Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

Dota 2 is a defining game in esports betting. It features some of the biggest prize pools in gaming history and has a highly competitive field, skilled players, and many tournaments. Below, we have listed the best Dota 2 betting sites that have an established reputation, offer generous bonuses, and provide the most competitive odds. All Esportsbooks found here are licensed and trusted by the community so you can bet knowing you are in safe hands.

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How We Rank Dota 2 Betting Sites

dota 2 betting sites

Finding a Dota 2 betting site that is fit to your taste will require some research. We save you the trouble of all the looking around by listing some of the factors that we use to determine if a Dota 2 betting site actually meets our standards.

Great Market Variety

Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports video games out there. As such, there is no shortage of excellent events. From the i-League to WePlay, to ESL and the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), the competitive scene is a state in constant flux.

We make sure that any betting sites we recommend have made sure to cover the majority of these Dota 2 matches and leagues. That way, you can always have a flexible choice of events and never be forced to make poor bets.

Impeccable Reputation

Esports bettors are unlike any other lot. They are smart, tech-savvy, and with plenty of disposable income. That is why a Dota 2 betting site that is hoping to win more customers would need to be licensed and have a proven track record for meeting Dota 2 fans’ expectations when it comes to betting. We only list the websites that the community has approved of with an overwhelming majority.

Flexible UI and UX

Dota betting can be a lot of fun, but to make it truly worthwhile, you need a website that is intuitive, mobile-friendly, and that allows you to bet quickly. That is why esports betting sites such as Rivalry and Luckbox, for example, will make sure to provide you with a flexible and intuitive user interface (UI).

Dota 2 fans put a great value on the overall website experience, and the best esports betting agencies know how to cater to these preferences. We only recommend Dota 2 sites that can deliver on this and more.

Great Odds Across All Events

Esports fans may be new to the concept of “odds,” but they are not new to the concept of great value. No matter how skilled a Dota 2 fan is, they will always choose those betting sites that bring them the most competitive overall odds.

We study the odds of each Dota 2 betting site carefully ourselves and issue recommendations for each website based on those odds. Overall, Dota fans want a website to offer fair, timely, and beneficial odds, and we hold brands to nothing less.

An Esports-First Focus

Many betting agencies thought that they could use esports to lure video gamers into sports betting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only did esports fans not budge, but did they also start stealing away sports fans from betting agencies.

Because of this, any esports betting site that launches today must be tailored to the needs of gamers. That is precisely why all great Dota 2 betting sites today focus almost exclusively on video game competitions and only add sports products after they have established a reputation as a great esports “bookmaker.”

How to Start Dota 2 Betting Online

New to Dota 2 betting? Pump the breaks and calm down! You are about to embark on what is one of the most exciting adventures in your life. Placing a bet on Dota is quite simple. Websites have a vested interest in making the process as easy as possible. However, there are a few things to mind first. Let’s take a look.

Pick a Dota 2 Betting Site

What you want to do first is pick a betting site you can trust. We have reviewed and approved some ten sportsbooks for Dota 2 presently, and to our surprise, they are all of excellent caliber. There seem to be no bad choices here, so as soon as you’re ready, it’s time to register!

Register on the Website

Now that you have a great Dota 2 site, it’s time to complete the registration process. It should only take you a few moments. Please note that there are a few legal requirements. For starters, you must use your legal name and address. Since you are going to be gambling, there are strict laws regulating the activity.

It’s important that you are of the legal age in your country. This may be 18, but then again, it may be 21 in your case. Websites must not allow you to register if you do not meet the legal age requirement, but you must always double-check.

Make a Small Deposit to Fund Your Account

Since you are betting with real money, it’s time to fund your account. Most esports betting sites make sure that this is an easy process. Essentially, you need to go to the “Cashier” or “Banking Section,” click on deposit and pick a method. There are many payment options you can use, including bank cards, e-wallets, pre-paid vouchers, and even cryptocurrencies.

Go to Dota 2 and Choose a Match

Once you are registered and logged in, it’s time to go to the Dota 2 section and see what events are coming up. Some games will be played within hours, and yes, you can still bet on them if you see them. Others will be played in a few days.

Whichever you pick, all you need to do is click on the game and then choose which team you want to back. Alternatively, some sites make it so that you click on one team. Then, something called a “Bet Slip” appears and asks you to enter an amount you are willing to bet.

