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Flows Strengthens DragonGaming with No-Code Automation

DragonGaming’s adoption of Flows would enable it to speed up its pipeline and simplify integrations

DragonGaming, a slots provider that seeks to shape the online entertainment realm, has successfully integrated Flows into its business. The critically acclaimed no-code automation platform is expected to greatly enhance the developer’s operational efficiency, allowing it to continue rolling out innovative titles.

Flows’ unique capabilities allow it to support businesses by speeding up development and simplifying integrations. The platform streamlines its partners’ processes through a single interface and workflow automation tool.

As an outstanding technology-agnostic software, Flows can be easily integrated into any existing technological software. Thanks to that, clients such as DragonGaming can innovate without the limitations usually associated with software development.

Flows was recently further enhanced with the introduction of “Flo,” a voice-activated AI software development tool that further enhances the product’s capabilities. As a result, Flows’ clients and partners can swiftly turn their innovative ideas into reality.

DragonGaming’s adoption of Flows would enable it to speed up its pipeline and simplify integrations. This strategic move would enable it to quickly create new fan engagement tools and improve the overall customer experience.

DragonGaming Recognizes the Huge Potential of Flows

DragonGaming’s business development manager, Ivars Dorofejevs, commented on the matter, saying that his team is excited to leverage Flows’ capabilities. He said that the new integration would help DragonGaming revolutionize standard gamification practices and enhance player lifetime value.

We are thrilled about our partnership with Flows, whose solutions offer unparalleled versatility. This collaboration empowers us to customize and expand our offerings to partners, ensuring relevance and setting new standards in the market.

Ivars Dorofejevs, business development manager, DragonGaming

Domenico Mazzola, Flows’ director of sales, was similarly pleased about the partnership. He said that DragonGaming would now be able to harness the power of Flows in order to excel in the creation of engagement tools.

Mazzola added that DragonGaming’s trust in Flows is a testament to the transformational value of no-code automation.

By enhancing their game offerings with our platform, DragonGaming is not just elevating player engagement but is also setting a new benchmark for innovation in the gaming industry. This move marks an exciting future where technology and creativity blend to enrich the gaming experience.

Domenico Mazzola, director of sales, Flows

DragonGaming isn’t the only company to recognize the huge potential of Flows. Earlier this year, the gambling giant Light & Wonder unveiled a strategic investment in Flows, empowering the latter company with the funding it needs to scale up its operations and conquer new markets.

Light & Wonder itself is no stranger to Flows’ impressive no-code automation platform and has already leveraged its no-code automation platform.


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