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Better Change and ESG Gaming Join Forces to Reduce Gaming Harms

A new non-profit organization will aim to reduce gambling harms within the growing iGaming sector.

New Non-profit Organization Focuses on Responsible Gaming

Lee Willows, the founder of YGAM, in collaboration with Better Change, the Gibraltar-based safer gambling consultancy, announced the launch of a new non-profit organization called ESG Gaming. While using an evidence-led approach, ESG Gaming aims at delivering three key products within the gaming industry.

The first product involves safer-gambling research. What is more ESG Gaming plans to establish a safe metaverse that can be used by fans, players, brands and tournaments. The last part of the initiative involves “training and inspiring 21yrs – 30yrs who are furthest away from the labor market to consider entering and kick-starting a career in the gambling sector.”

I have chosen to remain in the gambling/gaming space and am establishing ESG Gaming & Esports Community where we will have a focus (i) esports; (ii) iGaming careers and (iii) safer-gambling research,

reads a statement released by Lee Willows via LinkedIn

In a statement released on LinkedIn, Willows explained that he chose to remain within the gambling landscape. He outlined that ESG Gaming’s focus will be safer-gambling research, iGaming careers and esports. Moreover, Willows added that he is proud to be working on this non-profit venture together with David Richardson and Victoria Reed from Better Change. In conclusion, he thanked everyone for their support and said that he hopes to continue using his “lived experience in a humble and gracious way.”

The Organization Has Key Objectives

ESG Gaming’s first product will involve in-depth safer gambling research. The organization will join forces with academic partners from Gibraltar University’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG). Additionally, the group will collaborate with Bournemouth University and the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) to conduct independent research focused on safer gambling. The research will include an analysis of the effectiveness of safer gambling tools and messages. It will also aim to determine how the consumers interact with those tools.

Moreover, ESG Gaming will focus on facilitating opportunities within the gaming sector for people from vulnerable communities. Those would include under-represented groups, minority communities and women who wish to enter the sector under a full-time apprenticeship. The focus groups will be primarily between 21 and 30 years of age.

Last but not least, the new organization will seek to establish an immersive virtual world that targets esports fans and players aged 18 to 24. The metaverse will focus on safer esports betting and “will be written and developed by the community, for the community.”


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