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Amplify Event Highlights Veterans’ Vulnerability to Gambling Problems

Dave Yeager, who is the host of Fall In, a podcast dedicated to the struggles of veterans affected by gambling harm, shared his story

Recovering problem players in Connecticut convened to discuss their struggles and share their stories. The annual “Veteran Gambling: A Silent Struggle” event, hosted by Amplify, took place at the Amplify center in Glastonbury. It welcomed Dave Yeager, who offered a presentation on the matter, as well as Senator Blumenthal and other legislators.

Yeager, who is the host of Fall In, a podcast dedicated to the struggles of veterans affected by gambling harm, shared his story, telling attendees about his own struggles with harm. The man, who is a US Army veteran himself, reminisced about his gambling problems which started during the time he was stationed in South Korea.

Yeager said that gambling, at the time, made him forget about his problems. He felt increasingly attracted to gaming until he felt an uncontrollable urge to play.

Yeager is now serving as a recovery coach for Kindbridge Behavioral Health, a pioneering mental health service provider dedicated to helping people overcome gambling harm.

Prevention Is Very Important, Experts Agreed

Other notable participants also commented on the matter. Senator Richard Blumenthal, who attended the event, expressed his desire to help Connecticut players before they amass debts and harm themselves. He emphasized the importance of cracking down on problem gambling, saying that early action can prevent the breakup of relationships and careers. In addition, acting early may save potential victims of gambling-related suicide.

Amplify’s program coordinator, David Ruella, echoed this statement, saying that it is crucial to tackle gambling harm “from the forefront.” Ruella explained that, unfortunately, veterans and military personnel are especially vulnerable to gambling addiction, as demonstrated by recent statistics.

The Veteran Gambling: A Silent Struggle event came amid Problem Gambling Awareness Month, a nationwide initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the problems and risks associated with gambling and teach people about the responsible gambling resources and services available to them.

Amplify, which hosted the event, is a “unique catalyst” that leads and unites community leaders, residents and partners with behavioral health resources and prevention strategies. The organization’s goal is to strengthen Connecticut’s ability to advance healthy communities.


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