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The Wild Show featured image.

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The Wild Show Slot Review

Ought you not get a sense of wonder in your lives? Should you not go to the circus and see the fearless lion tamer, the strongest man alive, or indeed the flamethrower? What about the magician who uses her sleight of hand to amaze and wow the audience? All of this and more is possible in The Wild Show online slot by DragonGaming, a game that goes boldly where few slots have tried their hand before.

A single payline occupies the screen which will surprise players, but also whet their curiosity – and justly so. The game has a decent 1200x max payout, and it features a 96.10% theoretical return, which is already plenty. Not least, even though there is a single payline to focus your attention on, beware – for there lie many curious surprises just like a good circus spectacle would have it.

Theme, Storyline, and Graphics: Prepare to Be Amaze

A single payline, how much fun can this be? Well, we are about to find out in a minute. In the meantime, The Wild Show slot machine is about a spectacular performance taking place under the dome of a circus tent, with its vastness, cavernous dark corners, and brightly lit center where performers demonstrate their mettle and derring-do to impress and entertain you.

The Wild Show is all about enjoying a circus spectacle, with projectors streaming light towards the play grid, audiences agog and gasping in the backdrop, and not least, the intermittent outburst of claps. An elephant is mounted on a lifting mechanism and swings from the top of the tent in an almost gravity-defying way, with The Wild Show determined to go on!

This spectacle is joined by strong athletic men who amaze the spectators by performing feats of great strength, a magician who uses her cards and rehearsed tricks to help you get a sense of wonder, a golden ticket, and a flamethrower who turns his breath into the billowing fire.

In The Wild Show, the setting is crafted with exceeding attention to detail, and yet clear minimalism to draw your attention squarely to the single payline that runs across the grid.

The Wild Show Symbols and Payouts: Join them on Stage

The Wild Show will introduce you to a variety of symbols, but still keep things pretty simple for most players to get a quick foothold. For starters, you have the Magician, Flamethrower, and Strongest Man Alive Symbols which are designed to pay you 80, 60, and 40 for three of a kind respectively.

These symbols will only pay out if you get three lined up, much like a traditional one-armed bandit slot, which leaves little for the imagination this way. Any 3 symbols, though, will pay out 21, which is pretty cool! Then, you have the Wild Ticket Symbol, which will pay you 120 for three of a kind, and make the whole experience enjoyable for you.

Oh, and this is hardly it, as the Wild Ticket Symbol comes with a powerful multiplier – or a chance thereof! Oh, and if there are 2 Wild Symbols on the line, the missing spin will re-spin until a winning combination is formed. Quite neat, eh?

Sounds and Animations: The Wild Show Wows the Biggest Skeptics

You may not be a huge fan of the circus, but then again, it doesn’t matter. The Wild Show is designed to captivate and enrapt, draw you closer to the action with every spectacle it presents.

The game is designed to be eye-catching and to easily keep your attention riveted, and it succeeds. There is no trickery, just discrete and apt design work that will make you love this online slot and seek it out repeatedly. DragonGaming knows how to build a great game, and The Wild Show well, shows just that.

The Wild Show Gameplay: Easy to the Touch, Quick to the Spin

The Wild Show’s gameplay is surprisingly easy, as you can expect from a single payline slot, right? For the most part, you simply need to keep spinning the reels. Where this game stands out is the fact that it offers you a quick way to play. With a single payline to focus on, the payouts can be great.

Plus, you may bet $0.01 per betting round! This is quite neat when you come to think of it and will let you play rather huge stretches at a time. If you are looking for a maximum win, though you may want to bet $100 at a time, and hope for the 1200x multiplier.

Now, the game doesn’t have anything to let you calibrate the paylines, but you can still toggle a turbo mode on and enjoy the auto spin. After all, when you do have $0.01 per bet, it suddenly doesn’t seem so risky to preload 100 free rounds!

The Wild Show Features: Features? What Features?

Now, The Wild Show may have a single payline, but it still manages to make use of some clever features.

Wild Multipliers & Respins – The Wild Ticket symbol is your key to unlocking some of the finer aspects of the gameplay, which include the re-respin feature when you have two tickets on the reels, which will result in a guaranteed third symbol on the payline. Then, there are the random multipliers, assigned per chance and running from 5x to 10x.

Final Thoughts: Buy Yourself a Ticket to the Front Lines

The circus fascinates and even today it reels you in with its glitz and glamor and a note of superhuman feats that take place on the stage, from taming lions to performing feats of magical and physical prowess, to enjoying a great multiplier feature courtesy of the great online slot game. Are you keen to get a bit of wonder in your daily lives? Then The Wild Show may just be the slot game that you will find worthwhile!

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