Best Soccer Betting Sites in 2023

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Soccer is one of the world’s most popular games, and it’s quickly becoming a hit in the United States, thanks to the women’s national soccer team and Major League Soccer (MLS). As a result, soccer betting sites are proliferating in the USA, and while some may refer to the game as “football” outside of the country, soccer is nevertheless growing in terms of audiences and popularity in North America.

Today, we will walk you through everything you need to know about soccer betting online, starting with what the best sites and sportsbooks are, right to explaining what the most popular wager types are. You will learn about different wagering tips and which soccer events draw the biggest crowd in terms of viewers and sports bettors.

To get started, you will probably want to first pick a trusted soccer betting site, and you can do as much by choosing from the list above. Get yourself in on excellent soccer action, as the sportsbooks we recommend offer the best odds, lines, and overall market variety. 

There are many soccer sportsbooks out there today, and the best ones are those that will provide you with competitive odds, great variety, and excellent coverage of all major soccer betting markets. We have made sure to only include the most relevant ones and those considered to be some of the most trusted USA sportsbook brands over the years.

How We Review the Sites

To bring you the top soccer betting sites, we subject them to critical review where we take all factors into consideration. That includes a thorough assessment of the sports betting platform each site brings you along with myriad little factors that determine whether the sportsbook is worth your money, time, and effort. 

We know what the go-to websites look like and will help you to quickly navigate to those that open competitive lines, great coverage of soccer events, generous promotions, multiple proposition bets, and more. Let’s dig in!

Great Profit Margins and Odds

To pick a sports betting site, you first want to take a look at the odds and potential profit margin. We make sure to carefully go through all odds and available markets to determine if they hold against the average sportsbooks out there. 

A sportsbook will always try to offer you the best odds, striking a balance between the likelihood of an event happening and the profit margin you stand to generate. Finding the sportsbooks that are prepared to reward skilled soccer bettors is always the best way to begin betting on soccer, which is why we’ve narrowed down the hunt for you.

Spotless Reputation and Track Record

You will want to make sure that the next time you place a soccer wager, you do so at a sportsbook that has a proven track record and is prepared to offer impeccable service to customers. New sportsbooks seem to enter the market on a daily, that’s why our experts make sure to check and verify their reputation as soon as possible. 

Banking and Cashout Speed

Some betting websites have got a bit of a bad reputation for failing to honor payouts or slowing them down unnecessarily. That is why we carry out extensive testing through all sportsbook’s banking methods and check out for the fastest payment speeds possible while still being reliable. 

Promotions and Free Bets

Many sports betting sites look to engage with their fans and potential customers, and one way to achieve this is through the bonus system. Before you place your first soccer wager, it may be worth knowing if the online sportsbook you have chosen offers competitive soccer bonuses. Many betting sites will actually have free bets and odds boosters for individual events, along with risk-free bets.

Quick on Mobile

With so many people betting on the go, having a solid Android and iOS platform is a non-negotiable requirement. Mobile compatibility makes for a great feature that allows players to quickly and efficiently place a soccer wager, select a payment method and hone in on the latest soccer betting promos! 

In-Play Betting

Make no mistake. Soccer fans today are all about being part of the action, and one way to achieve just that is by being able to place timely wagers on events that transpire in real-time. Whether it’s a penalty shot or a counter-attack, well-established betting sites will provide you with many opportunities to place a wager live, and we demand that the sportsbooks we review have this functionality. 

Safety and Security

Even more importantly, you want a soccer site where safety and security are valued. We test each sportsbook for SSL encryption and AML and KYC practices, which should always be put in place to guarantee the highest level of reassurance.  

How to Begin Soccer Betting Online

To get started with online betting, all you need to do is follow the steps we have outlined here. This is a quick and reliable guide to placing your first soccer wager and turning it into a success. 

1. Find a Great Soccer Betting Site

The first thing to do is to look up a great sportsbook. You want a market variety, competitive odds, and a reliable service to enjoy the best possible results. Find a sportsbook that brings many worthwhile gaming options on the spot. We recommend picking from our list of trusted and approved sportsbooks first.

2. Register and Set up Your Account

Once you have set your sights on a great soccer site, it’s time to make good on your choice. Set up your account and fill out the requested information truthfully. The sportsbook will ask you to verify your identity using KYC and AML documents. We recommend getting this out of the way early on to enjoy quick, unhindered payouts in the future.

3. Look for a Suitable Promotion

Sportsbooks bring tons of viable promos, and you can scoop most of those right at the front door. Sportsbooks will shower you with many promotions, including a matched bonus offer ranging from 150% welcome bonuses to $50-risk free wagers and free bets. Always double-check the terms and conditions to make sure that you are benefiting from the best possible conditions.

