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William Hill Investigation into Cash Voucher Fraud Uncovers More Accomplices

A new report confirms that more co-conspirators involved in the embezzlement scheme against William Hill uncovered with the help of an investigation by the gambling regulator in Nevada were uncovered

The Las Vegas Review-Journal confirmed Thursday that more individuals, allegedly involved in the embezzlement scheme against William Hill were identified. This takes the number of people, involved in the scheme to a total of five. The new report confirms that Persha Stanley and Anthony Cuddeback are the two individuals charged on Monday for their alleged involvement in the scheme.

Their arrest report ties them to the withdrawal of fraudulent cash adjustments that were authorized by an ex-employee of William Hill, Shravan Singh, who allegedly abused his role as a supervisor. Considering their possible involvement, both Cuddeback and Stanley are facing multiple charges. The duo’s charges include felony charges regarding an unlawful act with a computer, a charge of conspiracy to commit theft, as well as two counts of forgery and three counts of burglary. Additionally, Cuddeback also faces an additional charge for forgery and six more burglary charges.

The Embezzlement Scheme Involved Multiple Individuals

Investigators of the embezzlement scheme from the Nevada Gaming Control Board uncovered that Singh, while a part of William Hill, engaged in many kiosk cash adjustments for sums that were bigger than $500. Given his supervisor position at the time, he was able to cover his tracks by delaying reporting such transactions, not reporting them or even altering the records. Those actions enabled him to stay under the radar for quite some time.

However, in the end, the company was able to identify that Singh completed more than 3,000 fraudulent transactions. The illicit activity was conducted over a period of 16 months and it is believed that there were transactions made on 166 separate dates. Initially, the operator didn’t expect a large sum but then uncovered that some $280,000 were stolen as a result of the scheme.

Besides Cuddeback and Stanley, the investigation alleged that Singh co-conspired with Passion Tatreoina Rich as well as Paige Steiner. Reportedly, Rich may be facing more than 200 charges for different offenses, but for the moment, prosecutors have not filed official charges against her. On the other hand, Singh was formally charged Monday with 78 charges, while Steiner faced 68 formal charges for their involvement in the embezzlement scheme.

It is yet to be confirmed what penalties each of the perpetrators may be facing. Moreover, it remains unclear if the embezzlement scheme involved other individuals as well.


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