September 13, 2022 3 min read

BCLC Warns Consumers about Offshore Gambling Sites During NFL Season

A week into the NFL season, regulators have already begun warning consumers about the lurking dangers of unregulated gambling websites. If the present numbers are any indication, however, consumers in North America have become much smarter about figuring out what sportsbooks hold a license and what do not. In the United States, 46.6 million sports fans are supposed to bet on the NFL season 2022.

Huge Sports Betting Handle Expected for the NFL

Then again, more than 100 million geolocation activations were already clocked in during the first week of the NFL, GeoComply reported. Now, it’s the British Columbia Lottery Corporation in Canada that cautions consumers to only seek out legal and regulated bookmakers. The BCLC warned that many offshore sportsbooks are attempting to siphon off traffic from the mainland, which is generously associated with a greater risk of losing financial data, personal information, and money.

BCLC CCO and VP of legal, compliance, and security Marie-Noëlle Savoie said that there are hundreds of websites that still operate illegally in British Columbia, urging locals to exercise caution and only focus on playing at, BCLC’s own regulated online gambling website. Savoie assured that is equipped with everything players need to bet on the NFL this season and do so safely and responsibly. She added:

The NFL and NHL are two of the most popular leagues for sports-bettors in B.C. and we want them to have a positive betting experience heading into the exciting, upcoming seasons.

BCLC CCO and VP of legal, compliance, and security Marie-Noëlle Savoie is the only regulated website in British Columbia, unlike Ontario where the province chose to legalize private gambling and let international companies – many of which operated offshore before legalization – compete against the local gaming monopoly.

Savoie continued by arguing that offers strong safeguards for consumer health and assists in making the right gambling decisions as opposed to an offshore industry that is only interested in player acquisition and generating revenue at the expense of players’ financial and mental health.

Strong Revenue Can Be Boosted through Further Legalization

BCLC managed to pull in $1.3 billion in net income from the province. pulled in $293 million of this amount. The money is used locally to help support various good causes and budget deficits. Regardless, British Columbia may need to follow in the footsteps of Ontario and the United States as a whole in order to achieve the best sports betting results and stop consumers from accessing sports betting sites offshore, which are often running better odds and promotional offers, unchecked by any legal hurdles.


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