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PA Bill Would Ban the Use of Credit Cards in Online Gaming

Since Pennsylvania is working together with the gambling operators, it has a responsibility to make sure that players are protected, Fontana says

Pennsylvania bill seeks to prevent gamblers from fueling their iGaming accounts via credit card. The measure, Senate Bill 1159, was filed this Monday and seeks to address some of the state’s gambling harm-related concerns.

Filed by Senator Wayne Fontana, SB 1159 would ban the use of credit card funding for online gambling. The measure targets payments in online casinos, digital lotteries, daily fantasy sports and sports betting.

Fontana announced his intention to file such a bill in early March, arguing that gambling and credit card debt often go hand in hand. He pointed out that many younger people are gambling with their credit cards, exposing themselves to risks of harm.

Fontana also published state statistics about the use of credit cards, showing that the credit card balance of average Pennsylvanians frequently goes over the $5,640 mark. Because of that, the senator believes that gambling should not provide customers with extra reasons to accumulate more debt.

Since Pennsylvania is working together with the gambling operators, it has a responsibility to make sure that players are protected, Fontana concluded.

Fontana Will Try Again Even if He Fails This Year

Pennsylvania is not the only state to consider or implement such a measure. A number of US jurisdictions have already implemented similar measures, including Massachusetts, Iowa, and Tennessee.

Fontana is bullish on passing SB 1159 as he believes that it is crucial to protect people in the Keystone State from harm. An earlier report on online gambling, compiled by a local university, shows that 36% of customers in the state are experiencing at least some gambling problems.

Because of that, the Senator intends to re-introduce the bill next year even if it fails to pass in 2024.

The bill, however, has a strong momentum and boasts bipartisan support. Currently, the measure has six co-sponsors. Fontana is optimistic and hopes that more lawmakers would support SB 1159, allowing it to gain the traction it needs to pass into law.

In other news, Pennsylvania recently published its industry report for March, which witnessed a historic milestone for the state’s gambling industry. As metrics rose across the board, the Keystone State reported the staggering revenue figure of $554,625,294, eclipsing the previous record set in December 2023.


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