Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Canada for 2021

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Canadian sports betting sites

Online betting in Canada is big and it is only going to get bigger. Canadians are big sports fans and thanks to the new single-event sports betting draft law (Bill C-218), sports betting in Canada is about to pick up. Canucks already have access to some great Canadian sports betting sites, but as the legal cogwheels turn towards progress, those who enjoy betting are about to get a few more opportunities lined up for them.

Today, we will introduce you to the best sportsbooks available to Canadians and cover factors we consider in selecting the right pick for you. We consider these recommendations to be the best sports betting sites in Canada.

Every brand listed here is reviewed based on extensive research, consumer feedback, and forum opinions. If you are looking for a website that meets industry standards has won the approval of the Canadian sports betting community, we believe to have a handful of convenient options for you.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada: Our Top-Rated Picks

Canada enjoys a good selection of sports betting sites thanks to relaxed legislation and the country’s love for watching and participating in sports. While sports fans can’t always play sports themselves, they don’t mind making a bet. Most people stick with the highest-ranked sportsbooks, and so do we. We offer a shortcut to the best Canadian betting sites, having put in the hours of research.

Our Recommended Online Sportsbooks

Here is a list of the best online sports betting sites that have been reviewed and tested by our iGaming experts:


50% up to CA$1,000
4.8 / 5


50% up to CA$1,000
4.7 / 5


100% up to CA$1,000
4.6 / 5

The above list constitutes the online betting brands we recommend to Canadian sports fans. They all check out for reliability, safety, and market variety, adding up to a rewarding and entertaining sports betting experience.

If you are not sure what Canadian sports betting sites make the most sense for you, feel free to read one of our reviews or consult fellow sports bettors. We have made sure to factor in consumer opinions and compare it to our own sports betting experience with each brand to provide you with a realistic assessment of each sportsbook.

How Do We Pick and Review Canadian Betting Sites?

To choose a sportsbook that fits your taste and preferences, you often have to be familiar with everything, from how fast payouts happen to how competitive the odds and fixtures are. To save you all the heavy research, we have come up with a methodology that will allow you to quickly study a website and arrive at a conclusion if it’s worth a shot or should be shelved as better alternatives await.

Variety of Betting Markets

Having a top choice of sports to pick from is always good. Most sports betting sites will offer a great variety and cover international as well as domestic competitions. Canadians have a strong core of sports fans who bet on virtually everything out there, from hockey to baseball, basketball, motorsports, American football, soccer, college sports, and other exotic sports. You will be hard-pressed a find a sporting contest Canadians would willingly overlook, and so all sports betting sites in Canada should make sure to have a good number of markets covered.

Competitive Odds and Fixtures

A sports site on its own doesn’t amount to much without a good selection of odds and fixtures. Often, sports bettors will shop around for better odds, so most Canadian betting sites want to stay competitive in offering slightly if not outright better coefficients on most markets. Even then, sports fans prefer to keep two or three accounts to be able to compare between sportsbooks.

Quick Withdrawals and Banking

Thanks to the relatively relaxed laws, Canadians have access to a good number of banking methods. Sports betting in Canada should never be hindered by the inability to withdraw your money quickly and efficiently, and most consumers are happy to report a good experience with most websites. This is precisely what we look for in a brand, testing its banking facilities with care.

In-Play Markets and Live Streams

Online betting in Canada is always entertaining and part of this lies in the fact that sportsbooks have great software to allow this. Top-ranking sports betting sites offer a good selection of live or in-play markets and strengthen this offer with live streams. We expect this much from Canada’s best sportsbooks, and surely the ones we review and choose to list.

Best Sports Betting Bonuses in Canada

Most Canadians appreciate a good sportsbook bonus. Some tend to disregard them completely, but this is not the case with the majority of punters, and we think it a worthwhile part to review bonuses.

There are different types of sports betting bonuses in Canada. Some will focus on new sign-ups while others will continue to reward you after you have registered. Several popular types include:

  • Sign-up welcome bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Risk-free wagers
  • Cashback offers
  • Odds boosters

The best sports betting sites in Canada usually cover all types of bonuses. A sign-up offer may vary from as little as $25 to $1,000 on your first deposit, but really the best way to tell is if you check with a particular sports betting site.

No deposit bonuses are great incentives to new players and risk-free wagers make you bet with your own money, but promise to restore a bet if you lose, up to a pre-agreed amount.

Cashback offers are usually generated based on your losses, so ideally you don’t want to have too much of this. However, online betting in Canada, just like anywhere, invites risks and you will lose some bets. It’s good to know some of these losses will be mitigated by a smart bonus solution.

Odds boosters occur for individual events. You may be invited to bet on an underdog, benefiting from better odds. Most big competitions will inevitably have different promotions running around them.

There is no obligation to accept such sports betting bonuses, but Canadian betting sites usually have some good offers most punters can benefit from.

Mobile Sports Betting

Since a good betting opportunity may present itself anywhere, having a site that is compatible with mobile devices makes all the difference. Sports fans are always on the go, and they tend to be a sociable lot, looking for advice and discussing odds and markets with friends.

The added benefit of having a mobile platform that allows you to jot down a bet quickly and efficiently is huge. Online betting in Canada mostly happens on mobile devices and compatibility is quite important to the average punter. While some sports fans still stay behind at home to bet, many people prefer to do so from a sports bar and from their phones.

Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada

Mobile compatibility is always welcome, yet some Canadians wish to take their online betting experience further and want to see an app available. What we look for in a sports betting app in Canada is not much different than what we expect from Canadian betting sites.

We usually expect the apps to be suited for Android and iOS, come with a nice, clean menu, and support the full array of features the betting site itself does. In-play betting is important, but so is banking. We make sure to vet each app for this and more.

The way we review each app is individual, but we usually spend a considerable time betting from an app and often may adjust any changes in our reviews to help you get a better idea of which mobile solutions work better.

Online Betting in Canada: Bet Types and Available Markets

Diversity matters to most sports bettors in Canada, and having good market options is always welcome. Sports fans expect a good variety of markets sprawling across multiple betting selections, from outright winners, to under/over betting, proposition bets, and different handicaps.

Bet types include money lines, point spreads, and puck lines, innings for specific sports, and parlays, also known as accumulators depending on how you prefer to refer to multiple-selections tied in a betting outcome.

All of these bets can be placed on the majority of sports listed by betting sites in Canada, although some may be sports specifics, such as innings and puck line. Every sport will be different, but bettors will have a good deal of options to enjoy.

What Sports Do You Bet on in Canada?

As we noted, sports betting in Canada is big. Big enough to transcend national competitions and cover multiple contests from around the world. Presently, Canadians seem to have a flair for several main types of competitions, which makes them worthwhile to sportsbooks as well. They include, but aren’t strictly limited to:

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • EPL

Not surprisingly, a good number of sports Canadians love to bet on are American sports. They are familiar, have good exposure in North America, and Canucks do have a soft spot for high-level competitions.

Sports bettors show quite a bit of interest in most types of sports betting contests, and they consume English Premier League (EPL) soccer contests and college sports avidly. Most sportsbooks that offer online betting in Canada have taken note of consumer preferences and delivered accordingly.

Customer Support for Well-Rounded Experience  

A quick and efficient line of communication with a Canadian betting site will surely be of great help. Often, some questions will crop up, and having a way to talk to the sportsbook will make it easy to get answers right away. Sports fans will be able to communicate, choosing from a range of options, including:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone

All methods are viable and the best sports betting sites in Canada will surely feature them. Live chat usually tends to be the quickest, although sometimes a quick call to the betting site doesn’t hurt. Sports fans can similarly benefit from email support which may take a little longer, but is usually highly-efficient and allows you to tackle an issue at your own time.

Canada has no laws that criminalize betting on sports in the country. In fact, most Canadian betting sites operate with the blessing of provincial governments which do not consider these sportsbooks a threat. The law does state that sports betting sites in Canada are prohibited from operating, but even the companies without a license are able to extend a product to Canadian sports bettors.

Essentially, Canada does not consider this a crime or has not tried bringing up any legal action to set a precedent, focusing instead on brick-and-mortar operations. More importantly, though, sports bettors are free to access online betting sites in the country and place bets without fear of any legal consequences.

Another piece of good news regarding sports betting in Canada is the fact that consumers do not have to pay any tax on their winnings, making the market one of the best choices for sports bettors as well as sports betting sites from abroad.

Sports Betting in Canada: Bill C-218

Canada is presently undergoing a shift in legislation or trying to. Presently, the country’s federal laws only allow betting on parlays AKA accumulators of at least two events, with an unspecified cap. This brings in around C$500 million a year. This number pales in comparison with the actual numbers that the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) suspects is going to offshore sportsbooks, with an estimated C$14 billion reportedly bet outside the country.

Previously, Canada tried to introduce a single-event betting bill in 2012 and 2016, but both attempts came to a quick halt, unable to make a dent in the country’s adamant lawmakers who would not hear of betting being liberalized.

This may be finally changing Kevin Waugh, sponsor of C-218, convinced that the bill would serve a greater purpose than just facilitating sports betting. Many industry experts and overseas companies hope that Canada will choose to go down the full legalization road, allowing significant windfall for the country, but also for sports betting sites willing to enter the country and pay tax.  The bill is now moving forward.


The sports betting industry in Canada has a huge pull. Canadian betting sites may not even be fully legitimized yet, but consumer attitudes are unequivocal, and Canadians are betting close to C$15 billion every year.

This number is likely to keep growing as interest in betting markets increase as well, and even overseas sports betting operators are able to provide Canucks with exquisite betting product. Sports betting sites are very popular in Canada, and we help you find the ones that will meet your every expectation.


Is sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes, it’s legal to place a sports bet in Canada. Federal law allows only parlays, but overseas sports betting in Canada accept bets on single events as well.

Can you bet online in Canada?

Yes, the majority of Canadians choose online sports betting sites to place bets today.

What sports do Canadians prefer to best on the most?

Canadians prefer to bet on North American sports, such as hockey, basketball, American football, and soccer.

What is the best Canadian betting site?

There are many excellent sports betting sites in Canada. You are free to browse our list of recommended betting sites and choose the ones that fit your preferences best.

Are sports betting winnings in Canada taxable?

No, sports betting winnings are not considered taxable income. As such, you can retain the full amount of winnings you generate.