Best CS:GO Betting Sites

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a timeless classic. The game is one of the leading competitive shooters and has a well-developed tournament system with millions allocated in prize pools every year. This has created a thriving ecosystem for betting, and today, we bring you the best CS:GO betting websites. The list featured below will provide you with the most competitive odds, best bonuses, largest range of bet types, and the most extensive tournament coverage so you don't miss out on a single match.

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How We Rank CS:GO Betting Sites

Naturally, not all betting sites are worth your while. Instead, we will focus on those that provide you with great betting markets, fair odds, and transparent service. There are many such properties that have been around for years. Pinnacle, Luckbox, Rivalry, and Betway are just some of the pioneers but they’re not necessarily the best today.

To make it in the list above, each site had to meet selective criteria that are upheld by only a select few sportsbooks worldwide and our above recommendations do exactly that. We follow a careful reviewing process to help you pick the best gambling site. Here is what we use to make up our minds.

Variety of CS:GO Betting Markets

We expect each site to bring us plenty of CS: GO markets to bet on. This includes outright winners, prop bets, totals, and in-play wagers. The best betting sites have mastered that, with BetOnline and BetUS offering tons of live betting opportunities alongside their regular ones. Market variety is important to CS:GO fans as they want to have more than a single moneyline wager to place.

Trust, Reputation, and Licensing

Gambling sites in general want to be seen as trustworthy and reliable choices. That is why we make sure to compare all websites and look up their track record, reputation, and whether they hold a license. The majority of esports betting operators actually do, and this shouldn’t surprise you. They operate as legitimate brands and want to be perceived as such. That is why we only stick with those reputable names that meet industry benchmarks.

Easy and Hassle-Free Navigation

Esports fans are keen on having smooth navigation at any betting site, and that is why the best options make sure to always provide players with nice and easy navigation. The entire platform should feel easy to navigate and work without any hiccups. You want to have a frictionless experience whether you are betting on live markets or regular CS:GO games.

Excellent Live Betting Opportunities

In-play markets are popular options for CS:GO betting. In other words, esports fans love to bet on games while they are in progress. This boosts the satisfaction from an event and even drives more people to tune in and watch. It also opens up some interesting opportunities to place a wager that will usually be settled very quickly. Live CS:GO betting is very popular, and fans do expect to see these options available.

Boosters and Fair Odds

Individual CS:GO games can sometimes get boosters at BetOnline. Boosting the odds means that you can find more valuable picks on the underdogs, although the chance of them winning is still slimmer. Boosters are interesting types of promotions to explore, and many CSGO gambling sites have them ready for you to try. We pay careful attention to these promos to determine if an operator is giving bettors a fair chance.

Utilize CS:GO Betting Bonuses

Bonuses are the bread and butter of the online experience, and naturally, you will be interested in finding one at the best CS:GO gambling sites. Bonuses are usually distributed as welcome offers, a deposit bonus that is then matched by a pre-agreed percentage, but most usually 100%. The bonuses will vary, and they can be worth up to $50, $100, $250, or more.

Each gambling site is free to determine how much their welcome offer should be worth. Besides the deposit bonus, there are other promotions, including free bets distributed to new players, and the odd boosters, of course. As mentioned before, an odds booster can be a great addition and help you spot a value betting opportunity even when a website may be missing out on one!

Different CS:GO Bets You Can Make

Whether you are new to gambling or have had some experience placing wagers, we recommend having a quick look at the types of bets below. There are many interesting markets you can pick from. We will keep it short, but don’t hesitate to dive into the dozens of possible markets brought to you by the top Counter-Strike betting sites out there.

Match Winners/Moneylines

Moneylines are the simplest CS:GO wagers you may place. Here, you will pick one of the teams to back and wager on them winning. The market is resolved as soon as the game is over and one winner is pronounced. This is the most popular type of wager you can place, and it is also the simplest. Players are welcome to pick their preferred team or a combination of teams.

Spread Betting/Handicaps

Spread betting is another popular type of wager you can find at CS:GO gambling sites. The betting agency will ask you to guess how many points a team is going to win. Then, at the end of a game, the spread will be subtracted from the favorite’s result and added to the underdog’s. That is how a new final score will be produced and how the market is resolved independently of the ACTUAL result at the end of the match.

Totals or Under/Overs

Totals are an awesome market to bet on for CS:GO. The total is essentially a type of wager where you will bet on whether a given number of points will be reached by the end (of a round or a game). That usually concerns the number of total rounds. Since most series are 16 rounds in a game, you can bet on whether the total rounds will go over or under 30 or any other number picked by the betting website.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are an excellent addition to the arsenal of available betting markets for CS:GO betting. Prop bets are unique, and they will ask you to predict a very specific condition that occurs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This could be a team drawing first blood or whether a game will be won by successfully diffusing or detonating a bomb. Each betting website is free to have a crack at how they phrase and list proposition bets.

Popular CS:GO Tournaments to Bet On

The world of competitive Counter-Strike is filled with many excellent events, and any respectable sportsbook that takes CSGO bets will surely cover them all. The events may change slightly from one year to the next, but you will certainly have circuits hosted by the most committed organizations annually, including BLAST Premier, ESL, DreamHack, StarLadder i-League, Intel Extreme Masters, and others.

