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Star Sydney Gamblers Get Arrested after Paid Millions from Casino

An error that enabled customers of the casino to withdraw more money than they are due from ticket in, cash out machines, resulted in arrests by police

The Star Sydney’s parent company and one of the largest entertainment and gaming groups in Australia, Star Entertainment Group, was involved in a scandal related to alleged breaches of regulations related to anti-money laundering and other issues. As the second inquiry into The Star Sydney loomed, allegations of records falsification emerged earlier this week.

The allegations came after Liquor & Gaming NSW uncovered discrepancies between actual data from The Star Sydney and recorded and submitted gaming interactions by the venue. The probe uncovered that while the casino posted reports about its gambling interactions, CCTV and observations did not match with the reported actions to protect the consumers from excessive gambling.

Nicholas Weeks, the person appointed to the role of manager at The Star Sydney to help guide the venue to compliance, revealed that the Liquor & Gaming NSW inspectors compared recorded player protection data to actual CCTV footage and in-person observations, finding a mismatch between the information. As a result, the casino was accused of “falsification of records,” which occurred not only often but involved a large portion of the employees.

TICO Machines Error Pays Extra $2.1M to Gamblers

The latest hearing uncovered another major concern regarding The Star Sydney’s “ticket in, cash out”(TICO) machines. An issue with a software update on some of the machines cost the casino AU$3.2 million ($2.1 million) and according to a newly released report, people involved in the activity were reported to the police by the casino for fraud.

More than 40 people exploited the faulty TICO machines at the casino before the error was finally fixed nearly two weeks later. As announced by the Sydney Morning Herald, people who participated in the illicit activity are now facing legal repercussions as they were reported for fraud to the police by The Star Sydney.

The fraudulent activity wasn’t elaborate at all and was in fact caused by a glitch in the TICO machines’ software. Whenever a person placed two tickets into such a machine, they would receive the payout of the two tickets, but one of them would be returned to the customer. Subsequent attempts to redeem the returned ticket were successful and many people started doing so. To make matters worse, the ticket could’ve been redeemed multiple times, which is why the gambling operator lost millions after only 13 days.

The latest report told the story of a woman with the initials T.L.L., who was a recovering gambling addict. After hearing about the TICO glitch at The Star Sydney, she started to withdraw money using the same method. Overall, T.L.L. withdrew AU$57,265 ($36,900) and from that total, she spent everything but AU$5,000 ($3,200).

The TICO machine error happened last summer. Once the casino realized there was an issue, it reported the customers’ activities to the police. As a result, T.L.L. and many others were arrested and charged with fraud.


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