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Quebec Considers Ontario-inspired Model as Budget Solution

The Quebec Online Gaming Coalition released a report by Mallette accounting firm showing that iGaming Ontario generated around $230 million in revenue for the province’s coffers

Alberta may seem like the frontrunner, but Quebec is also emerging as a contender in the debate over which Canadian province will follow Ontario’s lead in implementing a regulatory model for online gaming

Report Reveals Ontario Gaming Model as Solution to Quebec’s Budget Woes

With Quebec facing budget challenges, the government has tasked crown corporations, such as Loto-Québec, with finding cash savings totaling $1 billion. Now, the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition has unveiled a report highlighting the economic benefits of Ontario’s regulatory model.

Chartered accounting firm Mallette conducted an economic analysis of iGaming Ontario for the fiscal year 2022-23, its inaugural year of operation. The report revealed that iGaming Ontario, in collaboration with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), generated approximately $230 million in revenue for various levels of government after expenses. Specifically, iGaming Ontario contributed at least $145 million annually to the Ontario government’s coffers. Moreover, OLG’s revenue from online gaming surged by 31% during this period.

The Quebec Online Gaming Coalition, comprising prominent industry players such as Betway, Bet99, and DraftKings, sees potential in replicating Ontario’s success in Quebec. Nathalie Bergeron, spokesperson for the Coalition, emphasized the profitability of Ontario’s model and its ability to address budget deficits. She highlighted that such a regulatory framework not only generates new revenue but also facilitates the implementation of responsible gaming measures.

Quebec’s Gaming Sector Pressure Sparks Interest in Ontario’s Economic Success

The economic impact of iGaming Ontario extends beyond revenue generation. The province experienced a significant boost to its GDP, with nearly $1.6 billion added in the first year alone. Additionally, the industry created over 1,800 jobs with salaries averaging $103,000, well above the provincial average.

The Quebec government faces mounting pressure to modernize its gaming sector, especially considering the substantial revenue leakage to unregulated markets. A November 2023 report from GeoComply revealed that thousands of attempts were made in Quebec to access Ontario-regulated mobile bookmakers during the 2023 NFL season

Back in December, GeoComply actually partnered with the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition to safeguard the integrity of the industry and prevent fraudulent access. 

Furthermore, polling conducted for the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition indicated strong support among Quebec-based online gamblers for a licensing system to regulate private-sector operators.In light of Quebec’s fiscal challenges and the Finance Minister’s call for optimization efforts from crown corporations, the Coalition proposes a regulatory framework akin to Ontario’s. Such a model, while tailored to Quebec’s needs, could yield similar economic benefits, providing a viable solution to the province’s budget deficit.


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