Best Online Sports Betting Sites

We have reviewed over 200+ online sports betting sites to make sure that you have access to trusted and tested betting options. Whether you are looking for a risk-free bet, a great welcome bonus, or something else, sports bettors are always safe with the sportsbooks we recommend. You'll find that the sites below offer the best odds, betting markets, and welcome bonuses in the industry.

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Bonus 50% up to $1000
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How to Choose the Best Online Betting Sites

Finding an online sports betting site that is the right choice for you is important. You ideally want to pick the best sportsbooks that provide you with 24/7 support, uninterrupted access to betting markets, and information that is updated in real-time. Betting apps, live streams, and in-play markets are just the icing on the cake, and we make sure that those sports betting sites we review meet industry standards.

With hundreds of possible options to choose from, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t only stick with the best sports betting sites. They cover major sports leagues, offer a true variety of odds, and make it easy for you to bet on anything from professional to college sports. The betting lines are fair, and you can make a deposit instantly. These sites are safe and secure, and they serve as an echelon for the betting industry. Whether you want to bet on the NFL, NBA, MLB, or college basketball, you will find them trustworthy and useful.

We will help you find the best sportsbooks where betting on sports is intuitive, easy, and adds value to your own knowledge and understanding of athletic contests. You can look into bonus offers or focus on the sportsbooks themselves.

Trusted and Established Reputation

A license plays a big part in any betting site’s offer, but what matters to sports bettors is how well-known and reputable a sportsbook is. That is why we examine all aspects of betting sites’ renown and how well they are received by fellow sports bettors. As a result, we are able to only provide you with the best online sports betting experience as guaranteed by trusted and established industry names.

Make a Deposit Quick and Easy

The best betting sites all have one thing in common; they offer solutions to popular sports bettors’ concerns. That is why we always stop by the banking or “cashier” section to test. We want to be sure that deposits are easy. The best online sports betting sites will guarantee that you have access to instant payment methods, which make it easy for you to navigate your sports betting experience.

Great Market Variety of Sports

Since you are here to bet, you will probably want to make sure that every online betting site you visit has a good variety of markets. There are numerous ways this variety is expressed, but the best betting sites will ensure that their selections are full. Apart from mainstream leagues, such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS, the leading sites will feature college sports, soccer, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA, motorsports, table tennis, and more. They will cover mainstream events but also offer extensive coverage of local competitions.

Mobile Betting and Compatibility

Whether it’s sports betting apps or general mobile compatibility, we insist that the online sports betting experience is mobile-friendly, if not mobile-first altogether. The majority of sports bettors today, some 90% in fact, opt for mobile real money betting because of how convenient it is. We will help you find online betting sites that put equal weight on this type of experience and believe it plays a crucial role in sports bettor satisfaction.

In-Play Wagers at Betting Sites

Live betting is a staple of the best sportsbook experience you can get out there. Whether you are new or a sports betting veteran, in-play markets will always tempt you. They are resolved in real-time, which makes your online gambling session far more entertaining. Live betting is a world of its own, and it comes with some specific challenges that are not easily mastered. However, you can rest assured that the online sportsbooks we hand-picked have all of this and more to offer to you.

Quick and Zero-Friction Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are clearly an important part of the experience. Apart from deposits, we focus on how easy it is to complete a withdrawal. We keep an eye out for several important aspects of the experience, including available payment methods, how convenient they are based on your location, and whether any additional fees or complications can be expected. We test banking thoroughly to ensure the best possible experience for sports bettors.

Fairness of Odds

Odds and lines must be spot on when you visit the top online sports betting sites. That is why we conduct thorough reviews that examine a website’s current offer and compare it against sports betting industry household names. We expect the odds and lines to be up to the required standards by providing you with fair opportunities to place a bet and get the best possible value out of it. You want betting sites where the charged vigorish is low, and the potential return is big.

Built-in Live Streaming

This isn’t too important per se, but it’s a nice quality-of-life feature that many betting sites are now featuring. Hand-in-hand with the in-play betting experience, you can often watch live sports directly on the operator’s website. While this won’t apply for all contests out there, there will be a substantial chunk that you can see in real time as you bet on them. The main ones will usually be featured.

