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FanDuel Unveils New Tie-Up & Donations for Problem Gambling Awareness Month

FanDuel will reward the use of its suite of responsible gaming tools by providing customers with gifts

FanDuel, a North American iGaming leader, unveiled several initiatives in support of Problem Gambling Awareness Month. In addition to announcing a new mental health-oriented tie-up, the company vowed to donate $300,000 to charity causes.

FanDuel Joins Forces with Kindbridge Behavioral Health

The operator said that it will be teaming up with Kindbridge Behavioral Health, a pioneering mental health service provider dedicated to helping people overcome gambling harm. The new alliance will see the two partners launch a pilot program that would support self-excluded players in New Jersey and Ohio. The deal will see Kindbridge provide such individuals with access to mental health assessments and group support services.

The program will also provide resources to players who need to immediately schedule appointments with problem gambling treatment providers.

FanDuel’s own self-excluded players in Ohio and New Jersey, on the other hand, will be eligible to receive a free mental health assessment and gain access to a range of peer support and educational groups.

Kindbridge’s chief executive officer, Daniel Umfleet, praised FanDuel for agreeing to “extend a compassionate hand to those struggling with gambling harm.” He added that his team is looking forward with the operator.

At the heart of our ethos lies a fervent belief in the power of accessible mental health resources to illuminate paths toward healing and recovery.

Daniel Umfleet, CEO, Kindbridge

FanDuel’s VP of sustainability and responsible gaming, Alison Kutler, also commented on the matter, reiterating his team’s commitment to supporting responsible play.

As we mark Problem Gambling Awareness Month, I’m excited to work with a growing roster of partners to expand access to problem gambling support resources.

Alison Kutler, VP of sustainability and responsible gaming, FanDuel

FanDuel to Donate $300,000 to Charities

In addition to the alliance with Kindbridge, FanDuel also said that it will be donating $150,000 to the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), providing further backing to its Agility Grants program.

FanDuel will also donate $150,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG), an organization that helps problem players and families mitigate the harm caused by gambling. This money will fund gambling harm research, enhancing the industry’s ability to identify markers of harm early on.

The donations were praised by representatives of the two recipients, who praised FanDuel’s continued advocacy for safer gambling.

Finally, FanDuel will reward the use of its suite of responsible gaming tools by providing customers with gifts. Players in Phoenix, Chicago and Washington DC who show a staff member that they are using a tool to manage their play will be eligible to receive a Play Well-branded gift.


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