Each CS:GO event is hosted as its own thing. In other words, most of these leagues and competitions are independent of each other. They still reunite the same top crop of CS:GO players, though, and while some are more regional alternating between Europe and North America, others are truly global events that pull in a diverse crowd of competitors.

The esports calendar for Counter-Strike events can always be quickly referenced at Liquipedia, which has become the go-to place for anything that has to do with upcoming esports events.

CS:GO truly is no exception. Naturally, you can always trust your preferred sportsbook of choice above to provide you with a calendar of all upcoming competitions and check out what betting options are available for each event.

Top 5 CS:GO Betting Tips

If you are keen on succeeding as an esports bettor on CS:GO, you will have to keep some basic rules in mind. Placing a wager isn’t that complicated, but placing one that results in a win is always a moving target. There are some CS:GO betting tips that you can put to good use and make sure your story ends at least close to the mark.

Focus on Moneylines at First

The more you know about CS:GO, the more you will dare when it comes to placing a wager. However, you should get started with the simplest bets at first. That includes CSGO match betting as opposed to building accumulators that depend on several games turning out correctly. The moneyline wager carries the biggest value in the long term, and mastering it will benefit you.

Find the Best Possible Odds for CS:GO

CS:GO gambling websites will provide you with many odds. Yet, there is no reason why you should pick one over the other. Instead, the best advice to follow when looking for top CS:GO betting tips is to make sure that you shop around for the best odds. Just have a handful of websites available and keep running the odds through them. You will notice that on occasion, some CSGO gambling sites will simply provide you with much better odds overall!

Check Out What the Best Teams Are

You don’t always want to bet on the best teams out there, but it helps to be familiar with those teams. Of course, the true value from betting on Counter-Strike will come not so much from always backing the stronger team but from knowing when an underdog has a chance of winning and when that chance justifies a slightly riskier bet. Knowledge of the current CS:GO scene is important, and you should pay close attention to it if you want to wager on the game.

Don’t Trust Tipsters Too Readily

People prefer to take a shortcut whenever possible. Well, that makes a lot of sense, but to truly master CS:GO, you should probably keep away from most tipsters out there. Unless a tipster can prove they are in the black after following their own advice, we strongly recommend testing your gut feeling.
Of course, read the available CS:GO betting predictions, as they will help you see if your opinion coincides with that of a tipster. Ultimately, just like in a game of Counter-Strike, you are the person pulling the trigger.

Stay Tuned with the Community

Follow how the Counter-Strike scene is evolving and be a part of it. When it comes to CSGO betting, Reddit is a fantastic place to hang but equally, whether you’re visiting HLTV or following social media, it’s good to know what is happening in Counter-Strike. Make sure to catch yourself up on anything that concerns player, team, or roster changes. True CS:GO fans always have a way of finding things out about the game, but if your time is limited, make sure you focus on some teams individually so you can tailor your bets to how capable they are at any one point in the competitive season.

Blacklisted CS:GO Betting Sites

There has been an inundation of skin gambling websites, and they are the exact ones that will fall under our blacklist. CS:GO skins betting is prohibited, and it has been so since 2016. Any claim to the contrary is not true.

CSGO skins were very popular several years ago, but due to various issues and their misuse by third parties, Valve stepped in and banned any CSGO gambling site that offered to wager with CS:GO skins.

Many of those websites continue to operate today, and they are all on our blacklist. We recommend staying away from them. No single site that offers skins can be trusted regardless of what it states in its terms and conditions.

How we Review Sites for Real Money Online Gambling
Safety and Security

We go the extra mile to ensure that each gambling site that is reviewed and listed on GamblingNews has a license, SSL encryption, and a strong reputation. We take a look at the web properties of the brands as well as their standing in the iGaming industry.

Player Support

We verify that the customer support team at each casino and sportsbook is competent and capable to assist you. Our reviewers look for platforms that have 24/7 support or offer clear and consistent helplines. We check manually by approaching each website’s customer support as a disguised player.

Promotional Offers

Our team is well-versed in how to spot the best bonuses on the market. We make sure to list gambling sites that offer good and fair bonus sums, and more importantly – bonus terms. GamblingNews reviews the terms of each betting provider to bring you the most user-friendly promotions. We similarly study the VIP and loyalty offers extended to players.

Game Variety

Players appreciate access to a large library of games or sports to bet on and so do we. We offer an in-depth dive into the variety of available games that gambling sites offer you. The team will help you find reliable and trusted casinos and sportsbooks that offer the exact games that you are interested in the most.

Reliable Banking

Payments remain a crucial part of the gambling experience and we insist that gambling sites bring you the best and quickest withdrawals. Our team will go through every payment method and test the deposit and cash out process manually to guarantee that you will get the best banking options on your hands.

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Do CS:GO betting sites accept Bitcoin? Yes, many CS:GO betting sites now accept Bitcoin as a viable currency to bet on. Esports tech-savvy bettors may find BTC wagers slightly more convenient in some instances.
Can I bet on CS:GO skins? No, all forms of CS:GO skin gambling is prohibited. Any website that claims otherwise is taking advantage of you. Avoid those websites as they are illegal and often put your financial and personal information at risk.
Should I register at multiple CS:GO betting sites? Yes, you can only benefit from registering at trusted esports betting sites that offer extensive markets on CS:GO. Essentially, you want to have a number of sites that will allow you to always benefit from the best odds on each game.
Still have questions? Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.