Risk-Free Bets, Bonuses, and Promotions

There are numerous ways to boost your online betting experience, and finding the right risk-free bets to get you started is definitely fun. Bonuses are not a necessity to enjoy sports betting, and while they have an appeal, good sports bettors know to rely on themselves. However, we make sure that the sports betting sites we review and put forward for you to choose from bring great promotions, whether this is in the form of a welcome bonus, refer-a-friend scheme, or loyalty program.

Customer Services 24/7

Customer service needs not to be there 24/7 via live chat or phone, but it definitely helps to use a website that is committed to providing you with the best possible experience. This includes having knowledgeable customer care agents who can help you solve bonus T&Cs, answer questions about selections, or potentially failed-to-clear sports bets. None of this should be the case when you bet, but it’s good to know that customer support is up to standard.

Start Sports Betting in Five Easy Steps

Getting started with sports betting is not as difficult as it sounds. You will find the experience to be straightforward, as a matter of fact. To help guide you through the process, we have provided a quick step-by-step guide that will have you betting on major sports leagues in no time! Whether you want to claim a betting site bonus is up to you. Here is how this looks.

  1. Locate a site you trust: First of all, you want to pick sports betting sites you can trust. Select one from our list of recommended options and begin the registration process.
  2. Confirm your identity: Always fill out your information truthfully, as this will be necessary to confirm your identity and prove that you are the person under whose name you are registering.
  3. Check the bonuses: Consider if a risk-free bet is worthwhile or whether you want to claim a welcome bonus. Read through the T&Cs and check if there are enough matches to bet on.
  4. Deposit in your account: Pick a deposit method that you feel comfortable with, and that is going to help you carry out a frictionless transaction.
  5. Place your bets: Now that you are all set up, the last thing to do is to start placing bets. Bet on the sports that you understand best, and that will help you win real money.

Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting sites are naturally mobile-compatible, and this means that they likely have dedicated betting apps as well. Those apps used to be mostly for Android users, as the Apple Store and Google didn’t allow them to download them directly on their stores, but this has changed. As a result, online sports betting sites are embracing apps, and you can find numerous excellent options.

Betting apps are mostly two kinds – iOS and Android. Android can be downloaded as a standalone .akp file (the installation file for Android software) or from the Google Store. iOS apps are only available in the store to avoid tinkering with the software.

As a result, the best betting apps today are coming from recognized online sportsbooks. Players will be able to explore a  variety of options that are worth their while and make it easy to claim and participate in all types of offers. Whether you are just looking to bet on sports or claim a risk-free wager, or even participate in live betting, betting apps are there to make sure that you always have quick and easy access to the available betting markets.

These apps are intuitive, and they allow you to stay connected 24/7. Often, they will pop a reminder when a free bet is available or when your game is live. They have integrated live streams allowing you to not only enjoy mobile betting but also track the action in real time. Most gambling sites that want to stand out from the rest will ensure that they have a great mobile offer to feed bettors.

Latest Sports Betting Picks

Tips for New Players

Some online betting sites will definitely be a better choice when it comes to new players as they are equipped to provide them with a great sign-up bonus, a risk-free bet, or a great welcome bonus to get them started. Yet, it’s not just that. Free bonuses may be great, but a site that is good for new sports bettors has to add a lot more value to make your real money gambling worthwhile.

There are different factors you need to verify first. For starters, you want to make sure that the vigorish you ought to pay is low or at least in line with industry standards. There are other factors too, such as a variety of sports you can bet on. Most great online sportsbooks that are friendly to new players will go the extra mile to ensure that newcomers can benefit from ideal conditions, and that includes a variety of sports.

Competitive and fair odds are also important for new players, and while someone who is known to the idea of gambling money on sports won’t participate in live betting right away, it’s still good to feature live betting so that new players can grow familiar with all aspects of the online gambling experience. In a word, the best sportsbook for newcomers will be a comprehensive offer that makes it easy to bet on your favorite sports without any significant challenges.

Online Sports Betting Site Bonuses

Online sports betting would not be quite the same were we not to factor in the available bonuses and promotions. Bonuses are part of the sportsbooks’ offer, and they come in many shapes and forms that help your real money online gambling along the way. There will be free bets as well as risk-free bets, welcome bonuses, and no deposit bonuses.

