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SKS365 CEO Departs in the Aftermath of Lottomatica’s Takeover

Martin confirmed his departure via a LinkedIn post on April 24, the day on which the transaction was formally closed

Lottomatica has completed its acquisition of SKS365, the latter company announced. According to the announcement the SKS365 full ownership has now been transferred to Lottomatica, marking a new chapter for both companies.

The agreement was completed through GBO, an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of Lottomatica, which acquired SKS365 Malta Holdings Limited’s entire share capital.

According to the announcement, Lottomatica will soon provide an update of its FY guidance that incorporates the expected results of SKS365.

In the meantime, Alexander Martin announced that he will be stepping down as CEO of the latter company.

CEO Martin Departs

Martin confirmed his departure via a LinkedIn post on April 24, the day on which the aforementioned transaction was formally closed. While the new agreement heralds a new chapter for the two companies and is a significant milestone for SKS365, it also marks the end of Martin’s time as CEO of the latter firm.

Due to the inherent changes to his role, Martin decided to step down, saying that he feels proud to have had the opportunity to lead SKS365 for several years.

Together, we have built an excellent and successful company. Our consistently growing financial results have been evidence of our unwavering commitment to excellence and resulting in new heights yearly.

Alexander Martin, outgoing CEO, SKS365

Martin added that his tenure had him face several industry and business challenges. Thanks to the hard work of his team, however, the company was able to overcome the headwinds. During Martin’s time as CEO, SKS365 also managed to significantly improve the quality of its product offerings and customer experience and invest more in its team.  

Martin thanked the SKS365 team for its dedication and contribution and extended special thanks to the company’s shareholders.

Together, we have accomplished our mission to build and position SKS365 as an attractive, innovative, and profitable company.

Alexander Martin, outgoing CEO, SKS365

Martin wished SKS365 and its team all the best.


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