September 13, 2022 3 min read

Massachusetts’ PlayMyWay RG Program to Change Gambling Industry

Massachusetts may be far from introducing sports gambling legislation, but Bay State is definitely doing well when it comes to rolling out responsible gambling initiatives. The latest is the PlayMyWay solution which will transform every gambling machine in the state into a responsible gambling venue. The feature is touted as a “budgeting tool” that can set voluntary limits that consumers can stick to in order to minimize potential gambling-related harm.

PlayMyWay Proves a Resilient Solution to Control Gambling Harm

The program has already rolled out at Plainridge Park Casino, MGM Springfield, and Encore Boston Harbor and it’s proving to be a good way to promote responsible gambling without trying to forcefully restrict gambling habits or antagonize gamblers.

In fact, PlayMyWay enrollment is simple and straightforward. The solution uses the customary rewards cards issued at casinos. When on-site at a casino, they place their cards in the electronic gaming device and are asked whether they wish to enroll or decline. This process can be repeated every time the card is placed.

Should consumers enroll, PlayMyWay seeks to assist in a non-invasive way, signaling to consumers when they have reached 50%, 75%, and 100% of their budget that the consumers themselves have pre-determined. This budget could be their daily, weekly, or monthly spending earmarked for gambling purposes. The solution itself is very flexible and what this means is that consumers have the opportunity to opt in and out of the program, adjust their budget needs, and generally enjoy a safer gambling experience.

PlayMyWay is very likely to enjoy a strong rate of adoption across the United States. While European governments have been talking about pushing restrictive betting and depositing limits on consumers, in the United States this seems far less likely. That is why tools that focus on conscious choices from consumers, such as PlayMyWay, resonate with American audiences.

Non-Invasive and Successful Responsible Gambling Tool

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is equally excited about the opportunity to tackle problem gambling in the Bay State and create a level playing field for all. The PlayMyWay initiative is designed to be a non-obtrusive way of monitoring and collecting insight into player behavior and whether voluntary programs such as this one can actually have broader implications. PlayMyWay is developed under a new responsible gambling framework that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has dubbed “GameSense.”

So far, both the acceptance and success rate of the program seems to be encouraging with casinos in the Bay State happy to adopt the program and help it succeed.


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