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Bill Proposes Pennsylvania to Join the MSIGA

The proposal, HB 2078, is backed by Rep. George Dunbar and paves the way for multi-state online poker player pools

Pennsylvania is one of the US states that offers a lot of different gambling options. Besides brick-and-mortar casino gambling, the state offers online gambling activities, including sports betting, online poker and online casinos. Moreover, visitors and residents of Pennsylvania can enjoy Video Game Terminals, making the state one of a handful with such robust gambling offerings.

Yet, for the moment, multi-state poker is not available in the state. This means that although players in Pennsylvania can access online poker, they can play within pools with players from the same state only. With that in mind, a new proposal seeks to change this, pushing Pennsylvania closer to joining the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA).

A proposal tabled by Rep. George Dunbar proposes the state to become the latest to join MSIGA. The bill, House Bill 2078 (HB 2078), effectively paves the way for the expansion of online poker, allowing Pennsylvania customers to play against players in other states that have already joined the agreement. Under HB 2078, the gambling regulator in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, would be in charge of overseeing the extended online poker activities.

The proposal reads: “Within 30 days of the effective date of this subparagraph, request membership in the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association with New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and any other states that join or have joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association. The board shall enter into the interactive agreement on behalf of the Commonwealth.”

The Proposal Would Boost the Online Poker Vertical

Provided that the proposal gains traction and is approved, Pennsylvania will join a list of states that have already agreed to MSIGA. This will help players in the state engage with online poker players from New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Delaware and Nevada.

Ultimately, the proposal will help create player pools that will include customers from different states, delivering exciting and engaging entertainment for poker fans. Recently, Rep. Dunbar’s proposal picked up speed after it was referred to the state House’s Gaming Oversight Committee.

Recently, Pennsylvania Sen. Wayne Fontana, showed support for a ban on credit cards for online gambling, as well as sports betting. The announcement came last week with Fontana confirming his intention to introduce a bill that would implement changes to the gambling sector, effectively prohibiting the use of credit cards for such activities.


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