The Bet Slip will automatically calculate how much you could win if your selection comes through in the end. Don’t be tempted by big wins, though. Rather, focus on analyzing which of the two teams is more likely to win. Remember, the odds will already suggest who the favorite is and by what margin.

How Do Dota 2 Betting Odds Work?

If you want to place a bet on Dota 2, you should pay attention to the odds. The bigger the number in the odds is, the less likely is a team to win. This is how general logic works. So, if you are betting on Royal Never Give Up (1.33) vs. MagMa (3.32), this means that you will win back $1.33 for each $1 you bet on RNG and $3.32 back for each $1 you bet on Magma. These amounts include the original dollar you have a bet.

More importantly, the odds here tell you that RNG is a strong favorite to win, and they will most likely come out victorious in their Dota 2 matches against MagMa. Odds are not always right, but they will give you a very good idea of what to expect.

You shouldn’t only rely on the odds. There is a lot of information you can collect outside of what you see displayed as odds and leverage that knowledge to spot a situation where the betting sites haven’t properly reflected some change in existing conditions. A player may have fallen sick, and there may have been an internal team spat, and so on.

Standard Types of Dota 2 Bets You Can Make

One of the most important aspects of Dota 2 betting is understanding what types of bets there are. Fans are free to bet on Dota 2 matches any way they want to, and having a working knowledge of what markets and lines are available is surely a great way to boost your understanding of the game and chances of success. Let’s take a look at what Dota 2 betting markets are available and how they work.

Match Winner/Outright

This is perhaps one of the simplest types of bets you can place and arguably the most popular. In this case, you will pick one team and bet on them to win “outright.” You simply choose a side, place the desired amount you are willing to risk and go ahead with it.


If you want to bet on a team or an event much earlier, then you can turn to future bets. These bets are popular and very simple to understand. Let’s say you are at the beginning of the Dota Pro Circuit and already want to back a winner for The International. If you bet now, you stand a chance to win a little more later on as early bets usually have higher yields, but they are also much more uncertain.

Under/Over (Totals)

Totals bets in Dota 2 refer to whether you think there will be under or over a certain number of kills or maps in a given series. Is the game going to end with over 50 kills, assists, or deaths? There are many ways to explore the totals market. It’s usually considered a challenging bet to place, so keep this in mind.


Handicap bets are there to make things a little more exciting. Essentially, it doesn’t matter who wins a Bo3 series if the handicap is -1.5 and the weaker team gets away with at least a single map. The way this works is that the final score will be adjusted to reflect the -1.5 handicap.

So, if Undying is given a -1.5 handicap and Hokori receives a +1.5 handicap, and then the end result is 3:1 for Undying, the score will be adjusted to 3-1.5 vs. 1+1.5 or 1.5 vs. 2.5 for Hokori. Essentially, Hokori has won in the esports betting site’s eyes.

Map Betting

Map betting is another interesting type of bet to place. In real terms, you are trying to bet on which map is going to be won by which team. In the longer Dota 2 series, such as Bo3 and Bo5, this is an interesting market to explore.

Some series are very challenging, and they will go the distance. For example, most finals in Dota 2 are played in a Bo5 and Bo7 format, and most of them go full five or seven games before a winner is pronounced.

Proposition Betting: Bet on SpecificConditions

Proposition bets are some of the most exciting types of betting on Dota 2. These wagers are essentially narrowed down to some very specific conditions that may or may not happen in a game of Dota 2, and you can bet to extract some additional value. There are many such markets.

For instance, you can pick which team will draw “First Blood” or which team is going to “Kill Roshan First.” There are prop bets on “Courier Kills,” as well as “The First Team to Destroy X Building.” A typical Dota 2 match will have some 70 markets to choose from, besides the Outright/Winner one.

As you can imagine, proposition bets are very popular with Dota 2 fans who are keen to explore some unique markets and leverage their knowledge in a way that gives them the upper hand. There are many other Dota 2 bets you can explore, naturally, and they may be dependent on what Dota 2 site you end up visiting.

Betting Live on Dota 2 Online

For the longest time, in-play markets were an exciting but somewhat elusive type of betting to participate in. However, thanks to the rapid development of technology, esports betting sites today will introduce you to all sorts of live Dota 2 markets. Mobile technology and 5G networks have made it easy to receive packages of information in split seconds.

Basically, live betting on Dota 2 matches means that you can bet on whether something will happen in the next minute – a Roshan Kill, a Tower Destruction, a Team Wipe, and so on. In-play markets are very interesting, and they are even more worthwhile as they offer better yields.

