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Light & Wonder Unveils Strategic Investment in Flows

Light & Wonder praised Flows for its world-class technology and said that the current investment was a “logical next step”

Light & Wonder has unveiled a strategic investment in Flows, a revolutionary no-code automation platform. The deal will empower Flows, allowing it to scale up its operations and conquer new markets.

Light & Wonder is no stranger to Flows’ impressive no-code automation platform and recognizes its potential to benefit the industry. The former company has already leveraged the latter’s solutions to deliver a new operator-funded marketing jackpots feature and improve value for its partners.

The leading supplier is interested in making the most out of Flows’ technology and is planning further releases along the line.

For reference, Flows leverages advanced automation software to speed up development for gaming businesses, simplify integrations and bolster operational efficiency. Its groundbreaking no-code platform removes the complexities of traditional coding, allowing it to quickly bolster its partners’ product pipelines.

Flows continues to innovate and recently launched an innovative voice control tool that harnesses advanced AI models, cutting-edge technology and superior automation capabilities and allows clients to build complex omnichannel jackpots using vocal or text input.

The Investment Was a Logical Step, L&W Says

Light & Wonder’s chief executive of iGaming, Dylan Slaney, praised Flows for its world-class technology and said that the current investment was a “logical next step.”

Flows’ platform is an essential resource for businesses across all sectors of the iGaming industry and beyond and we are delighted to offer the company our support and backing.

Dylan Slaney, CEO of iGaming, Light & Wonder

Flows’ chief executive officer, James King, also commented on the matter, thanking Light & Wonder for its backing. He pointed out that this would enable his team to expedite Flows’ path to becoming a worldwide leader in codeless automation solutions.

King described Light & Wonder’s investment as a “catalyst” that would supercharge Flows’ growth and innovation across the board. He reaffirmed his team’s commitment to making technology accessible and transformative to businesses all over the world.

King concluded that he was very excited about the investment and the opportunities it would unlock for his team.

I’m incredibly excited for the journey ahead and the unparalleled opportunities this will unlock for Flows and our customers. Kudos to our team who have worked so hard over the last two and a half years to build Flows up to the business it is today.

James King, CEO, Flows

In other news, Light & Wonder just teamed up with RubyPlay and expanded its long-term deal with Everi Digital.


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