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Las Vegas Judge Opts for Probation in William Hill Embezzlement Case

The inquiry into the embezzlement scheme at William Hill engaged both the Nevada Gaming Commission and internal teams, resulting in numerous charges against Shravan Singh and Paige Steiner

In a recent ruling, a judge in Las Vegas spared two individuals from incarceration, opting instead for probation, following their involvement in an embezzlement scheme targeting the renowned sports betting company, William Hill.

Unraveling the Scheme of William Hill’s Employee Fraud Investigation

The investigation, initiated in December 2022 by a Nevada Gaming Control Board enforcement agent, uncovered a web of deceit involving multiple employees within William Hill, reported 8 News Now. The company, boasting over 100 race and sports books in Nevada and recognized as the state’s premier mobile sports betting app, fell victim to the fraudulent activities of Shravan Singh and Paige Steiner, along with two other accomplices.

The investigation into the embezzlement scheme at William Hill involved both the Nevada Gaming Commission and internal teams, with Shravan Singh and Paige Steiner facing numerous charges. Singh’s termination and subsequent arrest followed the discovery of fraudulent activity, with over $280,000 reportedly stolen. Investigators uncovered a pattern of suspicious transactions facilitated by Singh’s position, leading to further scrutiny and potential arrests of additional co-conspirators.

Singh and Steiner, charged with five counts each, confessed to their crimes earlier this year and agreed to jointly compensate the company with over $200,000 in restitution. Their sentencing, delivered by Clark County Judge Crystal Eller, resulted in probation terms. Violation of these conditions could lead to a minimum of three years behind bars for either offender.

Singh Unravels Role in the William Hill Embezzlement

According to investigators, Singh orchestrated fraudulent cash adjustments on a staggering 166 occasions spanning nearly 3,000 instances. Documents revealed Singh’s embezzlement spree, which commenced in October 2021, amounted to over $280,000. His position within the company shielded his illicit activities from detection until the investigation’s inception.

Authorities underscored Singh’s pivotal role in concealing not only his own fraudulent transactions but also those of others, impeding the timely reporting of compliance breaches by William Hill.

Additional individuals allegedly involved in the embezzlement scheme against William Hill were identified, bringing the total to five. Persha Stanley and Anthony Cuddeback were charged for their alleged roles, tied to fraudulent cash adjustments authorized by former employee Shravan Singh. Besides Stanley and Cuddeback, investigators implicated Passion Tatreoina Rich and Paige Steiner in the scheme, with potential charges pending against Rich. 

Meanwhile, a separate legal battle involving six individuals, including former William Hill staff, is ongoing in Las Vegas Justice Court, shedding further light on the pervasive nature of embezzlement within the sports betting industry.

The ruling marks a cautionary tale for both employees and companies operating in the gambling sector, emphasizing the severe consequences awaiting those who engage in fraudulent practices. Despite evading immediate imprisonment, Singh and Steiner will remain under judicial scrutiny, serving as a deterrent against future misconduct.


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