The challenge here comes from the fact that betting conditions are changing rapidly, and this is a brand-new form of betting. Dota 2 fans do enjoy in-play markets, though, so you can expect to see these options featured at the leading esports betting sites out there. You will usually bet on live events while watching live streams. Many Dota betting sites actually have live streams for their live markets.

Why Bet on Dota 2 Online?

For one, there are very few retail sportsbooks that offer esports wagers. Secondly, participating in Dota 2 betting is just much better for you as a bettor. You will have access to free bet options, some real money bonuses, competitive odds, and so much more.

There are even some free-to-play options where you can bet without ever spending a dime. Below, we have listed some of the reasons why we believe esports betting is best carried out online. Let’s all have a look:

Convenient and Easy

It’s evident that the best esports betting sites out there will make your gambling experience so much easier when turning to an online solution. Websites are easy to navigate. They provide you with access to hundreds if not thousands of markets and give you access to competitive odds, a vast array of events, and more.

You can spot changes in betting markets in real time and generally enjoy a frictionless betting experience. Not least, placing a bet on Dota online is way more convenient than any alternative.

It’s Where the Action Is At

Only the best sportsbooks will make sure to feature every match and all tournaments that matter to the game’s fans. Esports betting agencies are committed to providing you with a vast selection of games across numerous continents and events. In other words, if you are looking to find the best Dota 2 betting markets and bonuses, you will want to stick with websites.

Access to Great Bonuses

If you want to find a Dota 2 bonus, you should go online. Esports betting sites will provide you with some excellent options. There may be a free bet or a match deposit bonus, and often a welcome bonus. Many betting sites, such as Betway, will offer special tournament or event bets, known as odds boosters. Online gambling simply makes it so much easier to access worthwhile options that will impact your Dota 2 bets for the better.

A Quick Way to Check Odds

Online Dota betting allows you to quickly check what the odds are available and where. It’s not just individual gambling sites you can look up. There are also odds comparison services that will allow you to quickly look up a tournament and compare all available markets, including the outright winner odds. Having the ability to compare the odds will make for better-informed decisions that online gambling alone can guarantee.

Constant Stream of Information

Focusing your entire Dota 2 experience online is a huge plus. Outside of the fact you will be able to wager on the best odds available, you will be able to constantly process new information. There are frequent updates about Dota 2 and teams, and you will benefit from staying connected while you place your next bet. A last-minute announcement may drastically impact the odds and give you new insight.

Different Dota 2 Betting Bonuses

Different betting sites have different ways of providing you with promos. Some will offer you a free bet when you first register. Others have a large deposit bonus waiting for you right at the start. There are different types of promos to explore, and many will make your betting experience a lot more fun. Let’s take a quick look.

Deposit Match Bonus

A deposit bonus is usually granted to players at the very beginning. The deposit bonus can be any amount, but it’s usually something along the lines of 100% up to $100 and a minimum deposit of at least $5 or $10.

Dota 2 fans do not have any obligation to pick this bonus, but when there are any upcoming tournaments, having additional funds to use is never a bad idea. Keep in mind that there are rollover requirements to address.

Match Odds Boosters

If an individual game builds up enough hype, you will see esports betting agencies such as Betway offer odds boosters. These promotions essentially give you better odds for the underdogs if you are willing to bet on them. The odds boosters are an interesting type of promotion that leverages your knowledge of teams, players, and the general state of the game, which is precisely what you need to be a successful Dota 2 bettor.

No Deposit Bonus

Can you get some money without ever depositing? You surely can. Often referred to as a free bet, this type of wager allows you to place a bet at somewhat limited odds for free. You essentially receive some money to play, win, and then roll over the winnings before you can cash out that amount. It’s a neat arrangement that lets you quickly win real money without actually staking a cent.

Pro Dota 2 Betting Tips

There are some subtleties to betting on Dota 2. We will help you quickly sort out everything you need to know about how to place your bet on the game and expect a good result. There is no surefire to win your wager, and even a good strategy may fail, so keep this in mind and remember to have fun betting on Dota.

Know the Teams and Players

There’s nothing simpler to improving your Dota 2 wagers other than following the game and knowing the teams. Dota aficionados follow their favorite teams with almost religious zeal, and forums are buzzing with exchanges, opinions, and predictions. This type of knowledge will allow you to call the next Dota 2 match with a relatively good degree of success.

