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Types of Jackpot Slots and What the Best for You Are

Jackpot slots are some of the most popular games that you will find at any online casino. Yet, there are so many of them that you may feel overwhelmed. Today, we set out to explore the five most common types of jackpots that you are likely to come across on casino gaming floors and online.

We have reviewed the most popular jackpots that you are likely to encounter yourself, whether you are playing frequently or just from time to time. Here is how you can tell the difference between different jackpot slots and what they have to offer.

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1. Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are perhaps the most common type. They are easy to integrate on any slot, as they are simply preloaded and are part of the game. Players will need to trigger a specific combination of symbols to enter the jackpot level, which may offer a tiered prize list.

Usually, there are three or four jackpots, with the last one being the largest. Some of the slots will require you to bet the maximum amount allowed per spin of the reels to trigger the jackpots, but the majority do not and everyone has a fair and equal chance to win the fixed jackpot prize.

There is no specific drop frequency rate for these jackpot games, and they are won at random entirely. The prizes won’t change no matter when you play, which means that you are not competing against other players who are similarly trying to trigger the jackpot.

In fact, multiple people can win the full amounts individually. How big the jackpot size for fixed games will depend solely on the game you pick, but there are some excellent rewards to be claimed, starting from as little as $1,000 and up to $5,000 and more.

2. Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are the next big category to take a look at. These games are arguably everyone’s favorite titles to explore and play for a variety of reasons. Although they have a much lower drop frequency, progressive jackpots are what every player who ever tries a jackpot machine hopes for.

There are many such games, from Mega Moolah to Divine Fortune, all promising millions worth of prize pools, depending on when they are won. The idea behind a progressive jackpot is that every time someone plays the game and doesn’t win the jackpot, a part of their loss is attributed to the prize pool.

Some jackpots have reached staggering amounts and have been won successfully. The truth is nobody wins progressive jackpots as part of a design. You simply cannot know when you will win, and playing all the time is most certainly not healthy.

Rather, players take a chance on progressive jackpots and hope to win randomly. Many of these games also have some specific conditions that need to be met in order to trigger the jackpot payments. Mega Moolah, for example, expects you to bet the full amount to trigger the jackpot level and have a chance to win.

Other progressive jackpots may be happy to offer you an entry on any level. Much like other slot games, progressive jackpots also have their specifications, volatility levels, and other perks.

3. Network  Jackpots

Network jackpots are another popular type of jackpot, and they are mostly related to the land-based sector.

These jackpots are multiple gaming floors that are connected together, although the exact term has begun to lose some of its definition in the age of omni-channel gaming where physical and online jackpot games are beginning to contribute towards the same prize pool.

The network jackpots are a hit with players who prefer brick-and-mortar gameplay, as they allow partner casinos to pool their prize money and offer casino-goers an extra incentive to visit and try their hand at winning a coveted prize.

There is no way of knowing how often the jackpot would drop. It would depend on how many players are involved and playing at a given time. Sometimes, even slow days could lead to a network jackpot payout. There just is no way of knowing, but these jackpots are good fun.

4. Local Jackpots

Some casinos prefer to keep things local and progressive jackpots may only be pooled from participation on the same gaming floor. This is an interesting approach, but also leads to increased interest from customers. Big casinos have an advantage over smaller counterparts insofar as local jackpots.

More footfall on gaming floors means arguably bigger prize pools. Yet, local jackpots are somewhat smaller by default, as they expect that only players who participate in specific slots at specific gaming floors would be contributing. This means smaller amounts, granted, but it also means fewer people who could potentially win the jackpot in the first place.

You may also want to choose when you frequent the property. During busy hours, jackpots will grow quicker, but they may also drop for another person. The alternative is to pick a slower time of the day and try to grab the jackpot there.

Of course, much like with other jackpot games, there is no fixed frequency of the jackpot drop. If you want to know for sure that a jackpot will drop today, you need to take a look at the so-called must-drop jackpots instead.

5. Must Drop Jackpots

Must-drop jackpots are a fairly new concept that has caught the eye of players in recent years. The must-drop jackpot is again a progressive jackpot that will build up but it also “must drop” by a certain point in time. These jackpots are usually offered daily.

This leads to busy weekends or specific days of the week when players converge for a chance to be the lucky soul who wins. Of course, must-drop jackpots need not be just about daily rewards.

Such a jackpot may run over an extended period just as well and just as easily, and span weeks or even a month. Apart from time, the amount accumulated could also be a consideration that determines how soon a jackpot could be won.

For example, a must-drop jackpot may have to drop before it has reached $100,000. These jackpots are a lot of fun as they can be configured in different ways, adding strong entertainment value for players.


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