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Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Warns of Fake Casino App

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has issued a warning regarding a series of fraudulent Facebook posts that allegedly marketed an online gaming app belonging to Club Regent Casino

The Province of Manitoba’s Crown corporation that distributes and sells liquor, offers gaming and entertainment, and distributes non-medical cannabis to retailers in a socially responsible manner, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL), has issued a warning regarding a few fraudulent social media posts regarding one of the gaming facilities it operates. 

The MBLL, Diligent in Reporting the Phony Ads to Meta 

The posts, which appeared to be advertising an online gaming app for Club Regent Casino on special media platforms including Facebook, showcased a photo of the casino’s exterior and advertised deposit bonuses and other fake promotions in the descriptions. 

The Crown corporation has reported the false ads to Meta, Facebook’s parent company while also posting warnings to Manitobans on their social media pages.  

However, the corporation acknowledged that, despite their due diligence in reporting the ads, they were also aware that “these ads continue to circulate” which is why they have also advised the people of Manitoba who come across them to additionally block and report them.

The Winnipeg-based casino is just one of the venues operated by the MBLL, alongside McPhillips Station Casino and PlayNow.com

The latter, however, is the only ”legal, safe, and secure online gaming site” in the province, according to the corporation’s official press release.

The statement issued by the MBLL read “Please be aware that this a scam,” along with the clear explanation that neither Club Regent Casino nor McPhillips Station Casino offer mobile apps or online gaming options. 

Accordingly, Manitobans were advised to avoid clicking on any of the links provided in the fake ads or revealing their personal or credit card information.

All of PlayNow’s revenue remains in the province and it is used to support a large number of local communities as well as charitable programs. This is also true for crown corporations in other provinces except for Ontario’s open and regulated iGaming market launched in April 2022.

In June 2023, iGaming Ontario executive director Martha Otton spoke at the Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto, praising the 12,000 full-time jobs supported by the industry, as well as the CA$1.6 billion added to the province’s gross domestic product

In November, the same Ontarian government agency announced its plans to develop a centralized self-exclusion solution.

For the time being, it provides access to 23 casino slot games, poker and sports betting options, as well as lottery tickets, bingo, and live table games.

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