Don’t Get Too Tied up

You don’t have to prove anything on a wager. Sure, bragging rights are great, but is there really any need to invest too much time and effort in an unjustified bet? You have nothing to prove, so it’s always better to only bet on those matches that you understand or back the outcome that you know you value. Don’t vow your allegiance to one team when it comes to betting – it’s just a way to boost the fun and possibly earn some money off your wagers.

Bet Small, Don’t Rush

There is no need to put a lot on a single bet. In fact, most Dota 2 wagers you place should be fairly small. Focus on getting the outcomes right and not so much on generating big wins. Wins will follow, but betting is still an activity that depends on chance. Focus on creating a strategy for each Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, and bet small. This brings us to our next piece of advice.

Every DPC Is Different

Every DPC is different, and no truer word has ever been said in the history of the game. You need to understand that just because one team was doing well in the last season, this doesn’t mean that this same team would do well in the next. This doesn’t even take into account the rare outlier events like 2021’s DPC match-fixing scandal which is all the more reason to be tuned in to the goings-on of each team’s reputation and bet small.

A lot can happen between The International and the beginning of the DPC. Some teams get completely dispirited after they drop early in the biggest event of the year, and problems start. Just because the team ‘OG’ dominated, two back-to-back TI (The International) wins doesn’t mean they will conquer the next one. It’s important to focus on the information you have and act on it.

What Are the Best Dota 2 Events to Bet On?

Ah, yes – events. You probably know Dota 2 as the host of the largest prize pool in gaming history. Well, that is the result of Valve’s ingenuity in the matter but also the community that has been buying the Battle Pass, a very rewarding special pass to unique content that also contributes towards The International prize pool.

In case you didn’t know, The International is the biggest esports event in the world, and that is a fact. The prize pool in 2021 hit $40 million. Events in Dota 2 are usually introduced in tiers, from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Tier 1 is generally any event that has at least $300,000 as prize money. Here are several events to look forward to on the Dota 2 calendar that you can bet on:

  • ONE Esports
  • WePlay
  • ESL
  • The International

These are the general hosts that will set up Dota 2 tournaments throughout the year. The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) is usually held in a format known as “Majors.” During these majors, teams try to place closer to the top and accumulate DPC points which determine whether a player can qualify for The International. Each season, a major event carries a different number of points that serve as a qualifying criterion.

In the meantime, organizations such as ESL, EPIC LEAGUE, and WePlay may host their own events independent of any major. Those events are usually Tier 1-2 events, and they attract a top crop of professional Dota 2 teams you can freely bet on. There is a lot happening on the Dota 2 calendar every year, and even though the pandemic slowed down things in 2020, the community has persevered nevertheless.

Is Skin Betting Allowed on Dota 2 Sites?

We have dedicated a small section of this page to talk about skin betting. Valve’s games have many cosmetics, which at one point in 2016 were used as a gambling currency. However, the practice was called illegal, and skin betting sites were suspended. Skins are still popular, though, and some rogue websites do use them, but we strongly recommend staying away from such websites as a whole.

How we Review Sites for Real Money Online Gambling
Safety and Security

We go the extra mile to ensure that each gambling site that is reviewed and listed on GamblingNews has a license, SSL encryption, and a strong reputation. We take a look at the web properties of the brands as well as their standing in the iGaming industry.

Player Support

We verify that the customer support team at each casino and sportsbook is competent and capable to assist you. Our reviewers look for platforms that have 24/7 support or offer clear and consistent helplines. We check manually by approaching each website’s customer support as a disguised player.

Promotional Offers

Our team is well-versed in how to spot the best bonuses on the market. We make sure to list gambling sites that offer good and fair bonus sums, and more importantly – bonus terms. GamblingNews reviews the terms of each betting provider to bring you the most user-friendly promotions. We similarly study the VIP and loyalty offers extended to players.

Game Variety

Players appreciate access to a large library of games or sports to bet on and so do we. We offer an in-depth dive into the variety of available games that gambling sites offer you. The team will help you find reliable and trusted casinos and sportsbooks that offer the exact games that you are interested in the most.

Reliable Banking

Payments remain a crucial part of the gambling experience and we insist that gambling sites bring you the best and quickest withdrawals. Our team will go through every payment method and test the deposit and cash out process manually to guarantee that you will get the best banking options on your hands.

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