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New Campaign in Kentucky Calls for Regulation of Skill Games

A new campaign is calling for additional regulation of skill games and crackdown on illegal gambling in Kentucky

The campaign was launched by the Kentucky Merchants and Amusement Coalition (KY MAC), an organization that represents the interests of small businesses such as bars, clubs, lodges and restaurants in the state.

KY MAC Calls for Additional Regulation of Skill Games

Currently, KY MAC represents more than 250 businesses that help by delivering economic stimulus and creating jobs. Under the new campaign, the organization urges lawmakers to implement changes to the legislation to better regulate skill games.

KY MAC calls for changes and additional regulations in an effort to protect such games which represent an invaluable revenue stream for small businesses. At the same time, the campaign calls for a further crackdown on illegal gambling activities in Kentucky.

The latest campaign, details of which emerged last week, will include digital advertisements, as well as radio spots. According to KY MAC, those efforts will help highlight the problem created by illegal gambling and urge for the additional regulation of skill games offered by small businesses.

The organization said that illegal gambling brings harm to communities and business owners. What’s more, KY MAC warned that money spent on illegal gambling does not stay in Kentucky and such operations “jeopardize the success of legitimate establishments.”

Skill Games Deliver Extra Revenue for Businesses in Kentucky

Tim Crisante, KY MAC’s secretary, explained that skill games deliver extra income for many small businesses in Kentucky. “Similar to pool and darts, skill games offer entertainment to patrons who stay longer, enjoy food and beverages, and spend additional dollars as these establishments,” he said. Finally, Crisante reiterated the support for the regulation of skill games and efforts against illegal gambling operations.

Although Kentucky doesn’t allow gambling such as luck-based games, this isn’t the case for skill-based games. This specific type of game does not fall under the current regulation, enabling businesses to provide such a form of entertainment.

KY MAC is working closely with Kentucky lawmakers to pass legislation that would not only eliminate unregulated gaming operations but also generate additional tax revenue for the state from legal skill games.

Wes Jackson, president of the KY MAC

Wes Jackson, KY MAC’s president, added that the organization continues to collaborate with lawmakers in the state urging them for legislative changes that will help skill games generate more taxes and crack down on illegal gambling activities. Last but not least, he pointed out that skill games deliver entertainment and boost the revenues of local businesses.


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