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UK National Lottery Winners Support Baby Charity’s Efforts

UK lottery winners joined Baby Basics’ efforts, helping its workers sew washbags and fill starter kits

Winning the lottery is great but being able to help others is even greater. The BBC has spoken with a number of lottery winners who highlighted the importance of giving back.

Two Families Supported a Charity’s Efforts

The British news outlet spoke with winners who backed the efforts of Baby Basics, a Lowestoft-based charity that provides starter kits with toiletries, clothes and toys to families in need. Winners from the country joined the nonprofit’s efforts, helping its workers sew washbags and fill the starter kits.

Among the helpers were Daniel Peart, 33, and Charlotte Peart, 34, who won £1 million in 2019. They admitted that the lottery win made their life a lot more comfortable, allowing them to do things that they couldn’t have been able to do previously.

Because of that, the Pearts now want to help others, especially mothers who are about to have their first child. By providing them with starter kits, Baby Basics allows mothers to worry about “one less thing,” Charlotte Peart said.

Christine Howlett, 63, and Graham Howlett, 66, from Lowestoft, are another couple that decided to back Baby Basics’ work. Christine admitted that she has always liked to do charity work, even before winning £2.2 million 19 years ago.

The couple was able to retire early and buy both their daughters homes thanks to the lottery win. Mr Howlett admitted that he was relieved to have the money worries taken off.

Other Lottery Winners Also Joined In

Another lottery winner the BBC talked with was Craig Harrison, 61, from Lowestoft. Despite winning £100,000 every month for a year on a National Lottery scratchcard, the man continues to work at The Jolly Sailors in Pakefield in order to “keep his feet on the ground.”

Harrison also decided to help Baby Basics’ efforts, admitting that this kind of activity was new to him. Despite that, he said that he was pleased to help Baby Basics and support its efforts.

Tracy Field, 56, from Benfleet, won £2.5 million in 2008, soon after she finished breast cancer treatment. She was overjoyed because her victory meant that she would no longer have to go to work and she could spend more time with her kids.

Field described helping out Baby Basics as a very fulfilling work as it allowed her to give back to people who need it.

According to Judith Goddard, co-founder of Baby Basics, the charity’s services are more vital than ever because of the high cost of living. She said that she was thankful that there were people to help her out but regretted that she needed their help in the first place.


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