4. Place Your First Soccer Bets

Now that you are all signed up, it’s time to place your first soccer bet. Remember, if you are new to soccer, there is no obligation to start big. Just place a simple moneyline bet and back a single team winning. Of course, soccer is unique because the most common outcome usually includes a draw, where the two teams don’t score at all or end up matched exactly in the final score. Moneylines are simpler to get right, so start there

Types of Soccer Bets

What type of soccer bet you place will ultimately depend on how familiar you are with the different wagering options. Needless to say, understanding how all the different wager types in soccer work is very beneficial to you as a player.


The moneyline is the simplest soccer wager you can place, and it’s definitely one of the most worthwhile. In a moneyline, you bet on one team to win the matchup. You can bet on either party and as long as they score at least one goal more than their opponents, you will also win your moneyline wager. 


You can also wager on the outcome being a draw. A draw is achieved when both teams finish the game with the same score. At soccer betting sites outside of the United States, the moneyline and draw are united in a wager called 1×2, where the x stands for a draw and one and two stand for the team you support. 


Spreads are another popular soccer bet, and in this case, you get to bet on the number of goals difference there would be between the two teams winning or/and losing. The spread is usually a point and a half, and it’s one of the most sought-after bet types in a sportsbook. 

Totals (Under/Over)

The totals refer to the total amount of points one team is going to score during a game of soccer. You take into account both teams’ scoring, and so the totals only work if you guess whether the end score will be over or under a pre-determined number.

Halftime Results

Focusing on the first half of the 90-minute game, the halftime results are there for sports fans who wish to bet on the score before the game’s end. This market is a little more challenging, but it has its rewards as well. 

Both Teams to Score

It doesn’t matter if a team wins or loses when you use Both Teams to Score. In this type of wager, you are only hoping for each participating team to score at least one point. The end result really doesn’t matter in settling this bet. 

Correct Final Score

To get the Correct Final Score right, you will have to guess the outcome of the game down to the last goal. This one can be tricky business, but many sports fans will actually try their luck with it. Correct Final Score usually has a better payout than moneyline. 

Score/No Score

In this type of wager, you are only trying to guess whether any team would score a point. In many ways, it’s like an under/over bet, but the outcome here depends on scoring. It’s another great option to consider if you are confident in your knowledge and understanding of the soccer derby at hand. 

Parlays (Accumulators)

Sometimes, you may want to take on a little more risk in order to score a much better potential return. That is where parlays – also known as accumulators – come in. You see, a parlay is a multi-bet selection where you will wager on several different games and outcomes at the same time. Get every last one of those correctly, and you are looking at a big payday, but get even one wrong, and you will lose your entire bet.

Propositions (Props)

Propositions or props are a type of bet where you will bet on unique conditions that each sportsbook is going to come up with. As a result, you can bet on whether Cristiano Ronaldo would get a goal in a given game or if Lionel Messi would outscore Zlatan Ibrahimovic this season.

Betting Tips 

With so many people watching soccer, there are quite a few bettors. And, as such, they tend to make some common mistakes that can be easily avoided if you take a few moments to read through some popular tips. 

#1 Set a Limit on Your Bankroll

With so many soccer betting options flying around, it’s always worth keeping your bankroll under control. Set a limit you are prepared to lose or spend on popular soccer contests and stick to it religiously. Planning would guarantee you better results. 

#2 Bet on the Matches You Understand

Just because there are dozens of great games every day doesn’t mean you should bet on all of them. Focus on those soccer selections that you can make work by leveraging your knowledge about each individual team. 

#3 Don’t Forget to Shop for Odds

Since you can bet on soccer online, finding the best betting odds should really not be an issue. Have a look around at the best sportsbooks and find the ones that offer you the best possible betting lines and odds for each individual game. There is a slight edge to garner out of that, so don’t miss out!

#4 Don’t Root for Your Nation’s Team 

It’s easy to be tempted into betting on your national team playing. However, always keep in mind which team has the better chance of winning and act accordingly. You can still root for your team, of course, but make sure your bets aren’t placed on emotion alone.

#5 Bad Beats Do Happen

For better or for worse, your bets will fail on occasion, and that is a part of sports betting. You may know everything about a soccer team or a matchup, but that would not necessarily protect you from a few unpredicted circumstances that can completely overturn a great pick. When bad beats happen, remember to take a deep breath and not give yourself a hard time about that. 

#6 Every Football Season Is Different

There are no two seasons alike, and you must factor this in. Just because Manchester City did well last season, this doesn’t automatically mean they would win the English Premier League right away next season. It’s important to pay close attention to the period leading to the actual beginning of the season and specifically the transfer windows, which can cost a soccer team a lot if done badly. Bad transfer decisions inevitably catch up with every team sooner or later.


