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Greedy Goblins Slot Review

Greed is good in Greedy Goblins, a slot game by Betsoft that focuses on thematic gameplay, generous player returns, and good storytelling all brought to you in one neat package. The slot is quite outstanding, not least because it features a progressive jackpot, it was released more than 10 years ago and comes with an eye-watering 97.20% potential payout.

Few games can be as boastful about their player-centric approach as Greedy Goblins slot machine. The game excels in crafting a simple yet impactful gameplay that is feature-rich and honed to perfect.

Although the visuals are admittedly slightly dated, the original game was designed with such exactness as to make it relevant and unmistakably good even a decade after its full release. Find out more in our Greedy Goblins slot machine review below or play the game the right way in instant play on our website instead.

Greedy Goblins Slot Theme, Storyline, and Graphics

Right on, Betsoft Gaming is not satisfied with simply presenting you with cool visuals and the promise to win big. No, the company wants you to feel like you are exploring an actual setting and, in this case, the world of goblins who coveted gold and all that is precious.

You will even see the Wanted Posters for The Idea Stealer, a goblin who has no issues with cannibalizing his fellow goblin kin contraptions and designs. There are trophies and crowns, and even the moon which is orbiting with a gold coin and a mushroom house is also part of the action.

There is much room for interpretation as to what the actual theme of the game is. Are you simply a greedy goblin trying to amass riches or are you a part of an entire kingdom with a more intricate political and societal system than that?

Much of the game features extra bonuses and second-screen games which will help you find out and understand a bit more about how the whole thing plays. The game itself seems to focus on the goblins not just as lascivious and cupidinous lot, but as inventors who are jealous of their ideas and would not like to see them stolen by competitors.

Whatever angle works for you, Greedy Goblins feels highly thematic and appropriate and is on our list of great slot games to play for free for a good reason.

Greedy Goblins Symbols and Payouts: Ideas Is the Currency of Goblins

Once again, Betsoft loves to use every symbol in the games it creates as a way to advance the game narrative. There are no letters or numbers most of the time, and Greedy Goblins follows this hallowed design logic as well.

Of course, there are high and low-paying symbols still. For example, five symbols of the Jolly, Red-Hatted Goblin will pay you 62,500 when you are betting a max bet of 150. The eponymous Greedy Goblin Symbol will add 6,000 payouts for five, and you will get a further 1,200 for five Mushroom House symbols.

There are gems, crowns, the Moon, and wanted poster symbols to complement the story-telling and add to the plot. Interestingly, the Jolly, Red-Hatted Goblin doubles as both a Jackpot Trigger and the max payout symbol. To trigger the jackpot, though, you need to max out the bet size and still get five of these symbols for a chance at the flashy prize.

Sounds and Animations: Step into the Goblins’ Den

The Goblins are all busy plotting their next heist, and you can tell by the way the visuals are built. There is a Wanted Poster and a suspicious greedy goblin who must be up to no good. It’s easy to believe that you have been caught bang in the middle of a war of patterns where each goblin is the next goblin’s enemy.

Visually, the game stands the test of time with players able to enjoy it across the board no matter when they have first discovered it. The sound themes are equally meticulously built to add to the authenticity and hold well.

How Do Greedy Goblins Play?

Greedy Goblins play very simply. You will be asked to adjust your bet size, from anything between $0.30 and $150 and have a blast while at it. Players are very welcome to adjust the size of their bets as they see fit and not worry about breaking their bankroll.

There is a turbo mode, and the game pays 97.20% across 30 paylines. Notably, you will need to bet the full $150 amount to have a chance to trigger the jackpot.

Greedy Goblins Game Features: Coins, Sticky Wilds, Free Spins & Bonus Round

A cursory glance at the amiable features at Greedy Goblins will confirm one thing for you – there are tons of excellent bonus levels and small additive pros to the game that make it so much fun. Other than the generous payout, Greedy Goblins has been designed to offer you a decent selection of bonus options.

Coin Drops: The Coin Drops can appear on the reels at any time during a spin and once they do – they start to “drop,” with more symbols falling in their stead. Each coin drops or subsequently cascades down will be added to your winning combination payout, optimizing the potential return players stand to gain.

Sticky Wilds Reels: If you get these symbols lined up on the reels, you will be granted up to three free spins which is another neat way to boost your payouts and create a rewarding experience even if you are having a bit of a bad beat. Plus, if you get 2 Sticky Wilds Symbols, you may win up to six free games instead!

Free Spins Mode: Independent of the Sticky Wilds Reels, you get to experience traditional Free Spins Games that are designed to bring you maximum value across the board. Not only can you trigger a succession of free rounds, but you may similarly benefit from up to 10x multipliers.

Bonus Round: The Bonus Round will help you flesh out the details about the plot of Greedy Goblins. In the game, you will be in charge of a team of actual goblins who will break into the laboratories of their nemesis and steal their designs, clever contraptions, and inventions, making you rich in the process!

Final Thoughts: An Idea Alone Isn’t Enough

Greedy Goblins is quite a fun little slot, and it has been able to stay one of the most rewarding, generous, and visually compelling games for many years now. Players will find the return rate to be more than generous, and the opportunity to secure various hefty payouts – precisely what they have come here for. Some players chafe at the fact that goblins are out stealing trade secrets more so than actual gold, but it’s just how clever Betsoft can be with subverting expectations.

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