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Pennsylvania Gambling Revenue Surges to Record High in March

Online, retail, and sports betting all performed admirably, recording substantial increases and setting the stage for a stellar 2024

March 2024 witnessed a historic milestone for Pennsylvania’s gambling industry as it reached an all-time monthly high in combined total revenue, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). The staggering revenue figure of $554,625,294 eclipsed the previous record set in December 2023, marking a significant leap forward for the state’s gaming sector.

iGaming Remains on the Rise

The sources of gaming revenue regulated by the PGCB span a diverse spectrum, encompassing slot machines, table games, internet gaming, sports wagering, fantasy contests, and video gaming terminals (VGTs). Retail slots retained their leadership position, generating $227,891,331 in March 2024, a slight 1.1% year-on-year uptick. These figures prove retail wagering can coexist with the online sector.

Retail table games and video gaming terminals (VGTs) experienced sub-1% year-on-year declines in revenue but still contributed significantly to the gambling sector’s success, making $85,222,921 and $3,739,380 respectively. These verticals enjoy a dedicated player base, making them less susceptible to industry shocks, but attracting new users remains challenging.

The iGaming sector experienced a substantial 28.95% uptick in revenue compared to Match 2023, reaching a respectable $191,086,114. Should this trend continue, online gambling could overtake brick-and-mortar offerings by the end of the year. These results align with broader industry developments, necessitating a renewed focus by retail operators on customer onboarding and retention.

The Market Is Still Healthy and Dynamic

The popularity of sports wagering continued its upward trajectory, with revenue reaching $800,718,332 in March 2024, representing a notable 10.67% increase over the previous year. While taxable revenue dipped slightly compared to March 2023, the overall contribution to tax revenue remained substantial, underscoring the significant tax benefits from legalized sports betting activities.

Fantasy contests were the only vertical experiencing a significant decline, as March 2024’s revenue of $1,103,979 marked a 21.07% year-on-year decrease. However, this downturn was not enough to offset increases in other sectors. The broader gambling industry contributed $229,566,989 in tax revenue, bolstering education and economic development programs.

Despite the challenges posed by macroeconomic pressures and evolving regulatory landscapes, Pennsylvania’s gambling industry has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, cementing its position as a significant driver of economic growth and revenue generation. As the sector retains considerable momentum, stakeholders remain optimistic about its prospects and ability to sustain momentum in the months ahead.

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