators have been more than willing to take advantage of the loopholes in the country’s gambling law and offer their products and services to the Indian market.

Still, it’s worth noting that sports betting by itself is still in a bit of a grey area when it comes to the legislative aspect of Indian gambling. Some pretty significant changes are expected though especially considering how lucrative sports betting by the country’s residents has proven to be. States like Sikkim are already planning legislative changes that are meant to bring the sector under regulatory control. Not only is there optimism that this will result in a safer betting environment but it will also bring back a lot of revenue in the form of taxes for the Indian online betting sites.

How to Bet on Sports in India

Betting on your favorite sports while in India is a breeze. All that you need to do is follow a pretty these simple steps:

  1. Find a great online sportsbook and create a sports betting account with them.
  2. Next, you will need to choose a payment method of your choice and use that do deposit some funds into your online betting account.
  3. Once the funds have been deposited you can go through the sports betting odds and find the sports that you wish to bet on.

Easy, isn’t it? Well, there is a little more to it if you are interested in diving even deeper into the concept of online sports betting in India. It all starts with how to find the best sportsbooks for Indian players.

How to Find the Best Sportsbooks

My team of experts has a ton of experience with online sportsbooks and this happens to include a deep understanding of what makes some sports betting sites much better than others. While you could just pick one of the amazing sites that we are recommending, we are well aware that sometimes you will want to go out on your own and pick out a platform that matches your specific preferences and desires.

If you are that kind of player, this section is going to be very helpful for you. Even people who are still going to go with the sites recommended here will greatly benefit from this section since it helps you understand why we picked out the sites in our list over others.

So, here are some of the aspects that determine how we rate the best sports betting sites for Indian players.

The Sports Markets You Want to Bet On

Needless to say, one of the first things that bettors look for when picking a new online sportsbook is the available sports markets as well as the odds that they come with. Online sportsbooks for Indian players are aggressively competing and they offer some pretty competitive odds. Still, you will need to look into these to ensure that the ones that are on offer sit well with you.

When it comes to the sports markets, it is important to find a site that offers odds on the sporting activities that you are interested in. At the very least, it should have multiple sports listed which not only makes them versatile but also offers the bettors a chance to explore. In India, activities like soccer, basketball. Auto racing, horse racing, and cricket among others.

Cricket Betting in India

If you have been paying even the slightest attention to the sports sector in India then you will certainly be aware of just how much cricket is loved in the country. With so many exciting tournaments taking place each calendar year and this draws in millions of mobile users who not only watch the action but also participate by placing their bets.

Online cricket betting is very robust in India thanks to all of the amazing online gambling platforms that have since stepped in to provide odds on that market. There are so many sites to choose from and thus to have the best possible experience one of the best cricket betting tips we can give you is to choose a great site. The sites that I have listed here are a great start and you will not regret going with any of them.

Esports Betting in India

One other sports betting vertical that has risen rapidly in India over the past few years is Esports betting. The country has been known for the tremendous strides it has made in technology and this applies to entertainment as well.

Lots of Indians participate in Esports gaming and thus it is not much of a surprise that there has been a growing demand for Esports bookmaker services. Thankfully, all of the online betting sites in India allow their customers to enjoy Esports betting on at least a few Esports titles and tournaments.

Licensing, Safety and Security

This is a very important criterion that has a lot to do with the way we select online casino sites to recommend to our readers. To begin with, licensing gives a lot of information about the legitimacy of any online gambling sites as well as their dedication to delivering on customer safety and security. Moreover, it also offers some assurance that all of the markets presented by the gaming site are fair.

All the sites that we are recommending are safe and secure which means that it is totally fine to trust them with some of your information. You never have to worry about having that data accessed by unauthorized parties. This extends to your funds as well – you will be happy to know that there is absolutely no reason to worry about losing your hard-earned cash or winnings during transactions.

All in all, so long as you are playing at an online sportsbook with a good reputation, you are assured of the safety and security of your funds and personal data.

The Bonuses and Promotions

All the best online gambling sites have amazing reward schemes for their customers to enjoy and the ones we are recommending are no different. In addition to some of the most generous welcome bonuses in the industry, these sites further offer their customer a ton of ongoing promotions including reload bonuses, daily promotions, and VIP rewards.

All these add a ton of value to the already great experiences that the sites recommended here offer while at the same time giving the players even more reason to keep coming back for more.

Payment Options

Moving your funds to and from your sports betting account is quite frankly one of the most important aspects of online sports betting. The sportsbooks that have been recommended in this guide have integrated some of the best payment options all of which are easily accessible to players in India. These range from credit cards like Visa and MasterCard to eWallets like Paytm, Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay, and Payoneer among others.

Each of these methods allows bettors to move funds reliably, safely, quickly, and at very low costs. To make it even better, some of the best sites even have digital currencies as a payment method.

To top it all off, the sites we are recommending also offer these payments in Indian Rupees. More and more sites are doing this nowadays but you will still want to stick to the best ones.

Mobile Compatibility

Being able to place bets on your favorite sports using a wide range of devices is very desirable and it is very nice to see that many online sportsbooks have been optimized for that. However, for the Indian market, mobile gaming is undeniably the most popular kind of gambling. As such, the best sports betting sites for Indian players are the ones that offer the best mobile gambling experiences to their customers. This was a huge part of our selection criteria and we looked into it very keenly when picking out the sites that made it to our list.

Which Are Best Sites for Online Betting in India?

Now that you know how to find the best sports betting sites, we are going to break down some of the best ones for Indian players. All in all, you will notice that all of them have met all of the standard criteria that have been listed above. However, that is not all. Some of them have gone above and beyond to present their users with memorable gambling experiences.

Case in point, in addition to having stellar reputations in the iGaming space, these sites have tons of offers for players to claim, a wide variety of sports and markets as well as several banking options among other things.

These amazing sportsbooks include:

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • 888Sports
  • Unibet
  • Royal Panda
  • Betwinner
  • Campobet
  • BetGold
  • Rabona
  • Casumo
  • NetBet

The Future of Online Sports Betting in India

Considering the massive traffic from Indian players that offshore sportsbooks enjoy from Indian punters, it is safe to say that the market is mature enough for even more developments.

As if that is not enough, the massive fan bases of sporting activities such as cricket and football should be more than enough to incentivize local authorities to craft laws that will allow them to tap into the lucrative gambling markets in the country.

This will, of course, take some time but with all that is going on, it is safe to say that there is a lot of optimism for the future of online sports betting in India.


Finding great online sports betting sites in India might be a little daunting but after reading this guide you have an idea of what to look for. Better yet, our list of recommended sportsbooks lets you quickly dive into some sports betting action. You will not regret placing your bets with any of them.


Is online sports betting legal in India?

While not explicitly defined as being legal, online sports betting does not violate any existing laws so players do not need to worry about getting into any trouble for placing bets with online sportsbooks.

Where do I place online sports in India?

There are tons of great online sportsbooks offering their services to Indian gamblers and some of them have been listed on this site.

What are the most popular sporting activities that people in India bet on?

Indian sports bettors bet on a wide variety of sporting activities including soccer, esports, and basketball but cricket is easily the most popular one.

What are the best sports betting sites for Indians?

Included in this guide are some of the best sports betting sites that Indian punters can use to place bets on their favorite sports and games.