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Expert Says North Carolina Online Betting May Boost Gambling Crime

To make matters worse, the money for problem gambling treatment is not enough, experts say

The launch of online sports betting in North Carolina has been hailed by the industry as proponents of gambling have pointed out that the vertical would bring millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state. However, experts are concerned about the industry’s potential negative impact.

As reported by WCCB Charlotte, gambling experts say that the new vertical would create new problems, such as a potential spike in problem gambling and gambling-related crime.

Dr Michelle Malkin, a representative of East Carolina University’s Gambling Research and Policy Initiative, discussed the matter with the news outlet, telling journalists that the state should brace for this increase in criminal activity. She explained that more than half of all people who seek help from gambling would self-admit to having committed a gambling-related offense.

Malkin is certain that the increased availability of gambling products would have an effect on gambling crime rates in the state. She explained that gambling-related crime usually relates to people struggling with addiction who run out of money. When that happens, problem players would seek money to either continue gambling or pay off their debts.

As a result, people would seek alternative ways to procure money.

According to Malkin, gambling-related crime usually affects addicted gamblers’ loved ones or close associates.

Those kinds of crimes are actually very common and they tend to be against the people that trust us. So it tends to be against family members and employers because you have to have access to money.

Dr Michelle Malkin

The Money for Treatment Is Not Nearly Enough

Malkin also addressed gambling treatment in North Carolina. She acknowledged that the state has set aside $2 million for problem gambling treatment but admitted that this will likely not suffice. Considering what the state needs, the money is “not enough to even come close to the need” of North Carolina, she said.

Since problem gambling is difficult and expensive to treat and usually causes damage before it can be addressed, Malkin suggested that North Carolina should invest in education on gambling addiction. This would teach people to recognize the markets of harm and notice if they or someone they love is “going down a bad path.”

Malkin concluded that the growing North Carolina gambling industry is not necessarily a bad thing. However, she argued that the state should be more thoughtful about the damages gambling could cause and expand the sector responsibly.


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