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Gambling Ad Rules in Ireland to Impact Some Charity Draws

Amid the planned changes to gambling regulations in the country, proposals calling to exempt certain charity draws from a proposed TV gambling ads ban were defeated

Changes to the gambling sector in Ireland are expected with a review of the Gambling Regulation Bill 2022. Similar to the UK, lawmakers pushed for changes that would help curb the rate of problem gambling, protecting vulnerable individuals while also safeguarding children from the activity via restrictions related to gambling advertising.

One of the tough proposals for TV gambling ads involves a blanket ban that calls to prohibits such ads between 5:30 AM and 9:00 PM. Similar to other countries across Europe that have already implemented similar legislation, lawmakers in Ireland sought this proposal will help reduce the likelihood of children viewing gambling advertisements.

However, the blanket gambling ads ban was met with opposition from the gaming industry and the horseracing sector as well. As a result, with the bill’s last day with Dáil Éireann, the country’s lower house, changes were proposed to exclude certain sports clubs and gambling charities from the gambling ban.

According to Tipperary Sinn Fein TD Martin Browne, who was recently quoted by tipperarylive, the implementation of a blanket ban may have a detrimental effect on charity organizations and sports clubs, which are helping raise valuable funds for good causes. Speaking about fundraising draws, the Politian said that those help raise money for different initiatives and at the same time support the important work of such organizations and charities. “Many of us have been contacted by charities and sporting organizations ahead of the scheduled report stage of the bill who are very concerned about the implications of the bill for their work in fundraising,” explained Martin Browne.

Charities and Sports Club Exemptions from Ban Were Defeated

Despite the efforts of lawmakers, the proposed exemptions for charities which were reviewed during the last appearance of the bill with the Dáil did not make it through the voting. The two proposals were defeated by a 68 to 66 votes and 69 to 55 votes, as announced by the Irish Times late on Wednesday.

Not unexpectedly there was a heated debate on the proposals which even turned into insults by supporters and opponents of the proposed changes. On one side, the supporters of the exclusion for sports clubs and charities said that it would help them continue to operate and raise funds for good causes. However, opponents of the proposed exclusion warned that some operators may present themselves like charities, undermining the whole idea of such organizations and preying on vulnerable people.

The next stop of the gambling bill is the Seanad where the proposal will undergo further evaluation and seek approval.


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