The best online sports betting sites will make sure that they feature time-tested selections and also extend odds boosters for individual events. Online sports betting is VERY flexible as it makes it easy for sportsbooks to adjust their bonusing offers in real-time and extend some delightful treats.

How to Claim an Online Sports Betting Bonus

Find an online betting site that you enjoy and where the bonuses seem to be something you would want to try yourself. That may be a free bet or a risk-free wager, or even individual bonuses for single events. Proceed to register yourself at the website.

Read the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

Next, you need to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the bonus. It’s advisable that you ALWAYS read carefully through these before you commit to any bonus at all. You want to make sure that you have a sound grasp of how the bonusing system works, and that is precisely what you want to achieve. Each online betting site will produce specific bonus rules that you can leverage successfully.

Meet the Required Condition to Claim the Bonus

Now that you are confident that you have found a bonus that you would like to get, it’s time to meet the requirement. A welcome bonus will usually ask you to deposit $10 to get a real money bonus percentage matching your deposit. With a risk-free wager, you can even bet up to $50, and if you lose, you will end up recuperating those losses for another shot at placing a successful wager. In any event, the requirement for these bets will vary. Sometimes you are just given a free bet upon registration, and that is it.

Live and In-play Sports Betting Sites

Live betting markets are quite popular, and they are a part of the online sportsbook experience. To enjoy betting fully, you need to be familiar with how live wagering works, and it’s simple indeed. The base principle here is that you get to place a bet not before a game starts but during a sports contest.

That adds a level of excitement and challenges that are not always easy to address, but you will be happy to know that those who master in-play betting (as it’s called) are quite happy to pick it any time over the regular pre-game contests. In-play is a way for people to engage in sports, but it also invites a slightly more dangerous type of gambling as you need to have significantly better knowledge to benefit from in-play bets.

However, any betting site that wants to be worth your while will have to feature great live betting markets, and that is precisely why they do. In-play markets are an important part of the experience, and we will help you find those betting options that will cover the in-play offer covered fully whether you are in the United States, Canada, or somewhere else.

Are Sports Betting Sites Legal?

The legality of online sportsbooks is a common question among bettors. You have a point to ask this, and it always helps to make sure you are picking the right sportsbook. There are different laws that determine the legality of sportsbooks in different jurisdictions. Most gambling sites are considered legal when they have a permit from the specific jurisdiction they target. Otherwise, they have an “unregulated status.”

What does this mean for you as a sports fan? You are 100% safer and better off betting at betting sites that are close to you. For US betting, you would want to possibly choose DraftKings or BetMGM, or any other licensed operator. However, some bettors are also keen on exploring some niche markets or markets that are otherwise unavailable to them, such as (college football) and turn to unregulated brands.

Just because a brand is unregulated doesn’t mean it isn’t good, but you have to be extra careful with the sportsbook you choose. A license means you can dispute an issue, whereas unregulated sportsbooks aren’t too heavily supervised.

Final Considerations – Choosing Your Ideal Betting Site

There are some final matters to consider if you want to get the best sports betting experience, and we are fairly certain that by asking yourself these questions, you will be able to locate the best sports betting sites that work for you. Here are several questions to ask yourself before committing further.

Where are you based?

  • Depending on your current location, you may want to look up online betting sites that make sense for you personally. This means choosing betting sites that offer payment and betting solutions that are tailored to your market, whether this is Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom.
  • The main difference here has to do with whether the betting site you want to be with is allowed in your jurisdictions. In the United States, most states set to draw their own rules as to what online betting sites may operate and under what conditions.

How early are the odds and lines available?

  • Different sports betting sites have different internal guides for when odds and lines are made available. With live betting, you have the odds updated rapidly and in real-time, but with pre-game matches, the standard procedure is usually 24-48 hours for most sports.
  • Motorsports will usually come much sooner, and so will any betting markets where the determination of the odds does not depend on another team finishing a game. In the NFL and golf, odds are often posted after the previous events have been completed, for example.
  • Depending on the sport, you will notice too many trends, that is, early and 24-hour posters whereby you get the odds on varying schedules across the sports but still consistently.

