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New Study Unveils the Evolving Habits and Preferences of US Bettors

The newest evidence sheds light on emerging industry trends, providing context to the ongoing efforts of leading operators to maintain and grow their market share

YouGov, a global research and data analytics firm, has released its highly anticipated US bettor research report, offering comprehensive insights into the behaviors and preferences of American sports bettors. The company is well-renowned for its in-depth studies, offering accurate insights that help various industry stakeholders predict new developments and adapt to user preferences.

The report delves into various aspects of the US sports betting landscape, including the impact of ESPN BET on market dynamics, the significance of in-app features, and the preferences of different age groups among sports bettors. The research was conducted through surveys of over 2,000 US sports bettors from 5-18 January 2024, capturing insights from current and prospective bettors.

While DraftKings, FanDuel, and bet365 remain the most used sportsbooks, 21-34 year-olds favor bet365, while DraftKings is popular among all other age groups. Over half (51%) of sports bettors reported using ESPN BET more than they used to, indicating the platform’s growing popularity. While this new contender has not yet surpassed current market leaders, it enjoys steady momentum.

Two-thirds (67%) of 21-24-year-old current and prospective bettors expressed a likelihood of creating a sportsbook account with a platform associated with a streaming service, compared to 57% across all ages. Bettors also generally prefer user-friendly platforms with innovative features, explaining ESPN BET’s rising popularity and the ongoing efforts by other operators to modernize their offerings.

Innovation Remains Vital to Competitiveness

The report also highlights the factors influencing prospective sports bettors to create their first sportsbook account. It provides detailed insights into sportsbook user preferences across different age groups. However, sports betting streaming remains a social activity, as most people reported they used such services to watch entertaining sports content.

Jeff Morris, VP at YouGov, commented on the findings, highlighting the challenges facing sportsbooks in a fiercely competitive market. He emphasized the importance of incorporating in-app features, such as live streaming of sporting events, to drive engagement and attract current and prospective bettors. Morris noted that operators needed every advantage to onboard and retain customers, motivating innovation.

The US sports betting industry is a very competitive marketplace, and maintaining loyalty from customers has proven to be difficult for sportsbooks, especially when new sportsbooks enter the market.

Jeff Morris, YouGov VP

As the market evolves and new players enter the arena, maintaining customer onboarding and retention rates remains a pressing challenge for sportsbooks. By leveraging the findings from this most recent research and adapting to evolving bettor needs, operators can position themselves competitively in this fast-growing market, devising new strategies to optimize their offerings.

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