January 10, 2023 3 min read


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Australian MP Recuses Himself from Gambling Reform Talks

Seeking at reducing gambling harm and protecting the consumers, lawmakers in Australia are trying to push a gambling reform

While ultimately, the changes plan to protect the consumers, not everyone agrees with the proposals for cashless gaming cards.

Senior Liberal Minister Won’t Participate in Gambling Reform Decision

Amid the ongoing debate, David Elliott, Senior Liberal minister, has announced he won’t participate in the government’s decision concerning the gambling reform, a new report released by The Sydney Morning Herald reveals. The minister’s son reportedly is currently employed by the global gaming content and technology company, Aristocrat. This is one of the reasons why Elliott decided not to participate in the cabinet’s decision about the reform of gambling in the country.

Similar to his Nationals colleagues, Elliott criticized the effectiveness of cashless gaming cards. He pointed out that he hopes that such measures can curb problem gambling and prevent people from losing money. Yet, according to Elliott, the reform cannot stop people from losing money to gambling in Australia. He explained that if people are restricted from throwing away money on one gambling activity, they will certainly try another gambling option as a substitute.

I’m keen to find where in the world the cashless card has worked. I want it to work. I want people in NSW to have confidence their loved ones are not throwing away their money. But unfortunately, we can throw money away at all manner of gambling in this country,

said David Elliott in a recent interview

Cashless Gaming Card Debate Continues

The proposed legislative change for cashless gaming cards received broad support. Mark Morey, the leader of the unions in NSW voiced his support for the proposed changes. Additionally, the NSW police commissioner, Karen Webb, among other organizations in the industry also sided with the proposal for cashless gaming cards which can help by not only protecting the consumers but prevent or resolve financial crimes.

Despite the broad support, NSW RSL and Services Clubs, locations that are established to help current and ex-military personnel and their families, disagree with the proposed gambling reform. Margot Smith, NSW RSL and Services Clubs’ CEO, called for a “balanced view of gambling” and spoke against the cashless gambling cards proposal.

Without any doubt, the possible gambling reform in Australia is a hot topic. The reform itself doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that the country is infamous for having the highest number of gambling machines per capita of the population. At the same time, billions are lost to gambling by Australians every year.


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