What is the vigorish or fee the site charges?

  • The vigorish is a special fee that betting sites use to charge on every bet you make. This is standard practice, and it’s done so as to allow sports betting sites to stay competitive, power the software they need to produce odds, and more. You want to find one that is ideally on par with industry standards or lower.
  • Different markets charge different vigorish. In the United States, most sportsbooks ask you to bet $110 to win $100, which means that you pay $10 in vigorish. Now, when you scale these numbers down, it’s $1.10 to win $1. This juice is considered standard, but there are some sportsbooks that only ask you to stake $105 to win $100. You can see how the difference in this “juice” can be pretty substantial.
  • We recommend not to bet on sports betting sites that charge you more than $110 to win $100 back as they are going to quickly stack up some significant additional charges for you.

Are there sufficient markets for the sports you like?

  • While the best sports betting sites will offer a fantastic dynamic and variety of markets, you want to make sure the sports you like are actually sufficiently covered.
  • Look for betting sites that will cover what is generally considered niche sports. The NFL and NBA will naturally be covered in every sportsbook, but you may need to look a little further for snooker, darts, or table tennis, for example.
  • Have a quick look at the betting sites you think you would enjoy around the time of important events in your favorite sport, and see if you think they are sufficient.

Do the odds change frequently? 

  • You should always keep an eye out when placing a bet. Some sports betting sites tend to change the odds more frequently than others.
  • While sniping for the ideal odds can be a little challenging to a casual bettor, there are great benefits to find there nonetheless.
  • To get the best odds, make sure to familiarize yourself with each betting site’s dynamic and how prone they are to change their odds.
How we Review Sites for Real Money Online Gambling
Safety and Security

We go the extra mile to ensure that each gambling site that is reviewed and listed on GamblingNews has a license, SSL encryption, and a strong reputation. We take a look at the web properties of the brands as well as their standing in the iGaming industry.

Player Support

We verify that the customer support team at each casino and sportsbook is competent and capable to assist you. Our reviewers look for platforms that have 24/7 support or offer clear and consistent helplines. We check manually by approaching each website’s customer support as a disguised player.

Promotional Offers

Our team is well-versed in how to spot the best bonuses on the market. We make sure to list gambling sites that offer good and fair bonus sums, and more importantly – bonus terms. GamblingNews reviews the terms of each betting provider to bring you the most user-friendly promotions. We similarly study the VIP and loyalty offers extended to players.

Game Variety

Players appreciate access to a large library of games or sports to bet on and so do we. We offer an in-depth dive into the variety of available games that gambling sites offer you. The team will help you find reliable and trusted casinos and sportsbooks that offer the exact games that you are interested in the most.

Reliable Banking

Payments remain a crucial part of the gambling experience and we insist that gambling sites bring you the best and quickest withdrawals. Our team will go through every payment method and test the deposit and cash out process manually to guarantee that you will get the best banking options on your hands.

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What Are the Best Online Sports Betting Sites? The best online sports betting sites are ones that are trusted brands, provide great odds, and offer fair promotional and cash-out terms. You'll find that the ones we recommend on this page rank highly for all the important criteria that make for a great online sports betting experience.
Can You Trust Sportsbook Reviews? Generally, reviews are promotional work, and they do make sure to present sportsbooks in the best possible light possible. However, services, such as ours, stand for integrity so that only trusted and provably fair are given good marks. The rest of the available sites will be listed with their flaws and shortcomings. We don't create a blacklist, for example, but will most certainly report on every serious issue that an online betting site may have faced to the detriment of sports fans in our sportsbook reviews section.
What Are the Best Sign Up Bonuses for Sports Betting Sites? The best sign-up bonuses are ones that have fair terms and realistic playthrough requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. Some websites try to lure players in with huge welcome bonus values, but be sure to read the small print!
What Sports Betting Sites Are Legal in New York?,, and are among the top rated online sports betting sites for players from New York. You can grab your free welcome bonus by signing up through the links on this page.
How Do Sports Betting Sites Make Money? Sports betting sites make their money on losing bets. It's often termed as 'vigorish', which refers to the amount they charge for taking on a bet, however, this is only collected if the player loses.
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