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UK Health Secretary Concerned about Illegal Crypto Gambling

A recent report raises concerns about the promotion of online crypto gambling websites in the UK

Amid the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies across the globe, a new form of gambling entertainment emerged, online crypto gambling casinos. While some users buy cryptocurrencies as a form of investment, others would gladly use them to gamble online. Clearly, this raises eyebrows in light of crypto scams and other crypto-related crimes and what happens when such currency is used to gamble online. This is only one of the reasons why some countries do not allow online crypto gambling. The UK is one such country, yet users can freely access such websites and play.

On Tuesday, Sky News released a new report, probing online crypto casinos. The new research uncovered troubling practices that linger within the online vertical. Such include the promotion of crypto casinos by famous individuals such as streamers or social media influencers.

The recent investigation also uncovered that foul play isn’t out of the question, considering that some influencers may be using “fake money” to promote crypto casinos online. Others, the investigation said, may be breaching the established laws in the UK by showing and promoting online how people can access illegal online crypto gambling websites.

Health Secretary Is Worried with the Findings of the New Investigation

The investigation into crypto gambling comes amid changes to the gambling industry in the UK in light of the White Paper on the Gambling Act. Now, according to Sky News, the gambling regulator in the country, the Gambling Commission, may review and investigate the findings of the new research.

Steve Barclay, the Health Secretary, was asked about the rise of online crypto gambling in the UK and the implications it may bring such as problem gambling. He responded that the Health Department is worried about the rise of crypto gambling and the increase in gambling addiction. Moreover, the Health Secretary commended the report that probed into illegal online crypto casinos, acknowledging that this was an important investigation.

Barclay revealed that this summer, seven new gambling addiction treatment centers opened their doors. This, according to him “points to the wider challenge that we have as a country in terms of gambling addiction.” Last but not least, Barclay acknowledged the upcoming changes to the gambling sector explaining that there are interesting findings from the new investigation that may be reviewed further by his colleagues.

Earlier this year, in light of the tragic implosion of the Titan submarine and the death of all members on board, a crypto wagering site was criticized for accepting bets. Reportedly, at the time, a blockchain wagering site has seen some $220,000 wagered on the outcome of the tragedy. The questionable gambling activity was ongoing before the news about the death of the crew members and the implosion of the vessel broke out.


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