November 29, 2022 3 min read


BET99 and IBIA Join Forces to Keep Protecting Sports

BET99, a Canadian sports betting and online casino platform operator, has become the latest member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), with the brand happy to join the organization that is helping safeguard the safety of sports worldwide to the benefit of both consumers and businesses.

Canada-Based BET99 Joins IBIA to Safeguard Sports

BET99 is happy to contribute to the cause as it has recently been cleared by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to launch its products in the province. IBIA members already account for roughly €115 billion ($119 billion) of the global betting handle, and BET99 stands to benefit from that by joining a network that is designed to alert partners and regulatory authorities about any potential match manipulation.

BET99 head of sportsbook André Bewerungen welcomed the opportunity and said that he and his company were excited to be a part of IBIA as it will help strengthen the operator’s own sportsbook. It’s critical, added Bewerungen, speaking of the importance of having the opportunity to access IBIA’s network in a bid to strengthen the company’s own integrity and monitoring.

By joining IBIA, the chances of manipulation going unnoticed diminished significantly, Bewerungen explained, guaranteeing players an enjoyable and safe environment. He continued:

We are delighted to combine forces with IBIA to combat foul play in sports, as well as betting-related corruption and manipulation, providing our customers with a safe and enjoyable environment.

BET99 head of sportsbook André Bewerungen

IBIA CEO Khalid Ali was similarly pleased with the opportunity to add yet another prominent operator to the organization’s list of members. Ali welcomed BET99’s commitment to integrity and noted that IBIA presently works with more than 75% of all regulated and licensed betting operators in Ontario.

IBIA Is Keen to Continue Growing Locally and Internationally

More should be joining before long, Ali noted and added that the partnership with BET99 will focus not just on the local market in Ontario, but also well beyond that to help protect global sports.

IBIA has been securing one partner after another in recent weeks and months. Most recently, the association added ZEturf Group. The organization also teamed up with the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) and has been working to continue growing its network of partners.

Ultimately, IBIA wants to bring all regulated gambling companies under its roof so as to continue working on strong collaborations that can lead to fewer problems in sports gambling and better protect the integrity of the entire industry.


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