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AGCO Issues Caution Amid Rising Online Casino Scams in Ontario

After discovering a series of scams targeting unsuspecting gamblers, Ontario's law enforcement agencies have raised concerns

Ontario residents are being urged to exercise caution as fraudulent online casino schemes continue to proliferate. Recent reports have surfaced regarding deceptive advertisements on social media platforms, falsely linking reputable establishments like Casino Rama to unregistered online casinos.

Vigilance Urged as Ontario Cracks Down on Online Casino Scams

Ontario’s law enforcement agencies, including the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), have sounded the alarm after uncovering a series of scams targeting unsuspecting gamblers, reported local media CTV News Barrie. The fraudulent ads, which tout enticing gaming opportunities purportedly associated with Casino Rama, lead users to unregistered platforms such as WinSpirit Casino.

A spokesperson from the OPP cautioned that while the allure of online gaming may be tempting, it was imperative for individuals to remain vigilant. They emphasized that those fraudulent advertisements posed a significant risk, potentially compromising users’ personal information and financial security.

Authorities emphasized the importance of using regulated gaming sites that adhere to stringent standards of game integrity, data security, and player protection measures. 

In Ontario, licensed gambling establishments are subject to rigorous oversight by the AGCO, ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment for all participants.

At the same time, AGCO and iGaming Ontario recently released an IPSOS study indicating that 86.4% of Ontarian players utilized regulated sites for online gaming in the past three months, showing an increase from the previous year. 

Despite this, over 13% of Ontarians still use unregulated sites, prompting concerns about the risks involved, as highlighted by AGCO’s CEO Dr. Karin Schnarr

AGCO Urges Caution in Online Gambling with Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Schemes

A representative from AGCO emphasized the significance of exercising due diligence when participating in online gambling activities. They highlighted the importance of verifying the registration status of gaming sites and using common sense when encountering online advertisements, suggesting that residents could reduce the risk of being ensnared by fraudulent schemes.

This cautionary advisory comes in the wake of similar warnings issued across Canada in response to a nationwide surge in online casino scams. In January, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) warned Manitobans about fraudulent social media posts promoting an online gaming app for Club Regent Casino, urging caution and reporting the ads to Meta. 

While PlayNow.com was highlighted as the province’s sole legal online gaming site, the MBLL emphasized that neither Club Regent Casino nor McPhillips Station Casino offer mobile apps or online gaming options, advising against engaging with fake ads to protect personal information. 

As the prevalence of online gaming continues to rise, authorities remain steadfast in their efforts to combat fraudulent activity and safeguard the interests of consumers. 


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