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Liverpool Man to Serve 6 Years in Jail for Stealing £180,000 to Gamble

Remmington’s actions spelled the end of his former company, causing many people to lose their jobs

The Liverpool Crown Court has sentenced a problem gambler to six years in prison for stealing over £180,000 ($222,800) from his old job. According to the lawsuit, Daniel Remmington stole the money over the course of a year, using the funds to gamble with William Hill. To make matters worse, his actions spelled the end of his company, causing many people to lose their jobs.

Remmington, who was most recently working as the Chester Zoo, stole the aforementioned sum from his previous job at Liverpool Motor Auctions. Between March 2019 and April 2020, 29-year-old was working as a cashier and bookkeeper for the latter company providing him with ample opportunities to misappropriate money.

According to the prosecution, Remmington would take the business’ cut of cash sales and channel the funds toward his Halifax bank account. The prosecution also noted that the man continued taking money while he was under investigation.

In addition to taking money, Remmington also bought a Nissan Qashqai from Liverpool Motor Auction. Using a fake identity, he avoided paying for the car, adding to his company’s woes.

Remmington, who struggled with gambling addiction, used the money to place bets with William Hill, the judge understood.

Remmington’s Offense Caused Distress to Many Families

David Birrell, Remmington’s attorney, defended his client, citing the man’s past diligence as proof that he was a respectable hard worker. Birrell added that his client is aware that immediate custody is inevitable and acknowledges that his action caused people to lose their jobs.

However, the attorney insisted that his client is a learned man with a decent work record. Should Remmington overcome his gambling addiction, he should be able to “extinguish the risk of any reoffending.”

Birrell added that Remmington’s mother relies on him a lot. However, the Judge Louise Brandon still opted to sentence the offender to six years in prison.

Judge Brandon accused Remmington of betraying his employers’ trust, causing the shutdown of a respectable business and leaving many people without a job. To make matters worse, the problem gambler was unable to repay a “single penny,” according to the judge.

In addition to receiving a six-year sentence, Remmington received an order that prevents him from contacting Liverpool Motor Auctions’ owner for 15 years. He may also be ordered to repay the money he stole.


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