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Pennsylvania Slots

Pennsylvania Slots Generate Billions in Income

In January, Pennsylvania held a second license auction, which turned out to be quite lucrative. The state recently published their yearly earnings for tax revenue from casinos. The slots have generated over 2 billion USD. Pennsylvania stated the gross revenues from the casinos slot machines was up .7 percent. The…


$436 Million in Notes Bought Back by IGT

IGT experienced a price drop at the beginning of June, and now they announce a multi-million dollar buy-back of notes. International Game Technology will purchase some outstanding notes. It is considered a buy-back. The buy-back scheme is from outstanding notes that amount to over $436 million. The buy-back was announced…

Atlantic City Casino

Atlantic City Casino Profits Up

Las Vegas revenue for February was up, and it seems casinos across the United States are saying similar things. Atlantic City casinos are showing a profit. For most casinos in the United States, revenue reports are showing that profits are up, so it should be unsurprising that Atlantic City has…