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We Are Gently Testing the Asian Market and SiGMA Is the Perfect Opportunity

Betby is attending SiGMA Asia as the company focuses on pushing into yet another geography with its unique and player-focused products

BETBY is making its debut in the Asian market at the now-live SiGMA Asia event and is showcasing its leading product suite. With an engaged market ready to experience its products, Chief Operations Officer, Eva Berkova, explains how excited BETBY is to make its first foray into Asia.

Q: What brought about BETBY’s decision to make its debut in Asia?

Betby is a rapidly evolving company with a presence in many regions around the globe. it’s a logical step for us to take and turn our focus toward Asia as a region with growing market potential. Asia is home to a large population, with a significant portion showing an interest in sports and gambling. This provides a vast, untapped market for companies offering sportsbook solutions to target and capitalise on.

Asia is a high-technology region and we feel that it will resonate with our top-notch, innovative solution. The widespread use of smartphones and high-speed internet connectivity across Asia has created a conducive environment for online betting growth. And of course – there is a huge fondness of sports. Several major sporting events, such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and Asian Games have taken in the region. So BETBY sees it as a highly engaged market to be involved in.

Q: How do the Asian audience’s preferences differ from other territories, if at all?

Asia is a diverse continent with a wide range of cultures and interests. And while football is popular around the globe, it also ranks first in Asia in terms of popularity. Cricket, badminton, and basketball also acquired large followings and we have extensive offers in the aforementioned disciplines, so we can fully cater to the broad preferences.

Q: Have you had to tailor your offering for the market debut?

We have one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks in the industry. And of course, we are always developing our solution to ensure all of our clients find it interesting no matter the region. Recently, we’ve just boosted our Betby.Games offering which now includes cricket. The AI-powered Betby.Games with its dynamism, wide range of sports, customisation capabilities, and broad options of integration undoubtedly will appeal to Asian users.

Q: What are your expectations from the Asian market?

BETBY is interested in expanding our business into the Asian market, and attending SiGMA Asia can provide valuable market insights and facilitate connections with local stakeholders. In this defined case, we’re just gently testing the Asian market. We are bringing a top-notch sportsbook package and during our debut trip to SiGMA Asia, we aim to better understand the specific dynamics and regulatory landscape of the Asian gaming industry. We will identify potential market entry points and establish relationships with key players in the region. We want to look at others and firmly exhibit our presence.

Q: What will you be exhibiting at the show?

Just recently we’ve upgraded the BetBuilder feature which enables placing combo bets within one chosen event and our Enhanced Bets Feed where you can explore an extensive selection of bets across various sports, and look for and watch bets from other users and replicate these bets. Our Betslip feature was improved as well, a distinct option that enables accepting higher odds changes, empowering users by giving them more control! The Betby.Games portfolio was boosted with new game modes in CS:GO, eShooter, and FIFA ‘22. BETBY has a sportsbook with an enormous scope of markets and events, that focuses on innovation, state-of-the-art software, and endless customisation possibilities and we’re ready to present all these features to the Asian market.

Q: What are your aims in attending SiGMA Asia?

Attending SiGMA Asia, which is a prominent iGaming expo in the region, provides an ideal platform to network, connect, and build relationships with potential partners, clients, investors, and industry leaders.  The event features a series of conferences, seminars, and panel discussions where we will be taking part, sharing our knowledge and expertise.

SiGMA Asia offers a conducive environment for business development activities. And of course, BETBY as a mature company wants to increase our brand visibility, gain recognition, and create awareness about our products.

Undoubtedly, attending SiGMA Asia provides a unique opportunity to showcase BETBY in this region and start exploring its endless opportunities.


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