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BetJACK Joins IBIA as Its Latest Member

BetJACK and its parent company, JACK Entertainment, demonstrated their commitment to fraud-free sports betting by joining the IBIA

JACK Entertainment, the company behind the fresh sports betting brand betJACK, has joined the ranks of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), an organization protecting the integrity of sports betting from fraud.

BetJACK Is Committed to Fraud-Free Sports Betting

BetJACK, which operates sports betting in Ohio’s land-based and online sector, has entered the global betting integrity network thanks to its parent company joining the IBIA. The brand is, therefore, now a part of a group comprised of dozens of companies and over a hundred betting brands.

IBIA’s members have an estimated global betting handle of around $137 billion a year and account for almost half of the regulated commercial online betting activity. The association prides itself on being the leading global voice on integrity and protecting the industry from fraud.

IBIA members work together to protect each other from harm and corruption. Thanks to the association’s robust monitoring and alert network, suspicious activities rarely slip under the radar. The IBIA is further supported by many official sports leagues and regulators, which work together to crack down on fraud and use IBIA data to punish wrongdoings.

The IBIA Welcomed the Sportsbook

Adam Sulliman, betJACK’s senior vice president of sports and digital gaming, spoke about the brand’s launch in Ohio, as well as about its IBIA membership. He said that IBIA’s experience is certain to provide betJACK with the monitoring needed to maintain its integrity.

We are excited to launch betJACK in Ohio and look forward to partnering with IBIA for their proven track record of providing critical integrity monitoring and protection services for the sports betting industry.

Adam Sulliman, SVP sports and digital gaming, betJACK

Meanwhile, IBIA’s chief executive officer, Khalid Ali, said that the organization is very happy to have betJACK join its ranks. Ali noted that maintaining the integrity of betting is a noble and important cause that will nurture future developments in the sector.

The CEO praised betJACK for its decision to stand against sports betting fraud, saying that this attests to its core principles. In addition, betJACK will help IBIA expand its footprint in the US market.

The operator continues IBIA’s expansion across the U.S. regulated market and where our growing membership accounts for around 70% of all regulated online sports betting revenue.

Khalid Ali, CEO, IBIA

In late November 2022, the Canadian operator BET99 also joined the IBIA. A few days prior to that, the association welcomed yet another member – the sports betting and racing brand ZEturf Group.


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