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Pennsylvania: Two Rivers Casino Visitors Accused of Cheating

The duo allegedly used fraud to win more than $14,000 while playing roulette at the Pittsburg casino

Despite efforts toward security by casino operators, there are individuals who attemp criminal activities such as robberies or fraud. Oftentimes, such cases are not difficult to solve due to eyewitnesses, extensive CCTV and other security solutions casinos continuously invest in. Although brick-and-mortar casinos try their best to ensure the security of their visitors and repeal different crimes, such venues are subject to criminal activities.

In one recent criminal case, two people allegedly involved in fraudulent activity at a Pennsylvania casino are now facing multiple charges. The case in question involves two individuals who were charged after taking home thousands of dollars of winnings obtained through fraud while playing roulette games at the Rivers Casino, as announced by KDKA.

The publication cited criminal records, revealing that a person identified with the initials C.H.L., together with another individual with the initials J.J.C.L., allegedly engaged in fraudulent activities while playing roulette at the casino.

Considering that the fraud was uncovered, each of the individuals now faces charges of unlawful taking with intent to defraud, receiving stolen property, as well as winning by trick or manipulation. Overall, the duo won $14,328 through alleged fraudulent activity.

The Unelaborate Fraud Was Uncovered Quickly

There are methods that help combat fraudulent attempts on the casino floors. Besides CCTV, some operators use specialized equipment that helps monitor the activities and raises red flags whenever there’s a suspicion of foul play.

In Rivers Casino’s case, the casino floor uses Interblock Roulette, a roulette table that successfully fuses modern gaming elements with the traditional roulette feel, ensuring engaging and thrilling casino experiences. Usually, whenever the roulette ball spins, it must be rolled in the opposite direction of the wheel. Once the spin is initiated, the gamblers can place their final bets. Still, this happens while the ball is still rolling and before it lands on a number.

In the case of Interblock Roulette, an incorrect spin is registered if the dealer spins the ball in the same direction as the wheel. This may otherwise enable players to place bets even if the outcome of the game is already determined. An investigation into the fraudulent activity at Rivers Casino uncovered that on three occasions, the dealer spun the ball incorrectly and the gamblers used this to their advantage to place bets while the outcome was already determined.

Whenever there are such cases, the dealer must notify a supervisor about the activity who then reviews surveillance data and submits the case to the gambling regulator, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).


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