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It Came from Venus Slot Review

It Came from Venus is one of the most fun horror slot games by Betsoft Gaming. Venus has long been suspected of harboring water. What wasn’t known before Betsoft Gaming visited, however, was that a carnivorous plant civilization has thrived underneath the impenetrable planet’s atmosphere. One of the carnivorous plants has ventured out into the great beyond and traveled to earth in search of food – YOU!

It Came from Venus online slot itself is packed with features, it has excellent visuals, and offers a 95.80% return-to-player rate along with 5×3 reels and 30 paylines. The game will make it fun for you as you try to figure out the mystery of the man-eating plant and how it can catch you unawares and snack on you! But worry not, for there is profit to be made in the process.

Theme, Storyline, and Graphics: The Outdoors and the Carnivorous Plant

Out in the boonies, a quiet farming life is going on until the arrival of the outer space man-eating plant. It Came from Venus will have the action unfold in the countryside where a farmer will find out about the alien threat and try to neutralize it.

The plant in the meantime, ever-present and ever-menacing, will try to snack on anything that moves. In It Came from Venus slot, players will see symbols that have been designed to help drive the narrative and story-telling of the game, including the barn, the farmer’s house, the green-clad man himself, along with his dog, Butch, who is currently missing as his doghouse looks empty.

There is also a military guy who is the irascible type, with a DO NOT TRESPASS – VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT sign threatening anyone who sets foot on his property uninvited.

The crash site of a small meteorite that brought the plant from Venus is also part of the plot, and a chopper is patrolling the area, probably patrolling for the terrible outer-space organism that is now preying on the farmer, his livestock, and anyone else in the vicinity. It Came from Venus online slot has a really strong and evocative theme that is hard to overlook.

It Came from Venus Symbols and Payouts: Farmer vs. Plant

We love the symbols in It Came from Venus slot machine. They are designed to add to the theme and help you immerse yourself in the gameplay. In this case, players will have plenty of cool symbols that add to the story.

There is the carnivorous plant which is the highest paying symbol where five of a kind trigger the Jackpot feature. There are two people as well, one with a hat on which will pay 1,250 for five of a kind, and another green-clad buff military type with 750 for five of a kind.

Players will also get 750 for the scarecrow symbol if they hit five of it on a winning payline. There is also the military truck that will be driving the area, trying to capture the alien lifeform and various other things that you can expect to find at the farm.

There is the doghouse symbol which pays 225 for five of a kind, which is what you will get for the toolshed and the barn. All in all, you can expect to find plenty of cool symbols and gameplay features. The DO NOT TRESPASS Symbol serves as a Scatter Symbol and it triggers the free spins. There are also the Wild Symbols and the Feed Me Free Spins Symbol. Oh, and you may also trigger the Bonus Round using the Helicopter Symbols of which you need three.

All in all, the game is action-packed and you will surely want to explore every little detail on your own whether you play It Came from Venus for real money or fun.

Sounds and Animations: Hunt the Dangerous Alien Species

The sounds and animations of It Came from Venus slot are done to the highest industry standard. Although the game is a fairly old release, it still offers plenty of worthwhile gameplay elements and sterling graphics that reinforce the theme and make players enjoy their time with the slot.

The 3D animations add to the overall level of fun and enjoyment, and there is a nice balance between what has been left as static graphics and slightly enhanced ones, creating a sort of “relief” that shows.

It Came from Venus Gameplay:

It Came from Venus plays fast and it allows you to calibrate anything about the gameplay. You can double down after a win, and adjust the betting limits that will see players bet anything between $0.01 and $150 per single spin of the reels. You can toggle on the quick spin option if you want to see more betting rounds per hour as well, and the game allows you full control over every little aspect of the gameplay.

It Came from Venus Features: Free Spins, Random Wilds, Double Up

As you can expect from Betsoft Gaming, It Came from Venus online slot is packed with cool features to make it even more fun to play.

Feed Me Free Spins: If you are in the mood for some special free rounds, then you should try and collect the Feed Me Free Spins Symbols, which will also come with Sticky Wild on the reels and will further enhance your potential to win big.

Random Wilds: There are random wilds that occur on the reels, and they are not just ordinary wilds, no! You may get a multiplier applied to these random wilds, making them even more worthwhile.

Jackpot: If you hit five plant symbols, you can expect to win the jackpot which can be substantial and turn your fortunes around!

Double Up: The Double Up feature is of course pretty familiar to most players. After you win, you will be asked to flip a coin and try to double your winnings. New players will appreciate the fact that they can bet even small amounts, and win modest sums, but still have the chance to increase them!

Helicopter Bonus Round: The bonus round is called Save the Plant and it is a cool plot twist. The plant did not try to eat the farmer but rather has grown fond of him, and vice versa. Since the military has captured the plant, the bonus round is about the farmer trying to free the alien species and bring him back to the farm.

Final Thoughts: Alien Antics

All in all, It Came from Venus is a mighty fun online slot. The title is densely packed with features and makes sure that players can appreciate both the game’s fantastic mechanics and rewarding play as much as they can explore the interesting setting and the story-driven gameplay that is not the focal point of the experience but adds something to the way the game plays all the same. This is a must-try online slot by Betsoft Gaming plain and simple!

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