There are two ways you can treat soccer betting online. One is to take it seriously and factor in as much information as you care to include in your decision-making process. The other is to bet a little more casually. The trusted sportsbooks will accommodate both types of bettors. You can tap into a variety of useful resources, from forum gossiping to Reddit discussions to reading professional soccer betting literature.

Reddit Soccer Betting

Visiting forums and liaising with other soccer enthusiasts is always welcome. The /r/soccerbetting subreddit has tens of thousands of active members, and you can immediately tell that soccer is huge there. You can use this forum to find out more about daily picks across numerous leagues, live betting options, and strategy discussions.


The more you know, the more you will dare, and soccer betting really is no different. There is a lot of soccer literature that discusses betting from some very smart and serious researchers, too. 

  • Soccernomics by Simon Kuper – This is a great book about why it’s so important to study each season independently and focus on the information you know is true and will hold true during the next several months of competition. Kuper is a professor of mathematics, but he gives down-to-earth examples of how to adjust your soccer wagers to win more.
  • Fixed Odds Sports Betting by Joseph Buchdahl – In Fixed Odds Sports Betting, Joseph Buchdahl explains the basic tenets of gambling and allows people who are new to sports wagering or prefer to bet recreationally to find out more about how the entire institution of sports gambling works. 
  • Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek by Ted Thackrey – Thackrey really gets it almost all wrong, but the anecdotal book is filled with gambling fallacies and superstitions. If you are looking into an insight into what common misunderstandings about sports gambling are in general, Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek are definitely a worthwhile read, albeit one taken with a pinch of salt. 

Picks & Predictions

Betting picks & predictions are a lot of fun, and When it comes to soccer, you have a lot of information to go on. Handicappers who spend hours a week studying teams are usually those who can guide public opinion about one outcome or another. 

Of course, in soccer, just like in any other sport, you may want to rely on your own knowledge when placing a wager. Predictions are evidently helpful, but it’s always good to assess your own knowledge and understanding of a sport before trusting a handicapper

Handicappers can help you quickly catch up on some missing information, but ultimately, the decision on what team you bet next will be yours and yours alone. 

The Biggest Betting Events 

If you want to bet on soccer online, you will want to find out which the most important soccer events are. There are numerous competitions to look forward to every year, and other than a short summer hiatus in competitive soccer, the best competitions are on to entertain you for the better part of the year. Here are the best soccer betting events to consider.

Premier League

Premier League is arguably the most competitive soccer league in the world. It pulls the most talented players worldwide and provides a very dynamic environment where the underdogs and favorites swap positions from one season to the next. In other words, you have a lot to look into. For starters, the Premier League brings you ten matches every week with 38 game weeks. Each season is worth betting on, but you must take it with a pinch of salt. But worthwhile sportsbooks do not miss out on the opportunity to bring you the best soccer odds possible.

Champions League

The Champions League is a select club of soccer teams featuring major franchises from all across Europe. Therefore, you will find numerous options to bet on, including Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, and English Premier Clubs. The high level of competition in the Champions League makes each match full of action and many worthwhile betting opportunities. All events are played on neutral turf to level the playing field, and you can wager on the pure, unadulterated skill level of each individual player and team.

Europa League

Europa League is a more inclusive competition that fields more teams, and while there are some matchups that are a little one-sided, the event is interesting if you appreciate good soccer contests. In terms of betting potential, you will find thousands of markets that cover the Europa League and give you numerous opportunities to place a successful bet on the outcome of these games. 

UEFA Euro 

The Euros is another top-notch competition that invites national teams from all across Europe and has some exciting games to offer. While not all games are as well balanced, there are many great teams in the championship that make it worthwhile to bet on soccer during Euro matchups. The event brings some of the best nations in the game, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Spain, to name a few.  

World Cup 

Held once every four years, the World Cup is another prestigious event on the soccer calendar. It pulls some of the best teams worldwide and pits them together in a spectacular succession of events, with the most accomplished nations bringing their best players to the fore. The World Cup comes with a lot of anticipation, but it’s also far more difficult to pinpoint as national teams play fewer games overall. 

Major League Soccer

The love for professional scores has soared in the United States, not least because of the national women’s soccer team, which has been able to secure so many medals, from the Women’s World Cup to the Olympics. In light of this, much more attention is paid to Major League Soccer (MLS) today, making it an exciting national competition to watch and naturally bet on. 


Soccer betting is a fun activity, and as the most popular sport on the planet, you can see why this is. The best soccer betting sites will cover thousands of markets. You will get a chance to bet on any professional top and second-tier event out there, but before you do, make sure that you come prepared, having picked the best odds and betting options possible.