Blacklisted Casinos

Online casinos out there are mostly reputable, but there are those rogue operators that try to undermine your experience. These casinos often have the look of legitimacy but are designed to mostly mislead their consumers. We know that these online casinos are here to do you more harm than good, and we have created this dedicated blacklist to help you steer clear from them.

Online Casinos Blacklist – Do Not Trust These Casinos 

  • Bad reputation
  • Low payout rate
  • Poor casino practises
  • Unclear requirements
  • Questionable security
  • Reddit complaints
  • High player disputes
  • Misleading bonuses
  • Unknown origins
  • Long payout times
  • Rigged games
  • Poor reputation
  • History of security breaches
  • Scam bonus terms
  • Low payout rate
  • Non-existent support team
  • Bad reputation
  • Misleading bonuses
  • Endless player complaints
  • Issues with withdrawing
  • Platform security issues
  • Dodgy company operations
  • False advertising
  • Denied payments
  • Suspected criminal activity
  • Deplorable reputation
  • Unreliable servers
  • Shoddy bonus deals
  • Numerous player complaints
  • Payout refusals
  • No valid license
  • Poor casino practises
  • Bad reputation
  • You won’t get your money
  • Scamming games
  • Lacks customer service

The casinos listed on this table have been found out to do wrong by customers in some form. Whether they have failed to reply to complaints, have shown bias or questionable practices, or withheld player funds without justification, we have investigated each casino and found evidence of wrongdoing towards their customer.

To make sure this list is kept up to date, we make sure to monitor it 24/7. Our team focuses on keeping track of everything that may impact your gameplay in real-time. Thanks to this strategy we get updates about the latest scams and can investigate quickly and efficiently, all so you can gamble safely online.

With this being said, this blacklist is not final. It’s possible for a casino listed on the blacklist to make amendments and restore its reputation. This has happened many times in the iGaming industry. Please consider that a casino may try to do well by consumers even after being listed in a blacklist, but we would rather recommend you stick with trusted online casinos instead.

How We Filter and Pick Casinos to Blacklist 

The process we employ to find out which casinos should be blacklisted is detailed, research-driven and committed to uncovering every aspect. To reach a verdict, our team will play-test, collate information and try to find real evidence about a casino acting to the detriment of players. We collect information from several sources.

  • The casino: We believe that each casino needs to be reviewed manually. If we spot something untoward we will put it down in our consideration towards a blacklisting. Sub-par withdrawals, customer service and others also contribute to our final judgment.
  • Forums: Our team will carefully investigate the opinions of forum users across the Internet who share negative experiences with their casinos. We take these with a grain of salt as some people tend to be a little more emotional when explaining why they believe a casino is a fraudster. We investigate these cases individually and create a final scoring system to see if a casino has really acted badly towards a customer.
  • Ratings: We check ratings from other reviewing services and try to establish whether an objective statement about each casino has been delivered. Many iGaming services online enable players to vote casinos up and down and some even issue their own warnings. We take this into consideration as well. 

All of these considerations help us come up with a final consideration about each casino brand. This, in turn, guides our understanding and helps keep bad casinos at arm’s length. Our blacklist only seeks to genuinely report on brands that have faulted casinos. If you think your brand has been added unjustly to our system, please get in touch.

Why Trust Our Blacklist?

The blacklist initiative is something we have undertaken with the sole goal of helping our community avoid provenly unfair casinos. We believe that you can find many trusted online casinos (some of which we give a high rating to as well) that are a much better fit for your needs as a player.

This is why we have created this blacklist to present players with a choice. This is not to say that our blacklist is final. You can find online casinos on this list you are happy with. You can also notify us about this. Ultimately, we want to make the industry a safer place for all, as long-term sustainability for iGaming would require every stakeholder to do right by their customers.

What Makes You Blacklist a Casino?

As mentioned before we run an extensive review of all a casino has to offer. Once we do that, we know a bit better if an operator is worth your while. Of course, our own experience with a casino is not always enough, so we also use publicly available information (Open Domain). 

Over the years, we have concluded that there are several practices that we really consider to be a near-instant trigger for a blacklist consideration. They include issues with payments, withholding withdrawals, not honoring jackpots, targeting self-excluded players, or other questionable practices which we are happy to detail.

We believe that these issues are the most commonly experienced ones by players and that they bring them the most distress when playing. That is why we recommend sticking to legit sites!

Have a Casino You Think Should Be Blacklisted?

If you have a casino that you think we have missed and should be blacklisted, please make sure to contact us and let us know. State why you think the brand should be on the blacklist. There is no need to do any additional research other than share your story with us.

Our team will then address the matter within two weeks and get back to you whether the website should be blacklisted. Please consider that we may need additional time to respond and review a casino operator before getting back to you.


Can I trust blacklisted casinos? No, generally you cannot and probably should not trust blacklisted casinos. They have done something to deserve to be on the list, so we recommend sticking with genuine and trusted operators instead.
Can I play at a blacklisted casino? Yes, you can play at a blacklisted casino. The fact that they are on a blacklist is a strong discouragement from participating but it’s no prohibition itself. We still strongly recommend you pick a legit casino site instead.
When is a casino taken off the blacklist? A casino may only be taken off the blacklist after it demonstrated goodwill towards consumers and breaking away with any practices that may be considered seedy or untoward.
Still have questions? Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.